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Yorkville’s Riverboat Coffee House, Which Helped Launch Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell

Now and Then explores the stories behind Toronto’s historical plaques and monuments. As Canada prepares to say goodbye to the beloved Tragically Hip with their nationally televised Kingston show on August 20, it’s an interesting time to reflect on Canada’s homegrown talent and famous jam spots. The Riverboat Coffee House was a hopping hangout for […]

The Film A Better Man Challenges Abusive Partners to be Accountable

In the trailer for the documentary A Better Man, Attiya Khan sits at a table across from her ex-boyfriend. “Had you ever been physically abusive to anyone before me?” she asks him. “No,” he replies. “Do you remember the frequency of the abuse?” He doesn’t. Khan is a Toronto filmmaker. For two years in her […]

Why Bike Safety is Still an Issue for Women in Toronto

Women in Toronto explores the issues that women in the city face. Two months ago, Claire McFarlane and Lavinia Tanzim were sitting in an empty bicycle store after-hours, waiting for participants who never showed up. It was the pair’s first run at hosting a bicycle club for young women in the city, and they had […]

Historicist: Nude Pictures at an Exhibition

The 1927 Canadian National Exhibition broke its attendance record by nearly 300,000 visitors. In addition to the varied entertainments and usual commercial exhibits, highlights included an appearance by the Prince of Wales (with his younger brother, George), for the official opening of the Exhibition grounds’ new landmark, the Princes’ Gates. Another notable draw that year […]

Where Bob Dylan’s Terrible 1987 Movie Hearts of Fire Was Filmed in Toronto

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city. Hearts […]

What to Check Out at SummerWorks 2016

The 26th annual SummerWorks Performance Festival is in full swing, and today marks the half-way point. Some shows, such as the rock n’ roll clown/dance show NO FUN, have already closed; some, such as Situational Anarchy, have just a couple of performances left; some, such as Empire of Night‘s all night PJ party, are still […]

Now and Then: George Luscombe and Toronto Workshop Productions

Now and Then explores the stories behind Toronto’s historical plaques and monuments. Summer is a great season for theatre in the city. There are outdoor arts festivals and shows inside, if you prefer to escape the heat and bugs. While Toronto has a vibrant theatre scene today, its history is impressive as well. One of […]

Six Torontonians To Watch For at the Rio Olympics

The Rio Olympic Games are almost here, and with qualifying and trials all done and dusted, it’s an important time for Torontonians who will be competing on the world’s biggest sporting stage. The Canadian squad will take more than 315 athletes that will compete in 27 events—that’s 38 more athletes than London 2012. The Olympics […]

How One Young Gay Activist Fought Against Police Homophobia in Toronto

“Downtown” by Kaeleen Pendleton-Jiménez is excerpted from Queers Were Here: Heroes and Icons of Queer Canada, edited by Robin Ganev and R.J. Gilmour © 2016. Published by Biblioasis. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved. 1974 He sits in the middle of the running track at Riverdale Park, reading a small magazine. He […]

Every Kind of Local Pokémon Story, Classified As A Pokémon

It’s three weeks into the great Pokémon Go craze of summer 2016, and if you want to get into it, you’ve probably signed up for the game already. Everyone else can observe the game with detached bemusement by checking out the daily Pokémon Go stories that pop up. In fact, there are enough genres of […]

Historicist: The Origin of “Toronto’s Cops are Tops”

Depending on your disposition, “our cops are tops” is either a rallying cry that honours the dedication and sacrifices made by the city’s law enforcement officials and supports their law-and-order agenda, or a trite expression trotted out whenever police morale is low or conservative-leaning publications require a catchy headline. The expression has been part of […]

Terrible Decisions Made in the Heat This Week in the GTA

This week’s weather has been unbearable for many in southern Ontario. In the past month in Toronto alone, there have been eight heat alerts and two extreme heat alerts issued by the City. Temperatures have hovered around 30 C, and there has been little rain to provide a respite. And when the heat rises, people […]

How Torontonians are Hacking Pokémon Go

A horde of gamers young and old gathered at the base of the CN Tower, Toronto’s most notable landmark in and outside of Niantic’s smash hit game Pokémon Go. They compared Pokédexes, shared locations, and made new friends among crews. It’s not an unusual scene since the game hit smartphone app stores in Canada earlier […]