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Shaping Toronto: Queen West

Shaping Toronto looks at the decisions, processes, and trends that form the city we know and love. “The road to the heart of Toronto runs along Queen Street. It may not be the most imposing thoroughfare in town, nor the longest, but it is the liveliest, the most vibrant, successful, and popular. More than any […]

Sound Advice: The Human Rights, Junia-T

#ICYMI, a roundup of noteworthy musical happenings in the city some call The 6. The Human Rights: The musicians that make up the roots reggae group known as The Human Rights (previously known as Friendlyness and the Human Rights) are well known in the local scene. This includes names like Friendlyness, Tréson, Bernie Pitters, and […]

You Will Remember R.H. Thomson (and Anusree Roy)

You Will Remember Me Tarragon Theatre (30 Bridgman Avenue) Runs to April 10 Tickets: $28 – $60 (rush: $15) Pyaasa Theatre Passe Muraille (16 Ryerson Avenue) Runs to March 27 Tickets: $17 – $33 We are all suffering from Alzheimer’s. That’s the provocative assertion of Edouard Beauchemin, the Quebec intellectual in François Archambault’s You Will […]

Reel Toronto: Loser

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny.

A Classic Case of Jitters

Jitters Young Centre for the Performing Arts (50 Tank House Lane) Mar. 16 – Apr. 15 Tickets: $32 – $96 The opening of David French’s Leaving Home, on May 16, 1972, was a night fraught with jitters. Not only was it French’s first stage play—and a highly personal one, based on his own family—but there […]

What Does the TTC Do During Weekend Subway Closures?

Transit and all the Fixin's from Giordano Ciampini on Vimeo. They’re the cause of ire amongst subway riders. They bring about dreaded shuttle buses, inconvenient rerouting to destinations, and confusion for those who don’t often take transit and can’t figure out where to go. Ah, the scheduled subway closure. For the remainder of the year, […]

Presenting…The Producers!

How does one make comedy without being a comedian? At the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, which opened this week and runs until Mar. 13, many of the festival’s veteran and capable producing team are former or current comedians, presenting nightly showcases of funny people from across the country (especially from Toronto). But then there are […]

Vandalist: This Wall Is Brought To You By Alveno

BY: Alveno LOCATIONS: Unknown PHOTOS BY: Jmaxtours FIELD NOTES: We like the simplicity of this Alveno piece. The bold lines and colours are reminiscent of vintage mural ads that can, even today, occasionally be seen on buildings about town. It’s a nice throwback and pleasant change from the quick bubble-font throwups that have taken over […]

Sound Advice: River Tiber, Daniel Caesar, Marlon James

#ICYMI, a roundup of noteworthy musical happenings in the city some call The 6. River Tiber: What is it about the current crop of local artists who prefer to stay mysterious? Toronto’s artist-producer River Tiber (a.k.a. Tommy Paxton-Beesley) has been steady with his musical output lately. With a sound that’s heavily soul/R&B-influenced, he’s been dropping […]

Sicilian Vampire: A Symposium

On Friday, Sicilian Vampire, the latest film from Frank D’Angelo, began its exclusive premiere engagement at Vaughan’s Colossus Cineplex. This is the Canadian businessman-turned-entertainment mogul’s fourth film since 2013; love him or hate him, by now you can’t deny that he’s a filmmaker with a consistent vision and personal style. To celebrate the film’s release, […]

Historicist: Clap for the Wolf Man

On a cold morning in January 1925, burly northerner Joe LaFlamme stepped off an express train at Toronto’s Union Station with his assistants, Bill Fortin and Isaac Lewis, and a sizeable menagerie: a Belgian Shepherd, 10 huskies, and four wolves. To the amazement of onlookers, LaFlamme and his assistants promptly harnessed all 15 animals into […]

Visiting the Colourful Cat Ladies of Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens Berkeley Street Theatre (26 Berkeley Street) Runs to Mar. 6 Tickets: $35 – $55 A wizened old lady, half-dressed, lies propped up in bed, long grey hair streaming from under a big, floppy sun hat. As she tends a boiling pot on a hot plate next to her, she sings cheerfully, “Jerry Likes […]

Mustard Leaves Little to Relish

Mustard Tarragon Theatre (30 Bridgman Avenue) Runs to March 13 Tickets: $28-$60 Most kids ditch their imaginary friends about the time they go to school and start making real ones. However, 16-year-old Thai has managed to hang on to hers—or rather, he seems reluctant to leave. His name is Mustard and he’s a cheerful, potty-mouthed […]

Eyesore Cinema 2: Electric Boogaloo

It’s a depressing sign of our times that many classic niche stores only get talked about anymore in the form of a eulogy. The reach of Spotify, Indigo, Netflix, and Amazon has extended further than ever, with its grip tightening at the sacrifice of small local businesses doing what they love. When news like this […]

Municipal Budget 2016: What to Expect

Budget Predictions It’s the big day, everyone. Today City Council must finalize its most challenging budget in years, reconciling promises of low taxes and promises of better services. If previous committee meetings are any guide, there are several struggles shaping up. Here’s our guide of what to expect.

The Rise and Fall of Toronto’s Postwar Urban Planning

Toronto today enjoys a reputation as a liveable, functioning city. Among the mix of various social and economic factors that inform such assessments is the perception of Toronto as well-planned with a vibrant live-work downtown core, reasonably high-density inner suburbs, an extensive parks system, and a mix of roadways and transit. Such valued characteristics, however, […]