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Where the Heck are Toronto’s Cat Cafés?

Lacking any cat cafés, Toronto is obviously not a world-class city.

Photo by Flickr user INABA Tomoaki.

It’s been more than a year since Torontonians were promised not one, but two cat cafés. Yet we still must stay home if we want to pet kitties and sip coffee simultaneously.

But Jennifer Morozowich hopes to put our long nightmare to an end by opening the Kitty Cat Café this fall—even if she has to sell her own home to make it happen.

“I know,” she says, when asked about selling her house to fund her business. “But it’s my dream, and I’m not giving up on my dream.”

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City Council Preview: July 2015

Your primer to the monthly city council meeting.

In which we highlight key items from the month’s city council meeting, and let you know how you can follow along.

It wouldn’t truly be a council term without talk about a casino in Toronto! That’s one of many topics on tap this month at council. Mayor John Tory, among others, are in favour of expanding the opportunities to gamble at Woodbine Racetrack. Tory earned a narrow 24–21 victory on the Gardiner debate last month, and, despite his uninspired leadership on the file, it showed he can pass a contentious item at council. Can he build momentum? Stay tuned!

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