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Extra, Extra: Fort York’s New Visitor Centre, Mayoral Election Polls, and More Mayoral Election Polls

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Fort York Visitor Centre. Image courtesy of Patkau Architects and Kearns Mancini Architects.



A Poem in Praise of Regent Park

New music video featuring local poet spotlights the community's pride—and its hopes for the future.

The Daniels Spectrum, which opened in Regent Park two years ago as part of the larger neighbourhood revitalization, has become a cultural hub: operated by Artscape, it hosts performances and events, fosters the artistic interests of young people in the community, and is home to various groups, including the Regent Park Film Festival and Pathways to Education.

It also became a source of inspiration for local artist, emcee, and actor Mustafa Ahmed, known as Mustafa the Poet. He composed a piece about it, and when musician Thompson Egbo-Egbo heard it, a new collaborative project was born. Egbo-Egbo reached out to the Twice Upon a Time studio and suggested the idea of working together on a “a gift to the neighbourhood’s many thousands of residents”—the result was “Spectrum of Hope,” a music video featuring the poetry of Mustafa the Poet, the music of Egbo-Egbo, and images of daily life and revitalization in the neighbourhood. The result of a year of effort, the work was co-directed by the studio and seven local Regent Park youth, all of whom are involved in programs at the Daniels Spectrum.

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Meet a Council Candidate: Tony Vella, Ward 6

Snapshots of candidates running for city council in 2014.

Tonys Photo

Image courtesy of the Tony Vella campaign.

Candidate: Tony Vella (age 42)

Ward: 6 (Etobicoke-Lakeshore), currently represented by Mark Grimes, who is seeking his fourth term as councillor.

Background: A police spokesperson, Vella is on an unpaid leave of absence to run for council. He previously sought the appointment for Ward 3 (Etobicoke Centre) to replace Doug Holyday—a position that ultimately went to Peter Leon. Vella says that in his spare time, he enjoys going to his cottage and the waterfront.

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Newsstand: September 16, 2014

Apparently Kanye West yells at people in wheelchairs to get up and dance at his concerts. Naturally, because why wouldn’t being the genius voice of a generation entitle a person to berate his audience in the most obnoxious and insensitive way ever? Stay classy, Kanye. In the news: Giorgio Mammoliti is under police investigation, Doug Ford has a pretty awful council attendance record, Ontario Tories want a provincial leader who supports GTA issues, and PETA takes issue with the Blue Jays over wild animals used in recent photo ops.


Newsstand: September 15, 2014

Well, the stars are gone. Except for those few Canadian stars who hang around Toronto more or less year-round, but somehow their lustre just doesn't quite match the Brangelinas and the Kate Winslets who descend on the city in their designer gowns for a week at a time. In the (regular-people) news: a look at the man who will design the development replacing Honest Ed's, Andrea Horwath is fighting for her career, and the Fords weren't popular at a Sunday mayoral debate.