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Historicist: Toronto’s First Gangland Murder

On the evening of Saturday, January 7, 1939, restaurant owner and illegal bookmaker Jimmy Windsor was just finishing his dinner along with his two half-sisters, their husbands, and his own girlfriend at his home at 247 Briar Hill Avenue. Following a knock at the door, Windsor’s half-sister Evelyn McDermott unwittingly admitted four men into the […]

Extreme Cold Forces TTC to Take Streetcars Out of Service

The weather is taking a toll on more than just our moods, comfort levels, and exposed skin; it’s also doing terrible things to our streetcars. The TTC is warning that because of the extremely low temperatures Toronto is seeing today, “pneumatic air lines that provide braking and door operation can see moisture build up in […]

21st-Century Art Still (Really) Needs Feminism

Despite the punishingly frigid temperatures in Toronto last night—with the wind chill, they fluctuated between -30 and -40 degrees Celsius—the Art Gallery of Ontario was full to capacity. The crowd was there for 2014′s inaugural First Thursday, the museum’s extremely popular series of events that fills the Gehry-designed building with music, eclectic vendors, installations, and […]

Duly Quoted: Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly

“…When I took a look at the scope of the devastation, and when I learned from staff that it’s going to take almost two months to clear all the debris, not only on our streets and roads, but in our parks as well, I thought, well, what would be the next available source of manpower, […]

Vandalist: Free Public Library

BY: Unknown LOCATION: Kensington Market PHOTO BY: Cleo DuBrawmk FIELD NOTES: We know what you’re thinking: “But Vandalist, the official Toronto Public Library is already free.” In theory, that is absolutely correct. In practice, that is debatable. Anyone who says they’ve never had an overdue book is a liar. In fact, if you’re anything like […]

Avenue Q’s a Cure for the Blues

Let’s face it: being a twenty-something can kinda suck. Pumped full of confidence and aspirations, we flee the family nest…and fall flat on our faces. Avenue Q uses songs (written by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx) and puppetry both to lament and poke fun at this difficult time. Much like Sesame Street, it has a […]

Mullet’s Night Show

If we know Torontonians, we’re sure that everyone is dying—er—undying for an opportunity to see a zombie host a late-night television program. Which is why we want to tell you about Mullet’s Night Show, a variety showcase for comedians, musicians, and other performance artists. Hosted by Mullet the Zombie Clown, this debut event at the […]

How to Be an Entrepreneur

If your New Year’s resolution was to stop working for other people, or to finally follow through on your great idea for a product or service, listen up! The Toronto Public Library has organized a How to Be an Entrepreneur workshop for people like you who have questions and fears about taking the plunge. Two […]

When the Levee Breaks

On Wednesday afternoon, over 400 people lined up for hours in the City Hall rotunda to meet Mayor Rob Ford and several city councillors as part of the City’s annual New Year’s levee. The tradition is ostensibly apolitical, but as it took place the day before a 10-month election campaign was set to begin, politics […]

The Teflon Mayor? Reading Rob Ford’s Poll Numbers

A now-familiar sequence of events: a polling company releases the latest results about Rob Ford’s approval, quickly followed by people across the political spectrum typing furiously on Facebook and Twitter, usually something along the lines of “OMG, who the hell are these ppl who still support the crack mayor?” or “Why aren’t more ppl supporting […]

Reel Toronto: The Fringe Pilot

As we’ve gradually been talking a bit more about about some of the TV shows that have shot here, we’ve noted that they can generally be divided into two camps: more typical, B-grade material (your Nikitas, Robocops, Relic Hunters, etc.) and quality shows of a more recent vintage (e.g. Hannibal, Suits). Pilots are often shot […]

“Ford More Years!”

“Would the first person in line like to come through?” Rob Ford isn’t often seen at City Hall at 8:30 in the morning, but he made a point of arriving outside the City of Toronto’s elections office early today. He was the first person in line, and the first candidate to register to run for […]