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Historicist: A Toronto Journalist Reports from the USSR in 1932

Frederick Griffin was generally impressed with the Soviet Union. For eight weeks in the summer of 1932, the Star‘s ace reporter explored the country, recording his impressions and insights for readers back home in a long series of dispatches. The Soviets had succeeded, he came to believe, in turning theory into action. Sometimes downplaying the […]

Torontoist Week in Review: August 17-21

A lot happens in the course of a workweek. Here’s a look back at the top stories from the past five days that you might have missed, or might care to revisit. A Tired New @Norm-al In the warped funhouse that is #TOpoli, our beloved/not-so-beloved Scarborough-Agincourt city councillor Norm Kelly has become a global sensation, […]

Video: The Urbane Explorer Goes to the Ex

The Ex is all about exploring. You can explore the creative (and sometimes gross) offerings at the Food Building, the animals who chill at the Agricultural Fair, and the musical acts who perform throughout the Exhibition (this year features Chubby Checker, among others). Luckily, there is one person who has the courage to lead this […]

Vandalist: Burnt Bacon

BY: Bacon LOCATION: Parkdale PHOTO BY: CheechAndBong FIELD NOTES: Giving yourself the handle “Bacon” is genius. Named after the widely adored food, Bacon must be winning everyone’s hearts (and stomachs). It hardly seems fair, as even the most staunch anti-graffiti advocates would have trouble admitting they dislike Bacon. The name, though, is secondary to the […]

Extra, Extra: Canada’s Wonderland Takes You to New Heights, More Names Revealed in Ashley Madison Hack, and We Are All Lying Pieces of Shit, Apparently

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss. Hang tight! Canada’s Wonderland has announced two new rides for the 2016 summer season. Skyhawk, the first ride of its kind in North America, will allow riders to take control of their own cockpit and maneuver through […]

Duly Quoted: Josh Paterson, on Bill C-24

“All Canadian citizens used to have the same citizenship rights, no matter what their origins. Now this new law has divided us into classes of citizens—those who can lose their citizenship and those who can’t. Bill C-24 is anti-immigrant, anti-Canadian, and anti-democratic. It undermines—quite literally—what it means to be Canadian.”

Farewell To Pachi

We need to figure out what is going on in this photo, if only to get closure for PACHI’s departure. The Pan Am porcupine mascot PACHI (all caps being the officially Pan Am-accepted form of his name) bade farewell to Toronto – nay, the world Western Hemisphere – from his Instagram account on Tuesday. But […]

Seaton Village is Where the Porches Dance

On any other day, the porches of Seaton Village seem nothing out of the ordinary, serving their community quietly with nary a glance from passersby. But for a few days every summer, and much to the delight of Karen and Allen Kaeja of Kaeja Dance, they become alive with energy, sound and movement. Porch View […]

What Could You Buy With An Olympic-Sized Cheque?

With the Pan Am and Parapan Games over and Pachi put out to pasture, talk has turned to Toronto hosting the 2024 Olympic Games. If Toronto chooses to pursue an Olympic bid–at this preliminary stage, all it requires is the mayor’s initiative–then it will mark the sixth time the city has tried to bring the […]

Hail Satanic Panic

Along with cuter trends like the California Raisins and fingerless gloves, mass fear of the devil was hot in the 1980s. The pervasive idea that Satan was spreading his influence and message through popular media and cult activities became so widespread that a term was coined to describe the hysteria: “Satanic Panic.” The movement has […]

Vintage Toronto Ads: Eaton’s ’68

As Eaton’s headed toward its 100th anniversary in 1969, the venerable department-store chain was working to keep up with the times. Earlier in the decade, there was a sense of stagnation; statistics compiled in 1962 revealed that the typical Eaton’s manager was a male in his mid-50s armed with a high school diploma and over […]