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National Gallery

Frederick Wiseman (France/USA, TIFF Docs) Frederick Wiseman delivers another exhaustive but incisive look at an institution with National Gallery, a fine companion piece to last year’s At Berkeley, which considered the fate of the university in an age of youth apathy and diminishing public funding. It’s surely no accident that the direct-cinema pioneer would turn […]

Torontoist‘s Totally Serious and Valuable TIFF Survival Guide

If there’s one thing we love about TIFF, it’s TIFF Survival Guides. Ostensibly, TIFF is daunting. Though most people in Toronto may—may—go see a movie or two, maybe three—maybe—it’s important to believe that the earth is literally shifting beneath our feet during all of this, that it’s not all some sort of cultural echo chamber. […]

Brains, Words, and Voices

Reciting poetry might have been uncool in high school, but we’re betting that things would have been different if money and prestige had been involved. Brains, Words, and Voices proves this with its poetry recitation competition. Here, brave souls recite classic pre-1975 poems from memory in front of an audience. Voting through applause, the crowd […]

Nerd Nite Toronto

Not many four-year-olds celebrate their birthdays with cool science experiments and beer, but Nerd Nite Toronto does! Go back in time with Richard Fiennes-Clinton of Muddy York Walking Tours as he discusses the entertainment and breweries of our city’s past. Greg Taylor of Steam Whistle Brewing will also chime in on how he and two […]

Loving in the Name of

After taking the summer off, big-band cover-night extraordinaire Loving In The Name Of returns with its first show since April. A band nearly a dozen strong, plus as many guest singers, will tackle diverse classics from Guns n’ Roses, Aaliyah, Jay Z, and more. The show’s moved to the Mod Club, so it’ll fill up […]

Cabbagetown Festival of the Arts

The 38th edition of Toronto’s longest-running community street festival, the Cabbagetown Festival of the Arts, will take place along Parliament Street from Gerrard to Wellesley streets, branching off into public spaces and venues like Riverside Park and the Winchester Street Theatre along the way. The festival gets going on Friday evening with the 22nd annual […]

Shed Plays at TIFF

The Toronto Fringe Festival is teaming up with the Toronto International Film Festival this year to present Shed Plays at TIFF as part of TIFF’s street programming. Fringe stars like Morro and Jasp, Kanika Ambrose (The Art of Traditional Head-Tying), and MonkeyMan Productions (who’ve been in the Fringe’s own Shed series several years running) will […]

Scene: Toronto’s New Streetcars Roll Out at Last

WHERE: Spadina Station WHEN: Sunday, August 31 WHAT: The long-awaited debut of Toronto’s new streetcars. Hundreds of transit enthusiasts cheered as one of the vehicles charged through a banner depicting an old PCC streetcar (to the strains of no less than Metallica’s “Enter Sandman“) and ushered in what TTC CEO Andy Byford called “the start […]

TIFF 2014: Your Guide to the Gala Presentations

“Movie stars. Red-carpet premieres. Major audience interest.” That’s TIFF’s curt and not especially illuminating introduction to its Gala Presentations programme, which is arguably better attended by autograph hunters parked outside Roy Thomson Hall than by paying audiences. Still, dig a little, and you’ll find a number of things worth seeing.


Andrey Zvyagintsev (Russia, Masters) Andrey Zvyagintsev won an award for screenwriting at Cannes for Leviathan, a character-driven national epic in miniature about Kolya (Alexey Serebryakov), a stubborn homesteader who refuses to sell his land for development, much to the chagrin of the coastal town’s corrupt mayor Vadim (Roman Madyanov), who shows up drunk on his […]

It Follows

David Robert Mitchell (USA, Midnight Madness) Nothing in David Robert Mitchell’s tender debut The Myth of the American Sleepover quite prepared us for It Follows, a smart, scary, button-pushing thriller that pays homage to inspirations such as John Carpenter’s Halloween and David Cronenberg’s Shivers. Maika Monroe stars as Jay, a nineteen year-old college freshman whose […]

Behind the Scenes: TIFF Programmers on Surviving the Festival

Omnipresent at screenings and events, TIFF’s cadre of programmers gets more time in front of audiences than most of the celebs and luminaries. Yet as glamorous as the gig may seem, the demands on programmers’ time during the 11-day festival are daunting. Soon to be tasked with being in eight places at once, Andréa Picard, […]

TIFF 2014: Your Guide to the Special Presentations

Typically the bastion for holdovers from the main competition at Cannes and fresher awards hopefuls eager to hit the fall festival, this year’s Special Presentations lineup is no less starrier or pedigreed than usual.

Four Fresh Toronto Faces at TIFF 2014

With all the hype and hysteria that accompanies the arrival of even the most marginal celebrities at TIFF (and I say this as someone who still talks about seeing Sinbad jaywalk across Bloor Street in 1992) it’s easy to forget how significant the festival is to people in the local film scene. In short: it’s […]

How to Eat Cheap (But Well) at TIFF

There’s a point at which the hardcore TIFF-goer’s regular diet of coffee and Clif bars just doesn’t cut it anymore. Sure, the toughest might make it to their 13th movie in four days running on that kind of fuel, but eventually even they’ll need to spend the extra 10 minutes and find some actual food […]