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“BLK Barbie Project”

The world’s most ubiquitous doll gets a subversive makeover in Frantz Brent-Harris and Rose-Ann Marie Bailey’s “BLK Barbie Project,” a photo exhibit on the “representation of beauty and body image of black women.” The gallery is open Saturday and Sunday afternoons until 5 p.m. through July 21, with an opening reception at 7 p.m. on […]

Luminato 2013: Impressive But Scattered Compositions

Offering no further justification up top other than the mere fact that “magician” and “musician” sound similar, Rafael Benatar combined the two disciplines with skill, if not grace, in Compositions. Nearly as adept with a baroque guitar or lute as with a deck of cards, Benatar effectively performed two disparate shows: one a fun, crowd-pleasing […]

Historicist: Little Saratoga

On the afternoon of Tuesday, November 8, 1955, a crowd of over 6,500 went to Dufferin Park for the track’s final day of racing. The program that day warned those in attendance that “Dufferin Park has been sold and will disappear. Patrons are advised to cash their winnings now.” One of Toronto’s most popular west […]

Hillary Clinton Speaks at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

When summarizing the life of Hillary Clinton, where do you start? She was the first female senator of the state of New York, she’s coming off a four-year run as U.S. secretary of state, and aside from all that she was a first lady for eight years. It’s no surprise, then, that Thursday night at […]

Christina Wollesen: “To Be Near You”

“To Be Near You” is a new art exhibition that explores the relationship of colours and experiences to our existence. These uniquely abstract pieces of art come to you via artist Christina Wollesen. The opening reception is on July 4 at 7 p.m. While you’re at Hashtag, you also have the chance to check out […]

Dog Owners and Baseball Players Bicker Over Bickford Park

In a community centre gym by Christie Pits on June 20, three large posters showed three proposed layouts, windows into a possible future for Bickford Park, located at Harbord and Grace streets. With yellow feedback sheets in hand, residents had their say at the open house, placing red dots on preferred features. Poster A removed […]

Duly Quoted: Rob Ford

“It’s going to have to come down to program cuts. It’s the province’s fault.” —Toronto mayor Rob Ford, in response to a letter from provincial finance minister Charles Sousa announcing that Queen’s Park would be cutting nearly $150 million in funding to Toronto. In that letter, Sousa told Ford that since the province was uploading […]

Vandalist: Spirograph

BY: Unknown LOCATION: Unknown PHOTOS BY: Bella Manu FIELD NOTES: Remember Spirograph? What kid didn’t have that collection of plastic gears and wheels? More importantly, what kid did have them and actually put them to good use? Speaking from our personal experience, our feeble and short-lived attempts to create amazing circular patterns resulted mostly in […]

Luminato 2013: Ronnie Burkett’s The Daisy Theatre

Ronnie Burkett has solidified his reputation as Canada’s premiere solo puppeteer with complex full-length plays, like the Memory Dress Trilogy, or last year’s “apocalyptic comedy” Penny Plain. So it’s a rare treat to see him cut loose and perform The Daisy Theatre. It’s a free-wheeling show that’s different each night, with audience participation, special guests, […]

Luminato 2013: Jason Collett’s Courtyard Revue

Jason Collett’s Basement Revue has long been a local hot ticket for those with an interest in what the lanky musician and his Broken Social Scene pals are up to—with a generous mix of other literary, theatrical, and cultural talents mixed in. The nightly late-night Luminato edition, the Courtyard Revue, staged in the lobby of […]

Films “With Heart” Find A Home At ReelHeart International Film Festival

While most festivals are geared towards some specific audience—like the Inside Out Festival or the Jewish Film Festival, for instance—where ReelHeart International Film Festival separates itself from the pack is by welcoming all submissions, as long as they have what the organizers deem to be “real heart.”

What Did People Try to Get Pulled From Toronto Library Shelves Last Year?

Every year, Toronto Public Library releases a report with a list of items that Torontonians tried to have removed from library shelves over the previous year. (The library term is “request for reconsideration of library materials,” which is a very diplomatic way of putting it.) You may be heartened to know that, by and large, […]

Drum Up!

A champion of experimental music and sound art, Musicworks Magazine is expanding their reach and presenting Musicworks Editions, a collection of limited edition art by beloved Canadian musicians. They’re celebrating the launch of the project with Drum Up!, an evening of dynamic drumming by TORQ Percussion. The ticket price includes a magazine subscription.

Collage Art

Most of us end our cut and paste careers in elementary school, but a select few are able to turn it into a true art form. They use bits and pieces of different images to create a new whole, a different meaning or story. And it’s Collage Art that will be featured in the Steam […]

Harbourfront Free Flicks: Invented Worlds

Do you feel guilty about staying indoors in front of your TV when it’s nice outside? There’s a way around that—sitting by the lake and catching great films every week with Harbourfront’s Free Flicks. This year, NOW Magazine’s Norm Wilner has chosen a crop of imagination-stretching films from notable directors and writers. From Little Shop […]