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Historicist: A House Fit for a Lieutenant-Governor

When Toronto was declared the capital of the new province of Ontario in 1867, the provincial government was able to re-use the old parliament building at Front and Simcoe Streets, which had been built several decades earlier, back when the town of York had been the capital of Upper Canada. The capital city lacked, however, […]

Rob Ford Will Lie in Repose at City Hall

Former mayor Rob Ford will lie in repose in City Hall’s rotunda on Monday and Tuesday, providing well wishers the opportunity to pay their last respects. A funeral procession on Wednesday morning will go from City Hall to a service at St. James Cathedral at noon. Council’s scheduled meeting for Wednesday has been pushed back […]

Front Page Challenge: The Ghomeshi Ruling

In Front Page Challenge, Torontoist analyzes the best and worst of Toronto’s major dailies. The ruling in the Jian Ghomeshi trial was handed down yesterday and the daily Toronto papers that publish on Good Friday have delivered the editorial angles one would expect from each. Sadly neither Front Page Challenge leader Metro nor the National […]

Rally and March Follow Ghomeshi Acquittal

They crowded the sidewalks, packed in front of the courthouse where the system, they say, let them down earlier in the day. They held signs in solidarity: “We believe survivors,” they read. Chants of “We believe you” and “The system isn’t broken—it was built this way,” echoed along Queen Street West. This rally, just hours […]

What it Felt Like Inside the Jian Ghomeshi Media Spectacle

I arrived at Old City Hall to a sea of cameras and white-topped canopies, pitched just below the building’s iconic front steps. It may have looked like a party or the honouring of an anniversary to anyone unaware of the look-ahead for the day. It was anything but. Outside, camera operators stood, bundled, freezing rain […]

This Shipping Container Will Provide Healthy and Accessible Food to Moss Park

Standing in the small parking lot in Moss Park, there are four Toronto Community Housing high rises within eyeshot. The towers are home to about 2,900 low income residents, many of whom struggle to feed themselves and their families everyday—healthy food is simply too expensive and difficult to access. But that’s about to change. Within […]

We Went Rock Climbing at a Former Porn Theatre

What do Rocci Siffredi and a girl like me have in common? We are but two of many to grace the walls of 677 Bloor Street West. Siffredi, of course, as an acclaimed porn actor on film, and me as Torontoist’s first porn-theatre-turned-rock-climbing-venue correspondent.

ArtVenturist: Roaming Rabbits

ArtVenturist looks at the public art that fills the city around us. BY: Cynthia Short LOCATION: 55 John Street, south of Metro Hall INSTALLATION: 1992 With Easter just around the corner, Cynthia Short’s herd-kennel of bronze rabbit-dog creatures is an appropriate way to note the season. The sculptures, known collectively as Remembered Sustenance, have grazed […]

Why Declining TTC Ridership Growth is a Problem

Are Torontonians starting to give up on the TTC? Schedule delays, increasing fares, and overcrowding are the norm for the transit system with the lowest per-rider subsidy in North America. At what point do riders decide they’ve had enough? It’s worth wondering since a TTC report [PDF] raised the alarm on less-than-projected ridership growth in […]

Your Latest TTC Contract Update, Streetcar and Wi-Fi Edition

TTC contracts giveth, TTC contracts taketh away. Two different contracts with third parties are going in the opposite direction today, with one taking a long-awaited step forward, and another showing the consequences of its lengthy delay. The delays in getting the new streetcars from Bombardier could take a $34 million dollar chunk out of the […]

Federal Budget 2016: What’s In It For Toronto

Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s first budget, titled Growing the Middle Class [PDF], is receiving a fair dose of criticism for its projected $29.4-billion deficit (triple what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised in his campaign for office), with no plans of getting out of the red in the foreseeable future. But Mayor John Tory and some […]

The Civil Service and Its Discontents

The Public Servant Berkeley Street Upstairs Theatre (26 Berkeley Street) Runs to April 3 Tickets: $18 – $35 Queer maverick Quentin Crisp famously titled his autobiography The Naked Civil Servant. That also would be a great alternate title for The Public Servant, the new comedy by Common Boots and Nightwood, if only thanks to a […]

Is Living Outside Of The City Worth The Commute?

I really did enjoy it at first. Sitting on the GO train for two hours every day—from Hamilton to Toronto, and back again—offers a glorious, uninterrupted opportunity to read. During the first month of my commute to my job downtown, I devoured six books. I hadn’t read six books so quickly in years. In the […]

What You Need to Know About New Carding Regulations

Earlier this week, Ontario released its final regulations to ban carding, or the random street checks of civilians. In recent years, the controversial practice sparked unresolved tensions between police and marginalized communities, particularly young black men. The regulations, which are the first of its kind in the province, will come into effect on January 1, […]

Duly Quoted: Doug Ford on Brother Rob’s Death

“My heart is ripped out. I loved Rob so much I took care of him and protected him from the day he was born. I miss him so much. He was my best friend.” —Former mayoral candidate Doug Ford mourns the loss of brother Rob in a statement to CP24.