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Extra, Extra: Student Shyness, Winter Misery, and Front-Yard Luging

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss. University of Toronto student Wongene Daniel took his case to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal when a professor lowered his grade because he hadn’t come to class. The reason he hadn’t attended his Women and Gender Studies […]

Snow and Ice Shut Down the SRT

It’s another doozy of a winter day for Toronto: a snowfall warning is in effect, and we’re expected to get up to 15 centimetres of the stuff before it starts tapering off in the late afternoon. In order to get ready for the afternoon commute, which is sure to be a messy one, the TTC […]

Duly Quoted: Rob Ford on Ongoing Police Investigation

“I will just give them my cellphone. They can take it….They are going to need an army to go through [my calls] because I call a lot of constituents. They can drive around with me and listen to all the calls I make.” —Rob Ford, responding to the news that Toronto police have been attempting […]

Idiot’s Delight: Not Exactly Theatre for Dummies

The word “idiot” was originally used in ancient Greece to describe a person unconcerned with public affairs like politics, but dedicated to following private pursuits. The setting of Robert E. Sherwood’s 1936 romantic comedy Idiot’s Delight, a failing luxury hotel in the Italian Alps called the Hotel Monte Gabriele, initially seems to be full of […]

Human Rights Complaint Coming Over Police Carding

For years, community activists have been working to put an end to the police practice of carding, which involves stopping people on the street—often without cause—collecting their personal information, and then adding that information to an internal database. Critics says carding promotes and enables racial profiling: “A disproportionate amount of individuals stopped are young Black […]

Public Works: Building a Brand-New, Totally Green City

Public Works looks at public space, urban design, and city-building innovations from around the world, and considers what Toronto might learn from them. Though you may never have been to the United Arab Emirates, you probably have a decent handle on its basic stats. One of the world’s richest countries, a leading exporter of crude […]

Meet a Toronto Mayor: George Gurnett

Each month in the run-up to the municipal election on October 27, Torontoist will profile one of the 64 people who served as Mayor of Toronto—people who shaped the city, displayed colourful personalities, or managed to do both. Mayoral historian Victor Loring Russell observed that George Gurnett was “perhaps the man most devotedly involved in […]

Naked Girls Reading: Bad Romance

No, you’re not a pervert, Naked Girls Reading is exactly what you’re imagining—lovely ladies narrating in the nude. Since February is “love month,” this edition’s theme is Bad Romance. Come out and hear Red Herring, Beaver Galore, Lisbon Maginot, Svetlana Konswallow, Lilla Koi, and Muffin Topp read about sexual snafus and romantic failings found in […]

Hey, We Here’s Good Art

Your local pub is about to be taken over…by works of art! For one night only, over twenty local artists under the age of 30 are setting up shop in the upstairs of Betty’s on King. Their exhibit, “Hey, We Here’s Good Art,” showcases a wide range of illustration, photography, print, sketches, and video.

Roller Derby: CN Power vs. Team Ontario

The best of the best in roller derby are taking to the flat track for the opening bout of their 2014 season. It’s CN Power versus Team Ontario—Toronto’s all-star team will be going up against some of our province’s toughest ladies. This one is bound to get bruisey! Bring blankets or folding chairs and set […]

360 Screening: LOVE

Ever enjoyed a movie so much that you wanted to be in it? 360 Screenings can make that dream a reality. Combining film with live theatre, they allow audiences to get up close and personal with notable movies by re-enacting pivotal scenes, and then follow that with a screening of the film. With Valentine’s Day […]

Poll Position: Majority of Torontonians Would Prefer LRT in Scarborough

Following are descriptions of two options for providing improved public transit service to Scarborough: A subway extension from Kennedy Station with three stops, with a total cost of $3.5 billion, requiring a $1 billion property tax increase, to be completed by 2025. A Light Rail Transit (LRT) line from Kennedy Station to replace the Scarborough […]