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Shaping Toronto: Centennial Projects

Shaping Toronto looks at the decisions, processes, and trends that form the city we know and love. From neighbourhood tree plantings to the international spectacle of Expo 67, Canada proudly celebrated its centennial. The stylized maple leaf logo graced everything from historical sites to reservoirs. Cities and towns applied for governments grants to spruce up […]

What Toronto Cyclists Can Expect To See In 2016

Last year was jam-packed with bike news. Toronto saw the revitalization of the Martin Goodman Trail near the waterfront, the extension of the Richmond-Adelaide cycle tracks and a Bloor Street pilot project was approved. What made it even better was what seemed like a delay in winter weather, helping fair-weather cyclists keep riding into the […]

Toronto District School Board Should Be Commended For All-Gender Bathrooms

When you gotta go, you gotta go—but sometimes, it’s not that easy. For students who identify as transgender or non-binary (that is, those who are neither male nor female, but something in-between or off the gender spectrum entirely), going to the washroom at school can be distressing. Trans people often fear harassment for using what […]

Hidden Poverty Lurks Beneath the City of Vaughan’s Wealthy Veneer

Forty minutes or so north of Toronto, driving along Highway 400, you’ll see a track, 70 metres high, rolling above the pavement. As you approach, you’ll notice a tower and a mountain and a waterfall gushing out of it. If you get close enough and roll down your windows, you may even hear people screaming. […]

An Epiphany, With Pride

Yesterday I tweeted something I thought fairly bland and innocuous: I plan to attend this year’s Pride parade in Toronto. Anybody who has followed my writing and broadcasting over the past two years shouldn’t have been particularly surprised. But my goodness, the reaction certainly surprised me. There were thousands of re-tweets, likes, follows and comments. […]

Spotted: Black Lives Matter Confronts Mayor John Tory

WHAT: The Toronto chapter of Black Lives Matter crashed the mayor’s Black History Month reception at City Hall, armed with placards, to protest what they say is hypocrisy within the municipal government. “I’m tired of largely white politicians using Black History Month as a way to pat themselves on the back,” Pascale Diverlus, co-founder of […]

Home Sweet Home

I first moved to Toronto to study journalism at Ryerson University. Like other fresh-faced first-year students, I thought it made most sense to move into residence, with all of its perks and benefits. I couldn’t have asked for a better location: my new home was spitting distance from the building I’d spend most of my […]

Front Page Challenge: February 23, 2016

In Front Page Challenge, Torontoist analyzes the best and worst of Toronto’s major dailies. Today’s Front Page Challenge is about the two pressing economic issues of the day in Toronto: the impending Federal Budget, and the contract demands of Jays slugger Jose Bautista. The papers disagree on how big the deficit could be, and the […]

Prime Minister, Premier, and Mayor to Participate in Pride

For the first time in Toronto’s history, Canada’s prime minster, Ontario’s premier, and the city’s mayor will participate in Pride festivities. Pride Toronto unveiled today that Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne (along with partner Jane Rounthewaite), and John Tory will attend the festivities on July 3. Trudeau’s participation will make the first time an incumbent prime […]

Red Door Eschews Location Secrecy in Favour of Public Support

South Riverdale’s Red Door Family Shelter is home to dozens of families in need. Every night, about 43 of them stay in the shelter’s 23 rooms. But living with these families in the walls of the 60-year-old building is toxic mold, threatening the quality of air. A boiler, too, sits long past its official life […]

How To Heal

As smoke from burning sweetgrass, cedar, sage, and lavender wafted into the air, the sweet aroma spread around the room and the Eagle Woman Singerz began to drum. About 70 people gathered in the centre of an unassuming meeting room at Ryerson University last Tuesday evening to honour missing and murdered Indigenous women, men, and […]