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Extra, Extra: The Whistler King, a New Board Game Cafe, and Liquid Poutine

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss. Jeffrey Amos, a 38-year-old Toronto social worker, has a gift: he’s a pretty good whistler. In fact, he’s so pretty good that he placed second among all male whistlers at the International Whistlers Convention in North Carolina in […]

Playing at Hot Docs 2013: Canadian Spectrum

Canadian Sepctrum is unique among the 11 programmes on this year’s Hot Docs schedule, because it features only films by Canadian documentarians, be they veterans or first-timers. Hot Docs’ mandate is to promote our national film culture, so the docs that fall under this heading are particularly important components of the festival. Click any of […]

Vandalist: Graffiti That Really Sucks

BY: Unknown LOCATION: College Street and Palmerston Avenue PHOTO BY: Mrs Captain Monkeypants FIELD NOTES: Despite being overexposed to the current vampire trend, we can really sink our teeth into this piece. In fact, we’re gushing over it! And for those who don’t like it, come sunrise it will burst into flames and disappear. That […]

Commander Chris Hadfield Will Sing Along With Toronto Kids on “Music Monday”

Despite being part of the official curriculum for schools in Ontario, music education is becoming increasingly marginalized because of budget cuts. Music Monday, an annual initiative of the Coalition of Music Education, highlights the importance of music education for young Canadians through a simultaneous concert that reaches across the country. This year, it even reaches […]

Ontario Budget 2013: Long-Awaited Improvements to Social Assistance

Every policy proposal comes with unmentioned fingerprints—buried reports or past choices, or in some cases in Ontario, the legacy of Mike Harris. When you take a closer look at many particular policies, you find they are correctives to budgets of yesteryear. Such is the case in the draft Liberal budget, with a series of proposed […]

Protesters Demand Better Labour Practices from Joe Fresh

On Wednesday, protestors rallied in front of the Queen Street location of Joe Fresh to memorialize workers killed in the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh, where the Canadian clothing retailer made some of its products. The crowd, estimated by organizers to be about 1,200 strong, was there to demand that Joe Fresh advocate […]

El Camino or The Fields of Stars

The Accidental Mechanics Group presents an evening of dark comedy, storytelling, and confessional theatre, all rolled into one solo performance. During El Camino or The Field of Stars, Stewart Legere assumes the role of the unnamed protagonist, recanting tales of a failed relationship, a disastrous trip to Italy, love, and the complexities of a young […]

Black Museum Lecture: Iconography of the Horror Film Poster

Movie posters have always been more than just marketing when it comes to the horror genre. Often seen as stand-alone pieces, horror movie art can be found in many a collector’s stash, or even tattooed on a rabid fan’s skin. The last Black Museum lecture of the semester focuses on the Iconography of the Horror […]

Protesters Want Queen’s Park to Rethink Food Policy

Occupy Gardens Toronto really likes puns. City Hall is known as “Seedy Hall,” “peas” is employed as a substitute for both “please” and “peace,” and before Wednesday’s event at Queen’s Park (titled SOILidarity City: Free Food For All Festival) the online invite encouraged participants to “mark your calendula.” Wordplay aside, the group, a local chapter […]

Extra, Extra: Stamps, Street Names, and Sales Pitches

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss. Once in a while, we all still need to send things by snail mail. As of today, if you do, you can pay for that mail with some pretty new stamps, which celebrate the various arches that […]

Duly Quoted: Metrolinx on a Scarborough Subway vs LRT

“I think we keep going [with the existing LRT plan]. I think that’s the responsible thing to do.” —Metrolinx CEO Bruce McCuaig, on the prospect of re-opening the signed agreement between the province and the City of Toronto, which calls for replacing the aging Scarborough RT with light rail. Earlier this week, news broke that […]

The Grove Music Festival

Quite possibly the most stacked musical event of the summer, the Grove Music Festival offers some fun in the sun with some of the biggest names in music. Featuring French indie act Phoenix, Hot Chip, Girl Talk, The Gaslight Anthem, Icona Pop, Earl Sweatshirt, and many more. Don’t forget the sunscreen and water bottles; it’s […]

HarbourKIDS: The Toronto International Circus Festival

Looking for some solid family fun to spend the Victoria Day Weekend? The HarbourKIDS: The Toronto International Circus Festival is serving as the official kickoff to Harbourfront Centre’s summer season and stands as a reminder of why the circus isn’t dead. Featuring acrobats, clowns, and buskers… oh my! Also, don’t miss the workshops, magic shows, […]

Kensington Brewing Company Gets Ready to Come Home

On the surface, it doesn’t quite make sense that a brewery named Kensington Brewing Company—which has beers named after Kensington Market’s Augusta Avenue and Baldwin Street, and which borrows images from the neighbourhood for its branding materials—to brew its products in Guelph. But brewery founder Brock Shepherd says it’s not as odd as one might […]

I Want Your Job: Colin D’Mello, News Anchor

I Want Your Job finds Torontonians who make a living doing exactly what they love to do, in any field, and for any salary, and asks them how they did it. Colin D’Mello is one of those rare and fortunate souls who made the right post-secondary education decision off the bat. “When I went to […]