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Vandalist: Accidental Artwork

BY: Unknown LOCATION: Bain Street PHOTOS BY: Aaron Schwartz FIELD NOTES: All graffiti artists know that regardless of how much effort they put into a piece, it’s almost always temporary. In a way, that’s part of the beauty of graffiti. It forces us to be appreciative of the work we find, because we know it […]

The 2013 Toronto Book Awards Finalists Have Been Announced

One of the weird things about life with Mayor Rob Ford is seeing quotes from him in press releases on topics that he wouldn’t ordinarily associate himself with. Like, in today’s City press release announcing the finalists for the 2013 Toronto Book Awards, the mayor is quoted as saying, “These five exceptional books truly reflect […]

Canadian National Exhibition 2013

The Canadian National Exhibition, that storied summer fair, opens for its 135th season. For 18 days, there will be amusement-park rides late into the night, all manner of overindulgent foods to gorge on, long-running traditions like the Warrior’s Day Parade and the Air Show, concerts by bands like The Beach Boys and The New Pornographers, […]

I Want Your Job: Teegan Mannion, Therapeutic Clown at Sick Kids Hospital

Teegan Mannion has been clowning around at Sick Kids Hospital for the past six years. As Rose the clown, she works with patients—and also parents, siblings, and staff—as one of two therapeutic clowns in the hospital’s Expressive Therapies program. The Stouffville native attended the Theatre and Performance program at Humber College, took a year of […]

Spotted: The Blackout’s Tenth Anniversary

SPOTTED BY: Hamish Grant, from the Torontoist Flickr pool. WHERE: Queen Street West WHEN: August 14, 2013 WHAT: August 14 was the tenth anniversary of the northeastern blackout, a massive power failure that began in Ohio and then spread quickly through several other U.S. states and Ontario. Strangely enough, many people remember the event fondly, […]

President’s Choice Memories of Bathurst and Lake Shore

It’s easy to be skeptical of the latest proposal to remake the old Loblaw Groceterias warehouse property. Recent renderings depicting a mixture of condos, offices, and retail on the site follow several other attempts by Loblaws to transform the northeast corner of Bathurst Street and Lake Shore Boulevard. Earlier efforts to demolish most or all […]

Extra, Extra: Demonic Cabs, Dubious Rewards, and Insurance Costs

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss. Toronto Police Service press releases don’t get much creepier than this: the cops are warning the public to beware a Co-Op taxi bearing the number 666 (mark of the beeeeast!), because it was apparently stolen last night—possibly by […]

Sound Advice: Loi Do by Loi Do

Sure, this country is well known for pumping out lumber, dirty oil, maple syrup, and hockey players, but very few people acknowledge that Canada is also really good at exporting surprisingly loud two-person bands. We’ve produced plenty of them, notable examples being Death from Above 1979, Lullabye Arkestra, and Catl. While every country has at […]

The World According to “Ai Weiwei: According to What?”

Ai Weiwei is a 56-year-old artist confined to his home in Beijing for creating work critical of the Chinese government and Chinese culture. There are video cameras outside his house, his phone lines are tapped, his blog was deleted, his Shanghai studio was destroyed in 2010 by authorities, and his passport was confiscated in 2011. […]

MusicOntario: Sound Off!

Did you know that there’s a new nonprofit dedicated to assisting musicians and music industry professionals? It’s called MusicOntario. If you’re an artist or a member of the Toronto music industry, you won’t want to miss its Sound Off! forum. Come out and make your wants and needs heard. Register in advance to reserve a […]

“In My Lifetime”: Exhibit and Screening

Would you find the idea of visiting a museum more palatable if you knew you’d find pop-culture trophies displayed among the bits of pottery and suits of armour? If so, you’ll likely enjoy the “In My Lifetime” exhibit, which showcases a collection of rare hip-hop memorabilia. A must-see for any hip-hop fan, this one-night event […]

Blue Coffee Reading Series

Poets and writers Julie Cameron Gray, Nathaniel G. Moore, Denise St Marie, and Nik Beat will all take turns at the mic for this edition of the Blue Coffee reading series, produced by Mindi St Amand’s LionAtNight arts and culture blog.

Closing Party for the Don Valley Parkway Rainbow Mural Exhibit

The restoration of the much-loved Don Valley Parkway rainbow mural involved a whole lot of planning: community input was solicited, scale maquettes were constructed, and designs were produced by participants in the Mural Routes program. All those designs and artworks are currently on display at the Humber Gallery, and a special exhibition closing party with […]

Sammy Yatim Protesters Blame the Police

A second protest demanding justice for Sammy Yatim, who was shot and killed by Toronto police late last month, took place this afternoon. The crowd of roughly 300 marched from Yonge-Dundas Square to Toronto Police headquarters on College Street, chanting slogans like, “No justice, no peace, no racist police,” “Jail those cops” and “Justice for […]

X-Men/Wolverine Creator Signing

Attention fans of everyone’s favourite Canadian mutant! Comic-book legend Chris Claremont (the creator of various iconic X-Men plot lines, including The Dark Phoenix Saga) will be making a signing appearance at Dr. Comics, a brand-new comic shop in Kensington Market.

Statement From the Toronto Police Service Board on the Death of Sammy Yatim

At the beginning of today’s Toronto Police Service Board meeting the Board’s chair, Alok Mukherjee, read a statement regarding the police shooting of Sammy Yatim. Mukherjee has been publicly vocal about the case, saying that police may well benefit from better training when it comes to de-escalating conflicts in cases like Yatim’s: the 18-year-old was […]