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Extra, Extra: City Hall Chaos, TVO’s Female Guests, and a Polar Bear

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss. The scene at City Hall today, as reporters tried to question Rob Ford about newly released police documents, involved yelling, shoving, running, and generalized chaos. These three videos will give you a pretty good sense of what […]

Newly Released Court Documents Reveal Details About Crack Video

Newly released police documents related to the Project Brazen 2 investigation describe the crack video that features Rob Ford and indicate that the mayor was afforded an opportunity to view the video, but chose not to. The mayor has repeatedly said that he wants to see the video—that he wants everyone to see it—most recently […]

Mayoral Candidates Respond to Latest Rob Ford Revelations

A number of Rob Ford’s rivals in the election race have issued statements about the police documents released today—which contain a description of the notorious crack-smoking video and provide more details about the mayor’s relationship with Alessandro Lisi. Olivia Chow released the following statement: The ongoing revelations about Mr. Ford again show why he’s no […]

Cowboy Mouth

Sam Shepard and Patti Smith’s torrid love affair in the early ’70s resulted in Cowboy Mouth, a helter-skelter impression of a lost weekend (or longer) spent in a hotel room while hazy from drugs, alcohol, and rock and roll. The play was last seen in Toronto in the summer of 2013 as part of the […]

The Wow Project #3

For the third edition of The WOW Project, a series examining “Theatrical Representations of Queer Women in Canada, past, present, and future,” there’ll be a staged reading of Mel Hague’s Theatrical Essay: All the Stuff That Keeps People Apart. Lindsey Clark, who recently starred in Scheherazade at the Next Stage Festival, and Natasha Greenblatt, co-creator […]

Sheila Jordan in Concert

Bebop legend and Jazz Master Sheila Jordan, a contemporary of Charlie “Bird” Parker, is well into her 80s and still performing live. She’s been teaching singers at the Banff Centre for the past fifteen years, and is in Toronto to do a weekend workshop—and a pair of shows, with Don Thompson on piano and Neil […]

Sound Advice: Monsoon Season, by Biblical

New Damage, the fledging aggressive music imprint of respected Toronto-based indie label Dine Alone Records, has been assembling an ever-more impressive roster of talent: two records it released last year, KEN Mode’s Entrench and the Flatliners’ Dead Language, recently received Juno nominations. On March 11, it put out Monsoon Season, the full-length debut from Biblical—a […]

Happy Centennial, Royal Ontario Museum!

As with any major building preparing for its grand opening, work on the Royal Ontario Museum went down to the wire. “A corps of charwomen polished, scrubbed, and dusted,” the Star observed the day before the museum greeted its first official visitors, “and unfinished exhibits were being rapidly and accurately fitted into their places.” That […]

Hot Docs Turns 21

Just over two years after rechristening the Bloor Cinema in its name, Hot Docs took to the theatre this morning to announce its lineup for the upcoming 21st edition of North America’s largest festival devoted to nonfiction filmmaking. That reputation is borne out by the numbers: the fest will welcome a whopping 197 documentaries from […]

There’s No Place Like the Theatre Centre’s New Home

On April 30, 1909, the Carnegie Library at Queen and Lisgar opened its doors for the first time, giving the Toronto Public Library a permanent home after two decades of renting a space on Ossington Avenue. This week, over one hundred years later, the Carnegie Library is ready to open its doors once again to […]

Toronto Area Could Be Getting a Giant Waterpark

If winter is as interminable and unremitting in 2016 as it has been in 2014, Torontonians might at least be able to find some warm-weather recreational relief without having to leave the country or exercise considerable ingenuity. A development group know as marbleLIVE has decided that what this city needs is access to a $60-million, […]

Public Works: Finding New Uses for Old Infrastructure

Public Works looks at public space, urban design, and city-building innovations from around the world, and considers what Toronto might learn from them. Urban infrastructure is made to last. Our roads, parking lots, bridges, and ports may crack a little, may lose a bit of sheen, but they’ll never rot to nothing, or ever totally […]