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Open Book Literary Salon: Advice for Myself

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could redo parts of your life with the knowledge you have now? The Open Book Literary Salon is exploring this idea with Advice for Myself, gathering three Torontonian authors—Stacey May Fowles, Brian Francis, and Michael Winter—to talk about what pointers they would give their younger selves. Whether you’re an […]

Touch My Stereotype’s Hypothetical Spectacle

The funny folks in Touch My Stereotype have an exciting new show to help us get through this dreary season. Their three-day-long revue—Hypothetical Spectacle— is packed with music, comedic sketches, videos, and more from Amanda McQueen, Lars Classington, Russell McLeod, Sima Sepehri, Robert Murphy, Liz Johnston, Eitan Shalmon, Padraigh MacDonald, and Chantale Renee.

Historicist: Listen to Clairtone

Hef had one. Old Blue Eyes promoted them. Units provided decor for iconic films like The Graduate. Top American department stores carried them. For a time in the mid-1960s, the coolest upscale hi-fi equipment in North America was produced by a Toronto firm whose innovative units attracted sound connoisseurs and design mavens alike. Yet, despite […]

Extra, Extra: Magicians at City Hall, Mayoral Action Figures, and Icy Lakes

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss. Today, magician David Blaine dropped by City Hall to visit with Mayor Rob Ford, because Twitter has to run on something—and the combination of magicians, illusions, sleights of hand, and Rob Ford in that situation has the […]

Spice City Toronto: The Perfect Place for a Lebanese Lunch

Hidden in the back of a plaza at Dufferin and Finch is the perfect place to sample the wonderful ingredients that make up Lebanese breakfast and lunch. Haddad’s Mid-East Bakeries consists of a small restaurant and retail shop, plus a kitchen in the back where the fresh bread is made. The 20-year-old restaurant is mainly […]

Canadian Hip Hop: From the Streets to the Suites

As part of Black History Month, the Toronto Public Library presents a discussion with hip hop author and promoter Dalton Higgins. Canadian Hip Hop: From the Streets to the Suites will take a look at the progression of our country’s urban music scene and touch on the artists who paved the way for artists like […]

Rob Ford Faces Another Apparent Conflict of Interest

In June 2011, a fundraising event for Mayor Rob Ford was held at the home of the Toronto Chapter Chair of BILD. BILD stands for “Building Industry and Land Development Association,” and it’s a registered lobbyist organization for, you guessed it, the building and land development industries. The organization happened to be in the midst […]

Duly Quoted: Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, on Early Morning Hockey and Beer

“Go Canada Go! You’re either invested in the hockey supremacy of Canada or you’re not. I don’t know how many people will take advantage of it, but for that short period of time and for that purpose, I’m all for it.” —Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, after being asked by CP24 whether he supports a motion […]

Doc Wuthergloom’s Haunted Medicine Show

Doc Wuthergloom is a mainstay of our Halloween round–ups, but he and his possessed puppets performs occasionally throughout the year. There’s a one-night-only, chill-your-blood edition of his Haunted Medicine Show taking place; the premium ticket price includes entry to a “Dime Museum of the Damned.”

The 35th Rhubarb Festival Looks Back and Forward

At 35 years old, the Rhubarb Festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre may be nearing middle age, but it’s still the place to go if you’re looking for experimental, boundary-breaking, not-your-theatre-next-door kind of stuff in Canada. Every February, Buddies in Bad Times warms up the Church Street neighbourhood with public works, cabarets, live performance […]

Sound Advice: Drone Attack by Valley Boys

Drone Attack EP by Valley Boys People usually take words like “simple” as an insult—it’s as if complexity is considered a good thing in and of itself. Rarely do people stop and think that sometimes it’s actually quite difficult to take a seemingly simple thing and execute it to perfection. Apple pie is a pretty […]

Jury Returns Verdict of Homicide in Police Shooting Inquest

Over the course of three months, a coroner’s inquest looked into the deaths of Michael Eligon, 29, Sylvia Klibingaitis, 52, and Reyal Jardine-Douglas, 25—three people with mental illnesses who were fatally shot by Toronto police in separate incidents. Each person had been carrying a knife or scissors when the confrontations with police occurred. Today, a […]

Lunacy Cabaret: The Birds and the Bees

Though it’s probably a few years late, Lunacy Cabaret is prepared to give you “the talk” that your parents shied away from. Its new show, The Birds and the Bees will touch on the sexiest life lessons, courtesy of some naughty burlesque dancers, sketch comedians, clowns, musicians, and other artists in a vaudevillian circus atmosphere.

Grilled Cheese Fest

Does facing down all the gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches you can eat sound appealing? Especially if they’re paired with samples of craft beer, and unlimited soup? The Grilled Cheese Fest is being produced by Joylister and features new and signature creations by local restos like Cheeseworks, MELT, Gorilla Cheese, and more. If you’re a fan […]

Hidden Restrictions in Free Outgoing

At first, the rise of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram seemed to herald nothing more than a new kind of annoying exercise in narcissism and a devastating black hole for productivity. But, as we all know by now, they had a far darker side: although those of us who were young and vulnerable […]