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City Council Votes to Increase Homeless Shelter Capacity

City councillors have overwhelmingly endorsed a plan to add more capacity to Toronto’s homeless shelter system. With a 40-1 vote earlier today—Mayor Rob Ford was the only one opposed—council endorsed a motion by Joe Mihevc (Ward 21, St. Paul’s) to keep shelter occupancy at or below 90 per cent. (The rate has hovered at 96 […]

250 Religous Leaders Issue Joint Statement Opposing a Casino

More than 250 religious leaders from across the GTA released a statement today, expressing their shared opposition to the prospect of expanded gambling in Ontario, and in particular to a new casino in Toronto. The leaders, representing Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Jain, and Christian coalitions, as well as numerous congregations across Toronto, also took their message […]

Public Works: Political Leadership Needed on Transit Funding

Public Works looks at public space, urban design, and city-building innovations from around the world, and considers what Toronto might learn from them. In the effort to find the $2 billion a year Metrolinx says will be needed to build enough new transit infrastructure to keep the GTA from permanent traffic disaster, the rubber has […]

Spur Festival Soon to Launch in Toronto

The Spur Festival, a fledgling arts and ideas celebration, hopes to get people rallying behind the issues. “We didn’t want to just have a festival for festivals’ sake,” says Helen Walsh, one of the co-founders. “We wanted to do something that would spur people into action, and spur thought into action.”

Municipal Arts Funding Consultations

So the city has more money to spend on the arts, but how should it be spent? You decide! Toronto is holding a series of joint public consultations on how best to invest the new money. (The events are taking place in different parts of the city. This listing is for the downtown consultation.) If […]

Extra, Extra: Bixi, Vomiting Sounds, and Streetcars

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss. Spring is here, in name if not in practice, and that means you may be thinking about getting yourself a Bixi membership so you can use public bikes in the nice weather. If that’s the case, you should […]

Toronto Invents: The Hat Trick

We look at concepts and products that, for better and worse, were developed in Toronto. There are as many legends surrounding the origins of the phrase “hat trick” in hockey as there are goals that comprise one. One story traces the coinage to Guelph, where Biltmore Hats offered a head-topper to high-scoring players on its […]

Sound Advice: Escapology by Maylee Todd

Just three months in, 2013 has already been an excellent year for Toronto-based indie-pop musician Maylee Todd. The video for “Baby’s Got It,” one of the singles off her sophomore album, was nominated for the inaugural Prism Prize, which celebrates Canadian music videos. And now that album, the breezy and soulful Escapology, has been released […]

Art From the Unexpected

TC Media challenged 20 industry leaders to do something out of their skill set—create a piece of visual art. They’ll each present their creations at Art From the Unexpected, while speaking on the importance of creativity. The pieces will be available to purchase through silent auction, with proceeds going to SKETCH, a group that engages […]

CodeRedTO Transit Info Session

Transit advocacy group CodeRedTO hosts an open-house meeting tonight on the topic of transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Get facts on expansion projects, the impact of light rail, and future funding plans from local councillors, MPPs, MPs, and representatives of Metrolinx. Half of the meeting will be devoted to fielding questions from […]

National Motorcycle And Tattoo Show

If you’ve fallen victim to stereotyping motorcyclists as the type of people who would also probably get tattoos then… this probably won’t help. The 2013 National Motorcycle And Tattoo Show is roaring back into town with another weekend of shiny wheels (which are always pretty impressive), a chance to show off your bike to the […]

The Shepard Show, A Free Film Screening Series

Here’s your chance to a) check out a free film and b) test your knowledge as a film buff. The Shepard Show is a film screening series that’ll be showing a new flick each week up until the opening of The Playwright Project festival in May. On the agenda are Steel Magnolias (April 7), Hamlet […]

Springtime for Dags and Laz (Or Hitler… You Decide)

Looking for more than just regular old comedy? Springtime for Dags and Laz (Or Hitler… You Decide) offers that, plus music, theatre, and debauchery in this night that features a long list of performers. Hosted by award-winning performers/writers Melissa D’Agostino and Adam Lazarus, the show features Canadian Comedy Award winner Sandra Battaglini, composer/musician Bob Wiseman […]

Toronto Scavenger Hunt 2013

Think you know the ins and outs of your city? Try putting your skills to the test with Toronto Scavenger Hunt 2013. This year’s event will be challenging teams to go out and find a list of items found all over Toronto’s downtown core (physical items, pieces of information, or tasks). Last year, organizers Improv […]

Paul Magder Won’t Have to Pay Mayor Rob Ford’s Legal Costs

Paul Magder, the man whose conflict-of-interest lawsuit almost resulted in Rob Ford being booted from office, won’t be on the hook for the mayor’s legal bills. This is thanks to the Ontario Divisional Court, which ruled earlier today that the case had merit, and that it raised “novel legal issues with respect to matters of […]

Electronic Ads Could Be Coming to Toronto Transit Shelters

Right now, you’ll only find printed ads on the sides of Toronto’s transit shelters, but some of those posters could be replaced by monitors in the near future. It’ll happen if Astral Media, the advertising company that provides the City with its street furniture, gets its way. Astral is required, under its 20-year agreement with […]