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Archive for 'Tannara Yelland'

Newsstand: November 17, 2014

With the snowfall last night that stuck around after it finished, it's clear: we're in it now. Winter has come. There's nothing for it but to curl up inside with a warm blanket and the news, and wait for spring. Here are today's highlights to get your hibernation started: a closer look at the Toronto Police Service budget recommendations, a senior Toronto police officer's G20 hearing begins, and Conrad Black is selling (part of) his enormous estate.


Newsstand: November 14, 2014

Last week Interstellar opened and next week the second-last Hunger Games movie will open, so this week just enjoy your family and friends. And the news, of course: police are upset with a report on their carding practices, TTC chair Maria Augimeri would like to see the provincial government provide operational subsidies for the TTC, Premier Kathleen Wynne's government has strong words for the Beer Store, and Doug Ford is more popular than the PCs in Toronto.


Newsstand: November 10, 2014

Today marks the 35th anniversary of the "Mississauga Miracle," a train derailment that led to North America's second-largest evacuation. All under Hazel McCallion's watch during her first year in office. Not all the news is as exciting as that, but we try to make it interesting nonetheless: an organization bringing people to visit incarcerated loved ones needs financial help, Waterfront Toronto announces a new project, Homeless Connect Toronto reaches out to the city's most vulnerable, and a TTC bus crash killed one person and injured several others.


Weekend Newsstand: November 8, 2014

Did anyone else see tiny, dirt-speck-sized flecks of snow falling near the lake yesterday? Winter is coming. In the news this fine pre-winter morning: taking sexual assault allegations to the police is important and also often painful, the Toronto police union's contract is up Dec. 31, and the mother convicted of giving her son crack cocaine may have been convicted under specious circumstances.

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Newsstand: November 7, 2014

On this day in 1893, women in Colorado gained the right to vote. That's certainly something to remember as we wind down from election fever (which, for enthusiasts of U.S. politics, was still going strong until this past Tuesday). Some more current news for the rest of you: a protest outside a meat-packing plant led to nine arrests, a doctor who confessed to sexually abusing patients is working at a new clinic, Bill Blair recommends a frozen police budget, and conflict-of-interest law might finally get an update.


Weekend Newsstand: November 1, 2014

Tomorrow night, Sunday night, will allow us all an extra hour of sleep as Daylight Savings Time starts. Pity the fools in Saskatchewan who might not have to adjust their clocks and lives, but who also forego the opportunity to sleep in an extra hour one night a year. In the news this morning: city transit will soon have blue seats designated for reservation, travel restrictions for people coming from three West African countries, some hospitals are refusing to disclose information on how patients were treated, and two updates to the still-unfolding Jian Ghomeshi story.


Newsstand: October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween, everyone! Don a costume today if only to pretend for an evening that the past week hasn't happened. We certainly will. Before you do that, though, read some news! Rob Ford's tumour hasn't shrunk (but it also hasn't grown), the TDSB will see plenty of new faces, Ontario's proposed worker protection legislation leaves temporary workers behind, and an inside look at Jian Ghomeshi's firing from the CBC.


Newsstand: October 27, 2014

Finally, the day of reckoning has arrived. Our patience has been rewarded, and by this time tomorrow we will have a new mayor, new city council, and nearly four merciful years without municipal campaigning. That alone is a victory. In the news today: CBC has fired Jian Ghomeshi and he claims it's because of his sexual predilections, Doug Ford discloses his donations, and CityNews called the election (last night) for John Tory.

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Weekend Newsstand: October 25, 2014

Election, election, election. It's happening Monday and it's probably all you'll hear about until it's over. (You may well hear about it for a while after, but let's pretend while we can that Monday will be the end.) In the news: Cycle Toronto has a plan for the city's biking future, a supporter of Brampton mayor Susan Fennell threw coffee at a reporter, and what the school board elections are all about.


Weekend Newsstand: October 18, 2014

Use your Saturday to head out and grab some of the last fleeting hours of sun and warmth before the cruel winter sets in, but read some news first: a longtime flag vendor at Yonge-Dundas Square has had his licence revoked, Olivia Chow will release the names of her campaign donors, and both Doug Ford and John Tory promise to fix public housing (without promising any money for the effort).