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Olivia Chow for Mayor

Toronto can do better. This is how.

About Torontoist

Torontoist‘s goal is to capture the tenor and texture of life in Toronto, to evoke the daily experience of the city in words and images. This includes, especially, the physical shape of the city as it grows and changes, the political and civic developments which provide it with direction, the culture which animates its public spaces, and the history which got it to this point. We try always to be faithful in our rendering of Toronto, and to be fearless in advocating for what we think might make it better.

Established in October 2004 as part of the thirteen-city Gothamist network, Torontoist is now published by St. Joseph Media, and has become the largest, most influential, and most widely-read website of its kind in Canada. That, and we’re also partners with the Globe and Mail.


Is it Torontoist, or *The* Torontoist?
Just plain old Torontoist works for us. We’re low maintenance that way.

What are those things in your logo?
There are a whole bunch! We have about 20 different icons that we use in our logo, so each time you visit the site you might see a different one. They highlight Toronto landmarks (such as the ferry boats or the Humber Bay Bridge) and sometimes they mark special occasions (like TIFF or Pride).

Are you, technically, a blog?
Sort of? It’s probably the closest name that fits our format, though our content is somewhere between that of a blog, a newspaper, and a magazine (sometimes more in one category than the others). We defy categorization!

Are you on Facebook? And Twitter?
Why yes, yes we are. Add yourself as a fan of ours on Facebook today, or keep up with our latest articles on Twitter.

Where do you get all your photos?
Those that we don’t take ourselves are most often from our extremely terrific Flickr pool that features tonnes of photos submitted by our readers.

What about sponsored articles or advertorials?
Torontoist does not, has not, and will not feature sponsored articles (or “advertorials”) without full, explicit disclosure of that fact.

How can I get involved in Torontoist?
Any number of ways! From freelancing to sending us story tips to joining our masthead, here’s your guide to joining in our city-loving adventures.

Will you delete my comments if you disagree with them? Sell my information to advertisers?
Our comment moderation, privacy, and other policies are all right here. (But the short answer is: no.)