Bald Eagles Leave Trumpland for Toronto

The birds have reportedly returned to Toronto's west end.

Toronto Urban Forestry is reporting that bald eagles are back in Toronto—they’ve reportedly been spotted in the west end. While the City said this appearance comes after a 50-year absence, there were also reported sightings of a couple bald eagles in High Park in 2014. It’s too early to know if there are more birds this time around, or if they’re here to stay.

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How to Break Out of Drinkless January With Affordable Wine

Alternatively, some wine to distract you from inauguration day.

The film industry refers to January as a dump month and it would seem that the same is true for the LCBO. The new releases are less exciting, and people are still recovering from their December spending.

But if you know where to look there are still some great wines available.

Before we get into your best bets, there’s a bit of a disclaimer. Wine made in Ontario generally costs more than many other wine regions. Wines from South America and parts of Europe can come in close to or under $10 and offer great value for money. It’s tough to get a good bottle of wine from Ontario around the $10 price point. When you’re looking at a bottle of wine between $10 and $20, the quality of wine (generally) goes up exponentially. Wine from Ontario really hits its stride around the $15 price point. This is all for a very simple reason: it costs more to make wine in Canada.

Here are some bottles to get you through until February, and trust me, these are much better than drinking wine out of a box.

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