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Vandalist: The Search For Meaning

Where is your quest leading you?


BY: Jerm IX
LOCATION: Queen West and Peter
PHOTO BY: Georgette P.
FIELD NOTES: Searching for meaning in our lives is no easy task. It’s a journey that can take us across the world, deep into our own psyches, or to places of spiritual enlightenment. It’s a quest that has inspired everything from ancient religious literature to fine art masterpieces to this very graffiti. What makes the journey so compelling is that we decide for ourselves and learn something in the process. This piece is a nice reminder that, though individual results may vary, no one is alone in the search.

Once a week, Vandalist features some of the most interesting street art and graffiti from around Toronto. Find something great? Email

Newsstand: March 5, 2015

Rob Ford is at least $23,000 richer thanks to his recent online auctions of “memorabilia.” One collector warns that the buyers are unlikely to see a profit from their investment, so here is hoping the person who spent over $16,000 on Ford’s NFL tie really does have that kind of scratch to burn. In the news: A TTC bus driver decides to skip four stops along Lawrence Avenue West for unknown reasons, a dog is hit by a TTC bus in Leaside, the ROM has a new interim director, and a fire at the Grand Hotel.