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Your Latest TTC Contract Update, Streetcar and Wi-Fi Edition

Turns out the streetcar contract delay is costly. Who knew!

Photo by UBRANE from the Torontoist Flickr Pool

Photo by UBRANE from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.

TTC contracts giveth, TTC contracts taketh away.

Two different contracts with third parties are going in the opposite direction today, with one taking a long-awaited step forward, and another showing the consequences of its lengthy delay.

The delays in getting the new streetcars from Bombardier could take a $34 million dollar chunk out of the TTC’s budget. On deck for today’s TTC agenda is a motion to approve the money to repair old street cars that need new wheels, bearings, track breaks, and more. The repairs are necessary because of Bombardier’s long delays in delivering on their streetcar contract; not approving the capital expenditure would mean service cutbacks.

Bombardier initially promised to have 55 new streetcars in Toronto by the end of 2015, but so far only 16 have been delivered.

Underground, Wind Mobile and BAI Canada announced today that five more stations will have cell service in the subway system, bringing the total number to 20.

Initially, the rollout was just few a few stations, but Wind and BAI expanded to 15 stations in a month.

BAI Canada has said that they hope to have coverage for all subway stations by 2017. Both Wi-Fi and cell service will be introduced throughout the entire subway system over the next 20 years.