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Scene: Vintage Bike Show at Trinity Bellwoods

A showcase of the coolest bicycles no one in their right mind should ever try to ride.


WHERE: Trinity Bellwoods Park

WHEN: Sunday, July 27

WHAT: No, these aren’t the second-hand fixies you can buy on Kijiji for $150—at this gathering in Trinity Bellwoods Park, bike-loving hobbyists congregated to buy, sell, and nod approvingly at each others’ beautiful vintage two-wheelers. From penny-farthings, boneshakers, and velocipedes of the 1870s to bikes from the mid-1950s complete with built-in radios, the specimens ranged from robust to ramshackle. An interesting note about this distinctly Canadian showcase: a number of the older bikes featured wooden frames, as Canada’s abundance of maple and oak made those materials cost-effective long after metal construction had caught on elsewhere. One glance at the craftsmanship makes you wonder why we ever made the switch—until you try to pick one up, that is.

Photos by Michael Fraiman.