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Here’s How You Can Bug a City Planner to Learn More About Development in Toronto

Information booths will be popping up throughout Toronto to answer all your questions about transit, permits, and public planning.

Photo by Ross McAuley, from the Torontoist Flickr pool.

Do you want to know more about what the City is doing to reduce congestion or streamline permit systems? Would you be interested in finding out exactly what it is that City planners do, and how their decisions and processes affect your daily life? Well, from July 10 to August 27, you’ll be able to put your questions about planning and development to the experts, when information booths run by the City’s planning division open across Toronto.

Part of an initiative called Planners in Public Spaces (PiPS), the booths will dispense general information about planning, but focus also on three of the City’s current undertakings: Feeling Congested, a public consultation about reducing congestion and improving public transit; ResetTO, a plan to develop a streamlined permit system; and Growing Conversations, an outreach initiative designed to find out how the role of public consultation in the planning process can be enhanced.

“We already have an exceptional number of people in this city participate in our planning processes; however, this is a big, sprawling place and we recognize the need to expand our processes to reach out to new audiences,” said Chief Planner Jennifer Keesmaat in a press release. “PiPS does just that. By going to public spaces where people are already gathering, we are making City Planning more transparent and accessible for the residents of this city.”

This will be the second annual PiPS: last year, it reached more than 1,700 people at 20 locations across this city. This year, you’ll be able to find PiPS booths at shopping malls, farmers’ markets, and various events—a list of date, times, and locations can be found on the City Planning website.


  • HotDang

    Shouldn’t ride with locked elbows like that. Her bike isn’t fit properly. Swapping in a shorter stem would help.

  • scottld

    Blah blah blah. Why does the city keep letting stuff get built with ZERO increase in transit ? Can you say Keele and St. Clair? Or the Queensway?

    • Still_Waters3

      Because the city doesn’t have the legislative power to stop development, but they do have the power to stop transit expansion. Transit City, TTC budget and service cuts, fare increases etc are all decisions made by the very same politicians who approve the developments. You need to complain to them, not the planners.

      • scottld

        Agreed. I just wish planners were more honest about this.

        • Patrick Smyth

          I wish planners catered as much to residents as they do to developers.