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Spotted: The TPL’s Pillars of Pride

Yorkville Branch welcomes WorldPride with giant rainbows.


SPOTTED BY: Becky Toyne

WHERE: The Toronto Public Library’s Yorkville Branch (22 Yorkville Avenue)

WHEN: Wednesday, June 18, 2:30 p.m.

WHAT: Rainbow-wrapped columns in honour of WorldPride, which officially kicks off tomorrow. The branch, home to the TPL’s LGBT collection, was given this celebratory makeover by the Toronto Public Library Pride Alliance, a employee resource group run by volunteers (which will also be organizing the library staff appearance at the upcoming Pride parade). Patrons will be greeted by this burst of colour throughout the month of June, and are also invited to attend one or all of the raft of events being held at branches across the city in honour of Pride.


  • Steveinto

    Did a ROM walk last week in Yorkville, the tour guide really did not know why the pillars were wrapped in rainbows. i informed her that it was world pride and LGBT collection this TPL branch has.

  • Notcleverguy

    That looks cool.

  • Bumbaclot

    Well folks, here’s one libary I’m boycotting. Or at least I would, if I weren’t already boycotting all libaries on principle, that principle being I hate libaries and everything in them.

    • SonuvaScrimbro

      No kidding. A library celebrating Pride Week? Throw in an LCBO strike and a DNA swab of your office couch and it’s your worst nightmare come true.

  • Joe Clark

    How garish. And how odd that such a decoration would be unthinkable at, say, Thorncliffe.

    Maybe next time commit some journalism and actually write about the so-called LGBT collection. Skill-testing questions: Who funded it? Is it all catalogued?

    • SonuvaScrimbro

      1) Why does it matter who funded it?

      2) Why do you care if it’s all catalogued or not? Are you implying there might be parts of it that aren’t because there are volumes just too hot for the Dewey Decimal System to handle?

      • Testu

        Beyond being no fun at parties, information accessibility is kinda Joe’s thing.

        The collection being cataloged makes a big difference in terms of its usability, and whether it’s used at all by some people.

        • ghawk99

          The TPL page linked in the article indicates that “All LGBT materials are filed within the general collection, but you can find all items by searching using keywords such as ‘Gays’, ‘Lesbians’, ‘Transgender’, ‘Bisexual’ or similar keywords.” That seems fairly straightforward. The Thorncliffe comment though….is that a comment about the ethnic make-up of that corner of town?

          • Joe Clark

            You clearly don’t understand the cataloguing issue. And obviously my remark was about the Islamic Republic of Thorncliffe Park.

          • Randy McDonald

            “Islamic Republic of Thorncliffe Park”


        • Joe Clark

          Beyond being no fun at parties

          Mostly but not entirely because I don’t drink.

          • dsmithhfx

            You should fit right in at the Islamic Republic!

          • Testu

            We all have our vices…