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Rob Ford Is Going Back to Work

The mayor will return to City Hall on June 30, after a nearly two-month stint in rehab.

After nearly two months in rehab, Mayor Rob Ford announced today via a letter to the City clerk that he will be returning to work on June 30. In keeping with his usual work habits, he expects to be back at City Hall in the late afternoon. The mayor has been at a Muskoka rehab clinic since early May, dealing with his substance abuse issues.

June 2nd, 2014

Uli Watkiss
City Clerk
City of Toronto

Dear Ms. Watkiss,

Kindly be advised that I will be returning to City Hall on Monday, June 30th 2014, in the later portion of the afternoon, to resume my duties as Mayor of Toronto.

Please make the necessary arrangements for my office locks to be restored to their state prior to my departure, for 1:00 PM on the date of my return.

If you require further details, please speak with my Chief of Staff, Dan Jacobs.


Rob Ford
Mayor of Toronto


  • jsphrs

    But isn’t it time for his annual family cottage trip?

  • blergh

    does anyone even care anymore?

  • dannyR

    ‘stint’? What sort of ‘stint’ does Greed-Stoned rehab resort provide Rob Ford? At 100K/month apparently whatever makes him happy.

  • torontothegreat

    I love how he can’t even commit to a time. He also signed his name twice once as Rob Ford and then again as Mayor Ford.

    • dannyR

      One thing doesn’t change, he’s not going to waste his mornings coming to work:

      “…in the later portion…”

      Still wandering in at bumaclock in the afternoon.

  • Welshgrrl

    Just in time to miss World Pride … how convenient :P

    • dannyR

      Without World Pride how would Rob know how to set his watch?

  • dannyR

    I like how he double-underlined the ‘MAYOR’ in his hand-written letters underneath.

    It’s like he’s still the same old ‘take that, you fukcers…’

    Rehab facility Greed-Stoned has re-created a monster.

  • bobloblawbloblawblah


    Rob Ford and “work” in the same sentence.

  • wklis

    But his apprentice, Giorgio Mammoliti, was only getting started. Now, he has to hand over back to his master, Rob Ford.

  • ghawk99

    At least he’s giving himself ample time to recover from his post-rehab hangover with that 1 PM start time. We wouldn’t want him to roll into work with a headache and red eyes.

    • dannyR

      How can anyone in the media take this ‘rehab’ stuff seriously from now on?

    • bjhtn

      Arriving Monday afternoon just in time for the Tuesday holiday!

      (Then again, he was skulking around City Hall on Good Friday, so maybe he’ll be around on July 1, meeting with “constituents”.)

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Just as the city started to feel normal again…

  • dannyR

    “Please make the necessary arrangements for my office locks to be restored…”

    (…or I’ll rip the goddamed thing open with my muscular bench-presses)

    He’s not even out of rehab and you can just tell he’s still seething with adolescent rage over that issue.

    • Bumbaclot

      Amen, brother. Did you notice how at the bottom of the note I scrawled MAYOR FORD and underlined it? Just to let the city clerk know I mean business.

  • b_newman

    I think this May be a legal formality. Isn’t there a rule in the municipal act that an elected official can be ejected if shown to be away a from their duties for three months?

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      Yes. If the Mayor missed three consecutive council meetings unless council excuses him. Council did just that at the first meeting after Ford went to rehab.

  • Frostmoth

    He sucks. *waits for inevitable racist binge recorded on social media and cops do nothing*

  • dsmithhfx

    Just in time to suck the oxygen out of the Tory campaign.

    Rob is good for something after all…

  • bjhtn

    The information was made public today, but the letter advising the Clerk was dated two weeks ago.

  • AboveTheCity

    Mayor Ford back to “work”. The Mayor has a great deal of explaining to do and a number of apologies given out. If the stint in rehab has any impact, addressing past, irresponsibility and apologizing for that and taking FULL responsibility for ones actions, is what we should see from Rob Ford. I somehow think that is NOT what we are going to see from Rob Ford. It will be back to the dodging, the deflecting, the bluster, the blunder, and the lying. Brother Doug is going on, and on, like the rehab did not even happen – just a blip, and on we go (It’s clear Doug has no idea of the gravity of the situation, but that is a whole other issue). That’s where I am taking my ques from on this.

    • rich1299

      Not every rehab program is like AA and don’t require any apologizing for past “issues” (to put it mildly). But I have no doubt he won’t have changed very much or if he has it will wear off within a few hours. He went to rehab not because he wanted to change his life but because he wanted to dodge the fall out from his latest public disgraces. Using rehab only to avoid taking responsibility very often has poor results. I can only hope for the sake of his children that he at least learned something of value there and retains some of it even if it means several more trips through that luxury resort rehab.

      • AboveTheCity

        Agreed. I’m not optimistic. This is a man who seems to have a pathological inability to take responsibility for ANYTHING! That’s not going to turn-around after a short stint in rehab. Doug’s not helping, by essentially saying it’s back to the campaign trail, same-as-it-ever-was. But we expect this of Doug, who clearly can’t see the seriousness of this (Good grief – who calls rehab, “Fabulous”??), and the gravity of it all.

      • dsmithhfx

        “I can only hope for the sake of his children”

        I can only hope for the sake of his children that rumours of his impending divorce turn out to be true.

  • vampchick21

    I give it two weeks before a drunken/high rampage through the city streets to Musik happens in full view of everyone.

    • dsmithhfx

      I suspect rob will be wearing denver boots and duct-tape lipstick for the duration, except when he will be allowed some red-faced rants in Council.

  • HotDang

    Judging by the underlined all caps MAYOR FORD signature, he doesn’t seem to have learned any maturity of dignity in rehab. Maybe I’m asking too much.

  • dsmithhfx
  • SonuvaScrimbro

    Ford’s To-Do List on his first day back in office

    1. Take Crazy Crown back from Mammoliti
    2. Check to make sure the stash he left in his desk is still there
    3. Get in a couple of good twirl-arounds on his office chair (“wheeee!”)
    4. Check mini-fridge; make sure “emergency water bottle” is full
    5. Check Outlook; reply to all emails from Nigerian ex-rulers and British lottery winners
    6. Binge-watch “Orange is the New Black”; take notes
    7. Check to see if Adam Vaughan cashed that cheque yet (memo line: “And don’t come back!”)
    8. Re-inflate plastic dolls sitting at the former assistants’ desks; pretend to talk to them when someone walks by
    9. Call up “constituent” and set up “meeting” to discuss “city hall business” in usual spot
    10. Get couch spot-cleaned
    11. Check out early; hit Muzik for post-rehab party

    • dannyR

      This comment is a sign of genius.

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      I don’t even want to know about #10……

  • williamwoof

    Just in time to miss World Pride but then who really wants this homophobe crack addicted bigot there anyways, at least we’ll have Giorgio Mammoliti hiding behind trees talking pictures…..what really scares me is this drunk, homophobe, gang friendly crack head (crack is one of the hardest drugs to stay off of, even with a 30 day rehab, 30 day rehab is a joke as most will fall back especially with crack… ask the experts) will be re-elected due to the fact that Tory and Chow’s vote will be split but you’ll still have ford nation. Please, everyone needs to get OUT and vote, everyone…..I feel sorry for Renata as it seems her buffet will now be open again…talk about a pig at the trough« less

  • Notcleverguy

    My prediction for when Slob comes back to “work” is, reporters will try and ask him to explain himself for the myriad of idiotic things he’s said and his ongoing criminal activities, and he will stone wall them all by simply saying what is sure to be his newest sound-bite, “Look I’ve said it already while I was in rehab, I take full responsibility for what I have done”. He will continue saying this all the while not realizing that actually taking full responsibility means realizing that he is not only completely unfit to be the “mayor”, and continuing this charade of running again isn’t a big FU to the people of Toronto by a narcissistic, delusional P.O.S.

    • ArnieGeddon

      And I object to all the media referring to Ford’s absence as two months in rehab … for gawd sakes the guy was seen all over cottage country, he left “rehab” for the family enclave for the May 24 weekend … this was merely Robopolooza ’14 ….

      • Notcleverguy

        Seriously, the only difference between Rob then and now is a two month vacation while still being paid by us.
        And the fact his idiot brother want’s to still push this clown on us and call him and his brother social liberals (after being the exact opposite) just shows everyone what trash these two are.

  • dannyR

    Rob’s ‘rehab’ was actually over by June 2. He obviously composed that letter having summarily decided he was just fine, thank you, whatever his GreedStoned nannies thought of the matter.

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      Which means he’ll go maybe one month before he’s spotted in bars again. I don’t think he really cares about running for Mayor anymore he’s just going to ride this thing out and cause as much damage to John Tory as he can.

  • Alex

    Put Rob Ford on the HISTORY CHANNEL. That is where he deserves to be.


    They edited the best part… the MAYOR FORD scribble at the end of the letter! As I said before… it looks suspiciously like the kind of scribble one might do in a drunken stupor…. and just out of curiosity… why do the locks need to be changed? Wouldn’t it be more fiscally prudent just to give him the key?! What an ass… same arrogant idiot… nothing has changed… let’s ensure he’s permanently OUT as of the fall…

    • Notcleverguy

      Personally I don’t think Ford should be allowed to lock his office.Especially while he’s in it.

      • tyrannosaurus_rek

        He shouldn’t be allowed in it, period. He took a two month cottage vacation under the guise of rehab. Council should demand proof he was in rehab the whole time. If he fails to deliver, boot him.

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      The locks aren’t changed. They are unlocked using a passcode or swipe card. They merely had to change the code while Ford was away at the cottage, er, in rehab.

  • dsmithhfx

    “And please don’t forget to restock the mini-bar!”

  • Chris

    Not sure how’s it’s characterized as going “back” to work, as that assumes he was ever really working in the first place.