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Provincial Election 2014 Primer

Some important things to consider before casting your ballot today.

Photos of Tim Hudak and Kathleen Wynne by Christopher Drost. Photo of Andrea Horwath courtesy of the Ontario NDP. Photo of Mike Schreiner from his Facebook page.

Election day is upon us, and it looks as if we’re in for a close finish. When it comes to the three major parties, the latest public opinion polls show Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals holding a hairbreadth lead over Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives, with Andrea Horwath and the NDP not far behind. Sure, the options may be grim—the choice between the devil you know, the devil who’s bad at math, and devil who appears utterly lost is never an easy one—but we encourage you to vote. If nothing else, it gives you the right to complain about the outcome.

Here are some key facts to keep in mind as you prepare to cast your ballot in Ontario’s 41st general election:

In This Provincial Election: (sigh) The Liberals

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