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Massive Storm Hits Toronto, Makes Sky Disappear

But unlike the Barrie region, we didn't have to contend with a tornado.


You might have noticed that last night round about 7 p.m., the sun was blotted out, fast-moving clouds turned the sky black, and the city was then buffeted by strong winds and pounded by torrential rains. If you were lucky, you were in a position to reflect on the strength, drama, and downright scariness of nature while, say, watching the whole thing from a comfortable balcony—instead of discovering, along with 12,000 other Toronto Hydro customers, that your power had been knocked out. (As of 6:30 a.m., 11,000 of those customers had seen their power restored.) Toronto Hydro is warning residents to watch out for and steer clear of downed wires.

And although Toronto was treated to a spectacular sound, light, wind, and rain show, the weather was far more violent elsewhere in Ontario: Environment Canada has confirmed that a tornado hit the Barrie region at about 5:20 p.m., damaging 100 homes and creating a massive field of debris.