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Extra, Extra: Winning Ads, Debate One-Liners, and Rob Ford Lobbying Scandals

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss.

rob ford conflict of interest reaction 2

  • Even if you watched last night’s provincial leaders’ debate, you might not be quite sure who won (because if there’s one thing we know about debates, it’s that there’s always a single winner). Thank goodness for newspapers! On the front page of Metro this morning: “Horwath Leads.” And on the front page of 24 Hours this morning: “Hudak wins debate with laser-like focus on jobs.” As you can see, these front pages communicate very different messages, and that’s in part because they are actually paid ads.
  • If there’s another thing we know about debates, it’s that political arguments should be boiled down as often as possible to zingers, one-liners, and quotable quotes. So which was your favourite? “Your tough medicine is certainly not Buckley’s. It tastes awful, but it’s not going to work”? Or perhaps, “If I don’t keep my promises on the million jobs plan, I’ll resign. I’ll step down from office”?
  • If you’re growing tired of videos and drunken rants and would prefer emails and lobbying scandals instead, well, it appears that you’re in luck: the Globe is inviting readers to “follow the e-mail trail that links the Fords to printer with family firm dealings.”

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