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Extra, Extra: Ann-Marie MacDonald on Pride, Kathleen Wynne Goes Camping, and a Toronto Music Library

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premier kathleen wynne transit interview transcript 2

  • In the Globe, novelist Ann-Marie MacDonald talks about exile, anger, love, and Pride: “Pride is symbolized by a rainbow, not just because it leads to Oz or a pot of gold or even because it signifies diversity, but because it spans the sky and holds us all. What matters most is not what’s over the rainbow but who is under it.”
  • Premier Kathleen Wynne said a number of stirring and heartfelt things at a Pride flag-raising ceremony today. In an unscripted moment she also, apparently, said, “Who’s going camping? We’re going camping! The lesbians are going camping!”
  • “With hundreds of thousands of archival recordings and millions of pages of notated scores,” writes Todd Coyne in the Star, “the Toronto Public Library’s music collection should sing volumes about this city. Instead, it sings like a caged bird.” That’s why TPL board chair Mike Foderick is proposing that the TPL establish a dedicated music library—which would not so much free the singing bird, we suppose, as give it a more sensibly organized, accessible cage that strangers could take it in and out of at their pleasure.

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