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Extra, Extra: A New Home for Improv, the Summer of Gridlock, and Shorter Mayoral Campaigns

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  • After leaving its Broadview location in 2011 and then finding a temporary home at Comedy Bar in 2012, it seems Bad Dog Theatre has found a new home. As of this August, it will be partnering with Comedy Bar and taking over Baltic Avenue at the corner of Bloor and Ossington—and Toronto will once again have a dedicated venue for improv comedy.
  • Toronto is having a Summer of Gridlock. This Summer of Gridlock is apparently worse than the city’s last Summer of Gridlock (which we’re guessing happened last summer), because of “an unprecedented flurry of road work and private construction prior to next year’s Pan Am Games.” Hooray for international sporting competitions!
  • Olivia Chow has announced that she would like see mayoral election campaigns shortened from 10 months to four months. Karen Stintz and David Soknacki do not approve, because they, like us, feel mayoral campaigns should be savoured like a fine, expensive, rare, somehow bitterly contentious wine. “Mmmm … this one is quite striking … profoundly tedious—with more than a hint of acrimony.” (They do make some interesting points, though, about how this change would favour incumbents.)

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CORRECTION: June 10, 2014, 8:00 PM This post originally stated that Bad Dog Theatre will be moving to Queen and Ossington; it will actually be moving to Bloor and Ossington.