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Extra, Extra: Food Truck Woes, a Drake Timeline, and a Security Guard Shuffle

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss.

  • There’s one group of people that’s particularly unimpressed by Toronto’s new food truck bylaws: food truck operators. They’re so unimpressed that seven of the eight surveyed by Zagat indicated they likely wouldn’t be getting a new permit. [via Toronto Life]
  • Have you been keeping your eye out for a colourful online timeline of Drake’s life and career—perhaps one that features a bar mitzvah .gif? Well, look no longer. (Also handy if you’ve been keeping an eye out for a good place to send your Drake fan fiction.)
  • Mike Toolaram, the City Hall security guard accused of being overly zealous and aggressive in his defence of Mayor Rob Ford, has been transferred to another building. Officials would not provide a reason for the move, but city spokeswoman Jackie DeSouza did concede that a number of complaints had been received about an incident involving the shoving of a Globe and Mail photographer.

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  • andrew97

    I don’t know if I’m being overly sensitive (probably am), but I find it a bit jarring when you link to Toronto Life without disclosing that you share a parent company.

    • dsmithhfx


    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      Perhaps if the story had anything to do with city blogs, or something journalistic, and not a story Torontoist has itself covered in the past, it would be worth worrying about.

    • VictorianShuter

      I’d be more worried if Torontoist never critiqued the hand that feeds them:

    • TorontoistEditors

      We hat tip Toronto Life (as we do other outlets), when it’s drawn our attention to something interesting, but there’s no deeper editorial crossover than that!

      • andrew97

        Thanks for the response, and thanks for your consistently excellent work! All I’m saying is, you could write something simple like [via our sister publication Toronto Life] in the example above.

        • TorontoistEditors

          Hey, Hamutal here. You’re actually the first person to express this particular point, I think maybe because people know more about Toronto Life? For intance, we stand in exactly the same relationship with Quill & Quire (i.e. we are owned by the same publisher but share no editorial planning, resources, etc. and function as completely separate operations). Would you like to see the disclaimer for *all* publications owned by St. Joseph Media, or is this specific to Toronto Life because we both have mandates to cover the city?

          • andrew97

            It bugs me because the link could be there to drive traffic, not just to give proper credit. That is, you might be more inclined to link to St. Joseph properties than other media outlets. I’m not saying this is what you are doing, but the possibility is there. So yes, I would prefer you disclose on links to all St. Joseph publications, since it’s not obvious from looking at your page that there is a relationship.

            Anyway, it’s no big thing but thanks for taking it seriously.

          • TorontoistEditors

            Ahhhhh. Nope, not the case at all – though of course you only have my word to take for it – but it’s useful to realize that that, in particular, is the concern. Noted! (There’s a risk in the opposite direction, that noting the relationship in and of itself will make people think we are trying to promote that link more than if it came from, say, the Grid. Will mull approaches.)

          • andrew97

            Keep up the great work!

  • torontothegreat

    The permits rose in price 500+%, this city’s bureaucracy is truly astounding.