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Duly Quoted: Lawyer Peter Jacobsen, on Release of New Brazen 2 Information

New details about the investigation suggest that various parties made "extreme attempts" to locate and take possession of the crack video.

“What really will stick in the public’s mind is the attempts that were made, extreme attempts, that were made to get the video back—obviously, it mattered a great deal to certain people, and it appeared to matter a great deal to Mr. Lisi.”

-Media lawyer Peter Jacobsen, discussing new details released today related to the Ford-Lisi investigation. He indicated that the most noteworthy information contained in the documents relates to the attempts made to retrieve the crack video—at least 50 phone calls were made after May by various parties trying to get their hands on it. The ITO does not contain specific allegations that the mayor himself was involved, or that any of these parties were acting on the mayor’s behalf. More documents could be released soon, if Ontario Superior Court Justice Ian Nordheimer determines they can be made public.