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Duly Quoted: Rob Ford on Ongoing Police Investigation

Mayor responds to the news that police are seeking his cellphone records.

“I will just give them my cellphone. They can take it….They are going to need an army to go through [my calls] because I call a lot of constituents. They can drive around with me and listen to all the calls I make.”

—Rob Ford, responding to the news that Toronto police have been attempting to obtain search warrants to access his cellphone and other records. Investigators with Project Brazen 2 requested search warrants for records on a series of dates over this winter; it’s unclear whether the cellphone records relate to Rob Ford directly, or to someone else within the sphere of the investigation. Police are looking to acquire information about the time and duration of calls, and the phone numbers involved; there’s no indication they have sought permission to place wiretaps on Ford’s phones. They’re also interested in data from Ford’s OnStar GPS, which could be used to correlate locations with the phone calls that were made. Toronto Star lawyers are requesting that court documents related to the search warrant requests be unsealed.

Police confirmed this week that they have open interview requests in with the mayor; Ford has thus far declined to meet with them.