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The Zoo’s Polar Bear Cub Has Taken His First Steps

And we have the stupefyingly cute video to prove it.

Watch him go! A video posted to the Toronto Zoo’s Facebook page shows us how a young polar bear goes about finding his footing. This furry bundle of adorableness weighs about 4.4 kg—when he was born, he was a mere 700 grams. Born November 9, 2013, the little guy has been out of his incubator for a month, and is now learning to play. He has been gradually prepared for the cold weather in a temperature-controlled environment in the Wildlife Health Centre: the zoo notes that “an air conditioner has been installed for his comfort.” He is further proof (the zoo also recently released a certain clip of a panda enjoying snow) that watching animals enjoy themselves in the cold makes the chilliness a bit more bearable for the rest of us.


  • wklis

    Wasn’t he out on January 1st for a polar bear swim?

  • vampchick21

    I have ‘sploded from Teh Que.

  • crystalgibson

    OH MY GOD.

  • Alyssa

    If you read it, it said he was in an incubator for a month. Obviously born prematurely and would of died in the wild. From there he needed to be weened into cold weather (as it said), so that’s why he can’t be with his mother.

    Yes, the cub should be with his mother, but under the circumstances it is understandable.