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“Ford More Years!”

It's official: Rob Ford has filed his papers to run for re-election.

010214 FordElxn DROSTphoto 2

“Would the first person in line like to come through?”

Rob Ford isn’t often seen at City Hall at 8:30 in the morning, but he made a point of arriving outside the City of Toronto’s elections office early today. He was the first person in line, and the first candidate to register to run for office in the 2014 municipal election: the unofficial campaign he’s been running for the past two years is now an official one.

010214 FordElxn DROSTphoto 6

“I’ll go 105 debates. You know what? Let’s have 200 debates.” In a scrum as soon as the paperwork was filed, the mayor reverted to language from his first campaign—speaking as though he were an outsider rather than the holder of the highest office in the city. “I can’t wait to get my record on the floor, and let people decide for themselves… We’re going to get the city back on track on October 27.”

Who had gotten things off track, he didn’t specify.

Reporters, as expected, asked about drug use, criminal associations, and matters of trust in the wake of months of lying. Ford, as expected, tried to reframe that as an issue about the media rather than himself. “If you want to get personal—I’m sticking to my record. That’s all personal.”

“I’ve been the best mayor that this city’s ever had.”

Though he said nothing about his platform or what he’d be campaigning for over the next 10 months, Ford did list the accomplishments he thought most deserved attention: “Who got rid of the car registration tax? I did. Who came in with [a] lower tax increase than two per cent for four years? I have. Who’s got the best union deals with the unions? I have… Who’s been in the city the most? Who’s been dealing with the…unfortunately with the shooting at Eaton Centre, who was down there first? Who was leading the ice storm? I was. I was. No-one else was.”

For the record, the residential property tax increases since Ford was elected mayor: 2011 budget—zero per cent; 2012 budget—2.5 per cent; 2013 budget—two per cent.

Doug Ford (Ward 2, Etobicoke North) stuck around for a few minutes after his brother left—he confirmed that he will be serving as campaign manager for Rob. Like the mayor, he worked the outsider angle: “Finally, finally the people get to speak up. Not the media, not the councillors that voted against everything the people voted Rob in for. Now it’s the people. The people have the choice.”

That they certainly do.


  • Corbin Smith


    • bobloblawbloblawblah


  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    Raccoon Nation is itching for the chance to crush this awful Mayor. It can’t happen too soon.

  • andrew97

    So I have a serious question: who is running the city? Because we are seeing a remarkable amount of Rob Ford in front of cameras, considering that he was “stripped of his powers” some weeks ago.

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      During the Ice storm, it was Ford in front of the cameras, but Kelly was managing things behind the scenes and talking to the province. Ford really is Mayor in name only.

      • andrew97

        Why isn’t Norm Kelly showing up in front of cameras? Because I bet you $1000, Ford is going to run on his record of managing the city during the ice storm. Perception can become reality.

        • Paul Lloyd Johnson

          He’ll blame the ice storm on Kelly. People in Scarborough are not happy post ice storm, it’s management is not something that Ford is likely to remind them of.

        • Lloyd_Davis

          I say let him try to pin that medal on his chest. There’s a pretty good slice of the city that believes the response was wanting. Perception only becomes reality for those willing to suspend disbelief, and anyone who thinks he deserves credit already believes he is a capable manager and leader of council and has saved The Taxpayer a bajillion dollars. That ship has sailed. It has been demonstrated repeatedly that a majority of the population don’t believe the hype. His re-election is not inevitable.

        • bobloblawbloblawblah

          The ice storm and it’s response will be long forgotten by October. Ford is mostly about media stunts, he’s accomplished little as Mayor but is good at manipulating the media and uses it to claim he’s actually done a lot. Thus all the pressers during the icestorm but little evidence of Ford doing anything else.A truly hard working Mayor wouldn’t be showing up at 8:30 AM on January 2 to crow about running for Mayor. You’ll notice all the adult candidates aren’t rushing in. Some people are fooled by his media stunts, but I think most will see through it this time.

          • Chuck Burke

            Good at manipulating the media. Where have you been lately?

          • dsmithhfx

            The Star: not. The rest: yeah.

    • Chuck Burke

      Norm Kelly, looked like a spare prick at a wedding during the Levee

    • Ian Coutts

      The only powers that were stripped were ones that only the Mayor of Toronto had. That reduction of power merely reduced Rob Ford’s authority to that of any other elected Mayor in Ontario. In answer to your question, Toronto Council is running the city, just as every other elected council in Ontario runs their cities. Rob Ford was the public face of Toronto during the ice storm and aftermath, as he should be. Behind the scenes, though, he has no more authority or influence than any other Toronto Councillor, and less than some.

      • andrew97

        But here’s the thing: council didn’t just strip Ford of his powers, they gave them to Norm Kelly. Much was made about a new era and turning the page; there was a press conference with the premier and everything. But here we are with Ford still in front of the cameras, still presenting himself as mayor, while the rest of us are organizing a search party for Kelly. So it seems not much has changed, at least in public, and that can be all that matters in an election year.

        • dsmithhfx

          Some voters will have noticed that Kelly and others worked quietly and effectively behind the scenes, while the mayor jumped in front of the cameras at every opportunity, but did little else.

  • Butch

    Ugh. Here we go again.

  • estta

    I still can’t believe the gall he has. Those quotes are utterly appalling.

  • zozm

    don’t listen to the naysayers Robbie, you’ve got the support of your local Hell’s Angels bro

    –> In a statement to the Sun, Donny Petersen of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Downtown Toronto acknowledged some members and a prospect had their picture taken with Ford at the football game.
    “Our only comments are that for his various foibles and shortcomings, at least he is a mayor for all the people,” Peterson stated. “He will talk to any citizen of Toronto because he is their mayor”

    81s got your back bro. keep lowering them taxes bro. keep the corruption out of city hall bro. derail the gravy train bro. keep workin hard bro. support your local red and white bro.

    • dsmithhfx

      The candidate of choice for the drugs, extortion and murder crowd?

  • Lloyd_Davis

    It appears he paid the deposit in cash and not with a Deco Labels and Tags cheque. I tells ya, Tommy Boy is larnin’ some lessons.

  • AllanG

    “Who came in with [a] lower tax increase than two per cent for four years? I have.”
    And the lies begin. Ford Nation has proven that they don’t care one whit about the truth or the mayor’s behaviour. Good thing they’re less than 20% of the electorate.

    • Still_Waters3

      Technically, he’s right if you average the tax increases over the full term. Zero% (2011), 2.5% (2012), 2% (2013) and 2.5% (2014) averaged over 4 years is 1.75% per year. The fact that he was able to do this solely because of a significant budget surplus left by David Miller in 2011, not to mention on the back of the Land Transfer Tax for which the political heavy-lifting was also done by David Miller, will escape most voters.
      Standard Ford operating procedure — let everyone else do all the work and if it’s well-received, take credit for it, if it’s bad, crap all over it. This way, he can always claim he’s looking out for the “average” guy and never take responsibility for anything that goes wrong, even when he’s the guy in charge. It’s also why he’s got the time to do minor fixits like potholes, answering resident phone calls, taking endless photo ops, visiting constituents, meeting with TCHC residents etc, none of which actually solves the city’s problems or results in any kind of meaningful progress for the city. You have to be a real sucker not to see through this routine eventually, but he has managed to fool a lot of people for most of his life.

      • tyrannosaurus_rek

        Isn’t “technically, if you [massage the numbers]…” how he came up with the billions of dollars in savings, among other lies?

  • OgtheDim

    He helped out with the Eaton’s centre shooting?


    • John SherpaPsy Grasett

      Perhaps he got rid of the gun?

    • OpportKnocks

      He stayed home.

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      He refused to buy any crack from gangbangers for a week.

      • dsmithhfx

        (Lisi did it for him)

    • dsmithhfx

      He led the police to criminal gangs.

  • OpportKnocks

    I will be interesting to see how they finance the campaign this time. Perhaps Doug will hand out $100 “Deco” bills on Dixon Road, and immediately take $50 back as a campaign contribution. I wouldn’t put stuff like that past them.

  • Dinah Might

    “Who refused to call a state of emergency during the ice storm, just so I could be here today falsely claiming to have led the city during the ice storm? I did!”

    • Chuck Burke

      Kathy Wynne refused to call an SOE and kelly was in FLA

      • Still_Waters3

        Not up to Wynne to call the state of emergency for the city, that power is delegated to the Mayor. If she had called one, Ford and his cult would have accused her of usurping municipal authority. Kelly was in Florida for a fraction of the time, which had no bearing at all on how the storm was dealt with. But sure, go ahead and continue deflecting all responsibility away from Ford, it’s what he counts on.

        • AllanG

          Everything that went right is to the mayor’s credit. Everything that went wrong is someone else’s fault. That’s how the Fords roll. They are living saints.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    The province and city staff were coordinating with Kelly, not Ford, and he was in Florida for less than 24 hours visiting his single surviving sibling (who is too ill to travel, from the sounds of it) at Christmas. He also apologized for it the next day – not after six months of denying it occurred.

    Ford repeatedly snubs the entire city and hundreds of thousands of tourists when he chooses family over events like Pride, and you Fraud Nation drones nod your heads in agreement.

    • Chuck Burke

      “he chooses family over events like Pride” seriously is this a joke.Since when was it mandatory to jump on the Homo bandwagon. To the queers this may be a big event but not everyone is into lining up to see a bunch of fools.

    • dikki11

      Will it make you happy if he joins you at the gay pride parade?

  • dsmithhfx

    What “work” did he do, exactly?

    • OpportKnocks

      Photo ops and reading a list of warming centres that city staff have prepared for you is hard work. You have to get dressed and show up.

  • OgtheDim

    He was back by the Monday.

    I take it 48 hours in your world is is not “after”?

    (that is a particularly strong myth among the Fordinistas)

  • Dave

    If by “practical help” you mean “refusing to call a state of emergency just so you could continue to trot your face out in front of the camera while your aides hand out Ford for Mayor magnets at still-powerless Toronto Community Housing complexes”, then yes, Mr. Mayor certainly did rise to the occasion.