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A New Urban Park at Ontario Place

The province reveals designs for a new green space along the eastern edge of the complex.

A sliver of Ontario Place’s future look was revealed today, one promising forests, summits, rocky beaches, and a “romantic garden.”

The conceptual designs for the urban park which will occupy 7.5 acres on the far eastern end of Ontario Place were presented to media this afternoon. As envisioned by LANDInc (whose local projects include Tommy Thompson Park) and West 8 (builders of the wave decks along the waterfront), the former parking lot will become, according to a provincial press release, “a naturalized green refuge that celebrates the legacy of Ontario Place and the landscapes of Ontario.”

The Mobius strip-inspired main pathway will offer a continuous loop around the park. The west side of the park will be an elevated evergreen forest, which will shelter the lower side from lake winds. Closer to the water, users may relax on smooth pieces of granite, run up and down a rocky “scramble” connecting the park’s two levels, and stare at the city skyline from a summit at the south end. The current goal is to complete the park in time for the 2015 Pan Am Games.

An online survey has been set up to gather public reaction to the proposal. That feedback will be used to refine the design and another round of public feedback will be solicited in the spring.

Images courtesy LANDinc and West 8.


  • 44North

    Saw this in the Star, but had to come here because all they provided was one small picture of some skiers.

    Even though this is a very small sliver of the site, I applaud this plan. More trees is always a plus. Throw in some rocks (or roche moutonees like Sugar Beach and Yorkville) and this will naturally be a pleasant addition to the lake.

  • Sean_Marshall

    You just have to love the mature, windblown Jack Pine in the rendering. Trying to channel Tom Thomson?

  • KRoberts

    This is awesome! Hooray for Green Space! I’ll still miss the log ride and the 1970s awesomeness of Ontario place, but knowing that at least some of the space will be used for the public good rather than ugly glass condos is very inspiring :)

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    That park will look great from the balconies of hundreds of new condos just west of it.

  • tomwest

    “Mobius strip-inspired” That just means it’s a loop.

  • John Oyston

    Its a wasted opportunity. It could easily incorporate beautiful Ontario native flowers, trees and shrubs, and provide habitat for our birds, bees, and butterflies.