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TTC Releases Tunnelling Video

To mark the completion of tunnelling on the Spadina subway line expansion, the TTC shows us how it all went down.

There is something satisfying about watching large machines push things around and knock things down, and now you can watch as the TTC’s tunnel boring machines (TBMs) finish their work on the Spadina subway extension. The video follows the TBMs as they do their business between Sheppard Ave. West and the future Vaughan Metropolitan Centre station. Work on the line is far from over—there are still rails to be installed and stations to be built—but the tunnelling phase is now complete.


  • KRoberts

    Is it weird that I’m mildly turned on by seeing new subway tunnels get built in this city?

  • Lee Zamparo

    So cool!

  • MaryL

    OMG, they have GLaDOS narrating the video. This has all been a test. A terrible, terrible test.

    • andrew97

      Cake and grief counseling will be available.

  • 4ChanApologist