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Rob Ford Tells Junkies New Allegations Are Totally Untrue

"That’s an outright lie," the Mayor tells the Sports Junkies.

rob ford conflict of interest reaction 2

Mayor Rob Ford denied today that there’s any truth to the new allegations arising out of the remaining portions of a 472-page police document released December 4. The newly revealed sections, which detail information about investigations related to the mayor, have added fuel to the Ford fire by adding at least one word to the Ford-scandal lexicon (“hezza,” slang for heroin), and raising troubling questions about blackmail, kidnapping, and drug activity.

Ford took the time to carefully consider and weigh these questions when speaking to journalists this morning—by which we mean, Rob Ford took the time to say “Number one: That’s an outright lie. Number two: You can talk to my lawyers about it” Thursday morning, during his interview with the guys from the Sports Junkies radio show. “I’m here to talk football, guys,” he said. “If you want to talk about other things then unfortunately, I’m going to have to let you go.” So it appears Rob Ford isn’t willing to have a serious discussion about these issues even with the Junkies.

Ford might not have gone into these allegations in any depth, but we do now know what he thinks about the Redskins (“All of a sudden the politically correct people have to come out now?”), health care (“I don’t believe in all this public-funded health care”), and women winning football pools (“I know, but they just look to who’s the cutest guy … that’s how they pick ’em”). Which would all be very nice and interesting, if we weren’t looking for answers about things like kidnapping, blackmail, and heroin.


  • dsmithhfx

    “if we weren’t looking for answers about things like kidnapping, blackmail, and heroin.” — and murder.

    • Dinah Might

      *crack of lightning*

      DUN – DUN – DUNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • dsmithhfx

        Just the facts, ma’am.

  • scottld

    Ford showed that he doesnt understand the difference between Obamacare and our system. What a doofus.

    • Canadianskeezix

      Having an understanding of the issues on which he opines has never been his strong point.

  • Dr. Blitz

    Has there ever been a time when Rob Ford used the words “an outright lie” and it didn’t turn out that he was the liar?

    • Angie Mac

      That’s an outright lie!

    • dsmithhfx

      He was probably in one of his drunken stupors.

    • bullyorbullied

      Later he will say, “Oh, you meant that ONE time when I did heroin?” I didn’t know someone saw THAT.

  • Nathan Kelly

    This man is our mayor. It just defies all understanding.

  • vampchick21

    I can’t believe how infuriated I am about his comments this morning on the radio, first the BS about healthcare (turn in your OHIP NOW Ford!) and now seeing what he said about women picking the cutest guy to bet on his team? Sexist, hypocritical, alcoholic, drug user, criminal associate, idiot, blowhard, numbskull, get the hell outta Dodge!

    • Still_Waters3

      Yes, the ones who disagree with public health care are usually the ones who believe that they would be able to afford the best of private care…until they need it, and they find out they have to re-mortgage the house. Robbie will always have the family millions behind him, so what does he care whether the lower incomes can afford it or not? Strange thing is, it’s those lower incomers that think he is their best friend ever.

  • wklis

    “I’d be a Republican,” Rob Ford said.

    The Republicans reaction: NNOOOoooo…

  • Welshgrrl

    The stupid, it fucking burns. I realize that by commenting on the drivel that pours out of this brainless pig’s mouth I am further drawing attention to it, but I will be SO glad once he, his vile enabler of a brother, and his entire trashy entitled family are GONE from politics … they can all move to the USA and further dilute their gene pool …

    • nelsonleonard

      No thanks, we have enough problems of our own. LOL

  • FaxOverMyth

    His verbal assault on citizens in an arena “wasn’t true”. It “wasn’t true” that he smoked crack….You’re a freak show Ford. And much worse.

  • HotDang

    I am fine with people using drugs, as long as they do it responsibly.

    I don’t want our mayor to be one of those people. I want a stupor free mayor.

    • PlantinMoretus

      Is there a responsible way to use crack?

      • dsmithhfx

        There are lots of high-functioning addicts you never hear about. Also a lot of people use various drugs recreationaly without becoming addicts. There are probably genetic as well as psychological factors involved. Criminalization has just made it all vastly worse — though it’s great for the law enforcement and illegal drug industries, and conservative politicians. I think crack may appeal more to people with very low self-esteem, who are otherwise given to flamboyantly self-destructive behaviors such as public drunkenness (as is
        our mayor). Perhaps there are users who are able to use it “responsibly”, I don’t know. Needless to say, Rob Ford isn’t one.

        • PlantinMoretus

          I don’t know much about any drugs, really, but it’s my understanding that some are just too much, they mess you up and that’s that. Meth is one, I think, and that “krokodil” stuff. I’m not sure where crack fits in but it seems like one of the riskier ones.

  • Not_Applicable

    That healthcare comment is going to hurt his chances of becoming Prime Minister, me thinks.

    • Still_Waters3

      Apparently, the crack-smoking, gang-hugging, drunk driving, abusive, trashy, racist stuff isn’t quite enough. Thank goodness we know the truth about his views on healthcare…it would have been terrible to have found out after he became Prime Minister! (wink!)

    • Alex

      He doesn’t have the facts right. American healthcare as it was before Obama had 55 million people not insured, was twice as expensive as ours (check the WHO website), and Canadians (except for Rob Ford) are more health and live longer than Americans.

  • Alex

    Someone should tell Rob Ford he has zero credibility on the world stage. That is why foreign radio stations want him on their shows.
    Other than that they could care less about his football picks.

  • Steveinto

    Kind of make you wonder about the people that support him. I will lock my doors tonight.

  • beljim

    It’s such a lame dodge to say “You can talk to my lawyer”. Even a dumb ass conservative knows a lawyer cannot divulge information between he and his client.

  • Patrick_Metzger

    Someone should do a graphic of the ever-decreasing amount of time that is lapsing between when Rob Ford says something is a lie and his acknowledgement that the thing is actually true. Eventually I think we can get it down to four or five seconds.

  • bullyorbullied

    They are untrue just like the infamous video and the fact that Mayor Ford smoked crack.