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Newsstand: December 23, 2013

The weekend's ice storm has left hundreds of thousands, possibly even over a million, people in the GTA without power. As the city works to repair itself, here is some of the most relevant news: the mayor has not yet called a state of emergency, an ongoing update of what's closed and what to expect in the days ahead, Mayor Rob Ford was "MIA" during an important meeting on Sunday, and something to distract you—a CBC quiz on 2013's most important news stories.

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Perhaps because doing so would push him even further out of power, Mayor Rob Ford has so far refused to call the current ice storm a state of emergency for the city. That has raised questions about who is in charge—since Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly would take the reins in the event of an emergency—but has not stopped the province from offering aid. That help may come from Ontario Provincial Police being dispatched to assist the cleanup efforts, or it may be “other forms of technical support.” Whatever it is, one hopes it gets here soon.

Streetcar service has resumed, there are several service gaps left on the subway, GO trains are running on an amended schedule, and several flights both into and out of Pearson International Airport have been either delayed or cancelled. This Toronto Star article has the latest on how the city is recovering or making alternate plans as it works to repair the damage done by one of the worst storms to hit Toronto in recent memory. Toronto Hydro is now predicting that some homes may be without power past Christmas. All Toronto public and Catholic school facilities will be closed, as well as Peel District School Board facilities. And if you’re a student at York who was supposed to write an exam today, you can look forward to writing it on January 11 instead.

Mayor Rob Ford was apparently unavailable to City officials and staff on Sunday morning, according to a Toronto Star story. While Ford’s communications director, Amin Massoudi, said this was incorrect and that the Mayor had been in touch with staff “since early [in the] morning,” other staffers were surprised when Ford showed up to hold a press conference at 1:30 p.m. Norm Kelly, the deputy mayor, was also out of touch with Ford. One reason for Ford’s erratic behaviour—in this instance, at least—may be that his house is one of the hundreds of thousands without power.

Chances are you could stand to stop thinking about the ice storm for a few minutes. If you’re one of the lucky Toronto residents who still has power, and you probably are because you’re already reading this, take a look at the CBC’s quiz on the year’s top news stories.