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Hatefulness, Intolerance, and Legal Inquiries: Let’s Talk About the Dean Blundell Show

Producer and on-air personality Derek Welsman still faces possible legal action for offensive comments he made about a court case...while serving as jury foreman.

Photo by Flickr user Martin Howard.

Shock jocks are pretty much paid to be the trolls of radio—to make offensive or controversial or graphic comments that will delight some listeners and disgust others. But some radio trolls are worse than others, and Blundell and Derek Welsman, of 102.1 the Edge’s Dean Blundell Show, have been leading a race to the bottom. Their shock-jock shenanigans have in the past involved repeated derogatory remarks about homosexuals, but they’ve come under increased scrutiny recently for making offensive comments about a court case involving sex assaults and a Carlton Street bathhouse—a court case that featured Welsman in the role of jury foreman.

Blundell and Welsman, who swore in court that he was not prejudiced against homosexuals, proceeded to make hateful and graphic comments about the case both while it was before the court and after the verdict was handed down. The Star reports that in one broadcast, Blundell referred to evidence in the case as involving “a few guys, some aggravated sexual assault, a couple of bathhouses…some lube, four Dutch clogs, a stuffed Buffalo…a metre stick. Stigmata of the anus.” Welsman—again, the jury foreman—then said, “Well put, well put.” And what did Blundell offer up when the accused was found guilty? “All I know is that you have damned a man to five of the greatest years of his life.”

A judge has decided not to order a inquiry, but the convicted man’s lawyer has indicated he plans to appeal.

So Welsman isn’t saying anything about the matter publicly, because of possible legal developments, but Blundell, feeling either some hint of remorse or some pressure to appear to feel such a hint, has now issued an apology on the station’s website: “We both made rude, homophobic and inappropriate remarks, which were offensive and unacceptable. We offended a lot of listeners, our families and our friends,” he said. “Those conversations were not entertaining. They were plain and simply wrong. For this, I sincerely apologize.” Perhaps this will signal the beginning of a new and less odious era of the Dean Blundell Show; perhaps the fact that these people have been repeatedly sanctioned for such odiousness in the past is no indication that they’ll soon pick up right where they left off. We can hope.

UPDATE: January 6, 2014, 1:10 PM The Dean Blundell Show has been cancelled, effective January 6, 2014.


  • jeangenie

    CFNY was hugely influential in my life but I had to turn it off permanently a few years back, and Dean Blundell is one of the major reasons.

    • em_robin

      CFNY was hugely influential in my ability to recite Pearl Jam lyrics word for word.

      This is not something I’m proud of.

      • nevilleross

        CFNY needs to be destroyed and retired along with it’s corporate sibiling, Q107, with both stations being given over to different format other than classic rock (EDM and contemporary rock a’la Indie 88.1 come to mind.)

        Amazing how CKLN was go rid of, but not this crappy station past it’s prime.

        • CaligulaJones

          CKLN pretty much imploded due to the nasty collegiate infighting that clings to university radio. Don’t blame the competition.

          • nevilleross

            CKLN ‘imploded’ due to the CRTC imposing impossible things for it to do in addition to the interference from the student faculty. As I said, it’s amazing how the CRTC can use said ‘infractions’ to get rid of CKLN, but not CFNY or Q107, both of which violated a ton of them. I guess that money talks, and intergrity walks in the case of the CRTC, since Blundell will go on tp pump his homophobic shit over tha airwaves again and again.

            This is one of the reasons I don’t bother with commercial radio anymore (aside from maybe Indie 88.1 and the CBC.)

      • choosybeggarmike

        I love that CFNY can run a house ad for being a New Rock station, and then immediately play a Stone Temple Pilots song that I first heard when I was in high school.

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      Blundell wa part of my reasons too but mostly I got tired of Billy Talent and Nickelback.


    I used to listen to the show regularly when Jason Barr was part of the morning show. It used to be witty with a mix of stupid funny, but now it’s just plain stupid.

  • Jason Paris

    From the Spirit of Radio to the Spirit of Ford Nation. From what was arguably the world’s best commercial radio station to the sound of a frat house. CFNY continues to dredge the bottom. What must former announcers (many of whom were gay) think of this shit show now?

  • OgtheDim

    When they do porn star jokes at 2 in the afternoon, you know nobody is listening.

    • nevilleross

      Like I said above, it’s time for both these Corus Media stations to get the fuck lost and stay lost.

  • choosybeggarmike

    Truly. The best thing for Indie88 is for CFNY to just keep doing what it’s doing.

  • Joe Clark

    You meant:

    Corus Entertainment announced December 12 that it has suspended The Blundell Show and will be conducting a review of its “internal practices.”

    Stop using “here” and “click here” as link text. Also, that link is clearly going to expire or just change at some point.

  • nevilleross

    As has been said elsewhere, there are other things to play on the radio that’s current besides only Hoobstank and other grunge/alternative artists (although I still have a soft spot for that time and the music.)