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Extra, Extra: Torontonians Line Up for Mayoral Bobbleheads, Ford Supporters Yell at Santa, and Norm Kelly Might Have to Kill You

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Photo by Flickr user Andrew Louis

Photo by Flickr user Andrew Louis.

  • Determined to mark the festive season in a surreal/comedic/distressing manner, today City Hall welcomed a second round of mayoral bobbleheads and ejected an activist Santa Claus. Santa Claus was there to deliver coal to the mayor—coal donated by concerned Torontonians—and was greeted by insults and jeers from Ford supporters eager to snap up some bobbleheads. Santa was escorted from the premises by security, and CP24′s Katie Simpson reports that one cheerful soul was overheard yelling “Fuck you, Santa!” Merry (almost) Christmas, everyone!
  • When asked by Star reporter Daniel Dale whether he could provide examples of how he’s been exercising his new powers “behind the scenes,” Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly promptly responded, “I’d have to kill you if I told you. That would be betraying secrets.” We believe he was being facetious—but he did express admiration for both Roman emperor Augustus and Alexander the Great (neither of whom was particularly peaceable), so perhaps we shouldn’t jump to conclusions…
  • Just in time for the holidays—and for that last desperate push to rustle up some thoughtful and appropriate gifts—Taschen Books has opened a mini-boutique inside the AGO. So that’s where you should head if, instead of giving your nearest and dearest a bobblehead in the general shape of our mayor, you’d like to procure for them some artsy (and occasionally racy) titles.

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  • SonuvaScrimbro

    Loved the live coverage of the bobblehead signing on CP24, with the reporter at 12:30 saying Ford was supposed to be there at noon and hadn’t shown up. Dude can’t even be on time for his job when it’s literally all about him.

    Ah well, no doubt he was running late because he was crunching last-minute numbers for the budget meeting happening at the same time — you know, the unimportant stuff.

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      He probably had a meeting with a taxpayer at 15 Windsor Road.

      • dsmithhfx

        Rob has sworn off crack, at least until after the election.

  • istoronto

    Why wasn’t Doug yelling “get a job” at those in the line for their bobblehead. Obviously they don’t have jobs if they’re at City Hall on a week day. He has no problem shouting “get a job”at people in the gallery during council meetings.

  • Michael Provost

    So CP24′s Katie Simpson “reports” that she heard someone yell, “Fuck you, Santa!” Well, I was there and I sure didn’t hear that. I did see the idiot dressed as Santa though and heard him yelling like a complete moron. There was also a distinctive odor of marijuana around him. I just hope there were no kids around to see what a disruptive and disgusting spectacle of himself “Santa” was making. One thing I did notice though is that Katie Simpson is a hell of a lot fatter in person than she appears on TV, but I guess if Miss Donuts says that that’s what she heard then it MUST be true.

    • dsmithhfx

      Did you get your doll?

    • Squintz

      Glass houses dude, who’s the fool wasting a day for a garbage figurine? Funny your concern for the children while you wait to lick the boots of a man who has admitted to doing all the things and more you accuse Santa of doing. Too bad the disruptive disgusting spectacle that is Rob Ford was momentarily overshadowed, wouldn’t want a delusional narcissist to realize the world has other priorities besides worshiping at the altar of Ford.