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Extra, Extra: Depressing Maps, Jewish Delis, and Awkward Public Appearances

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A screenshot of Global’s map of driver’s licences in Toronto.

  • Global has used its data-mapping skills to figure out which parts of Toronto are home to the smallest proportions of people with driver’s licences. Surprisingly (or not), some of the areas with the least access to cars are also the farthest from subway lines.
  • Yitz Penciner, founder of Yitz’s Deli, a Toronto institution for over 40 years, died on Sunday. The deli will continue slinging Jewish comfort food for the foreseeable future, though. Penciner’s family reportedly sold the business in 2000. [Via Karon Liu]
  • The Globe‘s Steve Ladurantaye has written the best—and maybe the best possible—account of Mayor Rob Ford’s awkward time at Sunday’s Buffalo Bills game at the Rogers Centre. It’s worth a click for the last paragraph alone.

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