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Wise Words Squeezes Great Thinkers Into a Tiny Box

Wise Words has managed to fit 40 major world figures, from both the past and the present, into a box about the size of a pack of postcards. Which seems impossible, until you realize that it actually is a pack of postcards.

Obviously, there’s no way to sum up major thinkers like Nelson Mandela, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Andy Warhol on four-by-six-inch cards. That’s why Wise Words lets its 40 carefully selected luminaries sum themselves up, with direct quotes chosen specifically to illustrate each leader’s thoughts, motivations, and contributions to history and world culture.

The cards—printed by Wise Words right here in Toronto, on high-quality paper with a smooth, matte finish—are illustrated in a unique style, richly coloured, and handsomely typeset. Give them to friends, use them as an attractive home decoration (the set will cover up to 960 square inches of wall space), or enjoy them as-is. Personal inspiration has never been so compact.

Back the Wise Words Kickstarter campaign to get your set before Christmas.


  • Elaine

    Already ordered my set, can’t wait to get them in the mail!

  • Lee Zamparo

    It’s a bit sad that their representative card has only one woman, and sadder that they picked Ayn Rand.

  • Lee Zamparo

    Good to hear, thanks for responding WW.