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The Lisi Papers: New Allegations of Drug, Alcohol Use By Mayor Rob Ford

Embedded below, in two parts, is a new version of the Sandro Lisi search warrant documents that were originally released on October 31. This version differs from the earlier version in one significant way: a lot of details that were originally blacked out because the Crown considered them “inessential” are no longer blacked out. The reason we’re finally allowed to see those sections is that lawyers working for a consortium of Toronto media organizations (not including Torontoist or its parent company, St. Joseph Media) convinced Justice Ian Nordheimer to order their release.

Nordheimer rendered his judgment this morning, and the document landed in our inbox just moments ago.

To recap, this document is what’s known as an ITO, or “Information to Obtain.” It’s a summary of the evidence police used to obtain a warrant to search the property of Sandro Lisi, the mayor’s friend and occasional driver. (Lisi and another man were arrested on drug charges on October 1.) The document also makes reference to “Brazen 2,” a police probe into the circumstances surrounding the infamous Rob Ford crack video, which police have a copy of.

The new information in this new, less-censored version of the ITO is believed to consist mainly of interviews with Mayor Rob Ford’s former staff members. The Sun says the new details include unproven allegations of drunk driving, OxyContin use, and cocaine use by the mayor. The Sun also says there’s some information that suggests Ford had a sex worker in his City Hall office.

You can take a look at the document—all 470-some-odd pages of it—right here:


  • istoronto

    So it’s true, Rob Ford is a f**king, fat, pig that is a pathelogical lying SOB, bigot, that has major substance abuse issues. Oh, and he is mayor of Toronto. Did I miss anything?

    • OgtheDim

      Sexist, self deluded, hedonist.

      BTW, he doesn’t have issues. He has a whole Steelcase drawer of case notes.

    • macduff1987

      agreed, sir or madam guest. the entire episode of calling his press secretary whilst at douglas senior’s grave site (with two ‘friends’) is telling in ways i cannot fathom from my great distance from the mayor. it is to weep for the man, if it were not for those enormous and pesky and web-like implications of his behaviours. the more that is released, the uglier the portrait.

    • Squintz

      Don’t forget populist face of the austerity right… Let’s not forget how destructive his policies actually are.