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Rob and Doug Ford Are Getting Their Own TV Show

A week after their radio show was cancelled, the Ford brothers have a new gig.

Rob Ford in the Newstalk 1010 studio during the last installment of his radio show there. (Screengrab of live video feed.)

When Newstalk 1010 cancelled Rob and Doug Ford’s weekly radio show, it seemed like a responsible thing to do, given the mayor’s political crisis. Rob Ford is a politician who has all but admitted to misleading the public about his own conduct. Giving him a platform where he could continue doing that, unchallenged, week after week, was beginning to seem like a very shady move.

But you know which organization doesn’t care about lowering the standards of Canadian broadcast media for short-term gain? Sun News Network.

And so, naturally, the cable news channel has just announced that a new Rob and Doug Ford TV show will air for the first time on Monday at 8 p.m.

Maybe Sun is doing this because it has very few viewers and very little money and figures it has nothing left to lose. Or maybe the channel’s overlords honestly still believe in Mayor Ford’s agenda and want to give him a shot at redeeming himself. Or maybe they were impressed by his candor about whether and where he eats pussy and the idea is for the whole thing to be a Sue Johanson-style sex Q&A show. One can only hope.

An interesting unanswered question in all of this is whether the show will be able to continue once Rob and Doug Ford register as candidates in the 2014 election. There are strict rules about campaign contributions, and providing the Fords with free broadcast time might violate them.

There is some good news, though: our weekly Rob and Doug Ford radio recaps are back in business, though we’ll probably have to start calling them something else.


  • vampchick21

    Thankfully no one watches Sun TV.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Sun’s desperation for viewers is hilarious.

    • ArnieGeddon

      It will certainly bring in viewers, if only for the train-wreck potential. But I can’t imagine it will draw in advertising revenue; indeed, I wonder if the advertisers who would normally be in that one-hour period (if there are any; I have no idea since I don’t watch) would want to be associated with the guy who has been asked to stay away from the Santa Claus Parade …

  • Kevin Stewart

    Forward Raccoon Nation!

    • HotDang

      Should be renamed to Phoenix Nation.

    • Paul Kishimoto

      Still waiting on those T-shirts.

  • Patrick_Metzger

    I heard negotiations with the Ikea monkey fell through.

  • wklis

    Wonder what the disclaimer will show and say? Will they use small words?

  • David Toronto

    There goes the neighbourhood!

  • OgtheDim

    I wonder, will they discuss climate change and Palestinians and media censorship and figure skating subsidies?

  • knotsing

    I’ve actually spoken to some people who watch Sun News Network. In fact, I think I’ve spoken to all three of them. I think they will welcome this.

    • OpportKnocks

      They are guaranteed an audience of at least 12 Ford family members, which is double that of the any of their other shows. By taping it first, narcissists Rob and Doug will be able to watch it themselves, plus force their young kids to as well. This is looking like a very shrewd business decision by SunTV.

      • dsmithhfx

        Dead air time, no salaries. Heck, the owners will be able to dine out once a week on this windfall.

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    I wonder why the Comedy network didn’t try and pick this up?

  • M. Arthur Douglas Daley

    i can picture the hyperbole now:
    “hey folks, we left radio because the most viewed network in history wanted the greatest mayor in the entire world on it’s roster. I got calls from millions of Canadians telling me: “You’re doing a bang up job Rob, this country needs more people like you”, so now I’m going worldwide on the only network that dares to tell the truth. we’re taking on the gravy train of television and I can tell you this folks, we’re winning”

    • vampchick21

      If he starts crying on the show……

    • emeraldeyes24

      Millions of rural Conservative Harper bumpkins that think this is just wonderful representation of Conservative values. Yup!!

    • grinning dog

      you pretty much hit it spot on. i was imaging a red faced rob or doug shouting it out.

  • ephena

    I hope Sun has good insurance

  • SonuvaScrimbro

    Just when David H. thought he was out, they pulled him back in…


    These two clown are using the same technique the nazis used. Repeat lies long enough to the sheeple using the radio and the sheeple will think the lies are the truth. Hopefully nobody will believe their crap anymore. They have shown us that they are nothing but liars and bullys.

    • rich1299

      Keep in mind that that propaganda technique is used regularly by most governments and corporations around the world.


        I know but not to this degree in municipal governments ever.

  • TacoGurrero

    I’m torn. On the one hand I want to watch the spectacle. On the other hand I don’t want to support Ford or the Sun. If I watch I support both of them.

  • DryDry

    With the cheapest sets and the shittiest lighting this side of cable access TV, I cannot wait to see their fat over lit faces shining like a couple of bulbous sweaty planets on SUN TV!

  • emeraldeyes24

    Welcome Home, Rob!!

  • OpportKnocks

    could not make this stuff up… as Mark Twain said: “The only
    difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be

  • Greg Vezina

    According to the Ontario Municipal Elections Act, the Canadian
    Broadcasting Act and Regulations for news and public affairs political
    programming and advertizing apply. Since the campaign advertizing rules
    cover programs broadcast on radio and television and they are restricted
    to the last 28 days of the campaign, the show will be gone by January
    1, 2014, unless Sun TV includes other Candidates for Mayor and any Ward
    Doug Ford runs in the programs. Below are the relevant sections of the

    Ontario Municipal Elections Act – Election Campaign Finances


    66.(1)For the purposes of this Act, money, goods and services given to
    and accepted by or on behalf of a person for his or her election
    campaign are contributions. 1996, c. 32, Sched., s. 66 (1).
    Additional rules

    (2)Without restricting the generality of subsection (1), the following
    rules apply in determining whether an amount is a contribution:
    2. The following amounts are not contributions:

    iv. the value of political advertising provided without charge on a
    broadcasting undertaking as defined in section 2 of the Broadcasting Act
    (Canada), if,
    A. it is provided in accordance with that Act and the regulations and guidelines made under it, and
    B. it is provided equally to all candidates for office on the particular council or local board,

    Canadian Broadcasting Act and Regulations

    CRTC Public Notice 1988-142

    “In considering the application of the broadcasting regulations dealing
    with political advertising during election campaigns to the three
    levels of government, it should be noted that there are different
    circumstances applicable to each level. For instance, political party
    advertising in federal elections is regulated by the Canada Elections
    Act; for most municipal elections, there are often no political parties
    Because of these differences in the nature of the
    elections at the different levels, it is necessary to treat them in a
    different manner. However, the same basic requirement, to treat all
    parties and candidates equitably, applies.”

  • danieljchristie

    To my surprise (if not delight) my wife just switched from Shaw to Bell. Scanning through the million-or-so available channels I found SunTV. I guess it was, to me, like a mouse getting stuck in one of those glue traps where the mouse tears its own legs off trying to free itself from the industrial-strength adhesive. At any rate, it wasn’t like the clean, quick kill of the Victor Mouse Trap, a tried and true favourite in my household.. The torture just seemed to go on and on. Ezra, Lilley. Coren. My legs glued to the diabolical glue of absurd argument. Try as I might, short of chewing off my own legs, I was unable to free myself from the sticky, post-flypaper goo of SunTV. It is now a default ‘favourite’. With the advent of Rob and Doug, I can only imagine my situation getting worse -not better. I see myself a la Jeff Goldblume in ‘The Fly’ -plaintively crying ‘Help me! help me!” to no one in particular, desperate for a small bottle of nail polish remover to free me once and for all from SunTV. Help me! Help me!

  • glenn_storey

    huh. does sun t.v. have a remote studio in millhaven?

  • M. Arthur Douglas Daley

    this guy can be their first guest or chief propagandist:

  • mlwjones

    Unless the show is called Celebrity Rehab, this is a colossal mistake and earnestly quite dangerous for the man. As much as I despise Ford and what he represents, I don’t wish him dead. Enabling this sick and disturbed individual further is not cool, Sun TV.

  • Mayoral Candidate

    I’m eager to know who the advertisers are during this hour. They, along with Sun TV, need to be systematically boycotted by those who care about the future of our city.

  • Doug Earl

    Please don’t feel that you need to update us with whatever garbage comes out of the Ford brothers mouths on Sun TV. In fact if you do, I will drop your site and never return.

  • Winpeg

    Another freak show with Rob and Doug. Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber.

  • agecee

    I think SUN is VHF only station. Anybody here with VHF?

  • Tata

    Yayyy….. I would watch this instead of Kardashians ;)

  • Rob Ford

    Im disappointed that this didn’t happen.