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Mayor Rob Ford Will Lose Most of His Senior Staff to Norm Kelly

The mayor's most trusted advisers are moving on.

The first direct consequences of Monday’s insane city council meeting are here. The Globe is reporting that Mayor Rob Ford, whose powers and office budget were largely transferred to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly after Monday’s council vote, will be losing a number of his most senior staffers. Most significant among the departures from the mayor’s office is Earl Provost, who took over as Ford’s chief of staff after his last chief of staff, Mark Towhey, was fired during the crack scandal’s first wave. (By our count, we’re now on third-wave crack scandal, at least.) The Globe says Provost will now work directly for Kelly. Among the other former Ford staffers who will now work for the deputy mayor are Ford’s deputy chief of staff and his policy director. Ford is expected to retain nine staff members, including his notoriously short-fused logistics director, David Price.


  • dsmithhfx
    • tomwest

      *sigh of relief*

      • wklis

        Now we can watch Dancing With The Stars… or something else.

  • wklis

    Wonder how many will be “relieved” not to work for the Ford mayors?

    • dsmithhfx

      Who forced them to at gun point?

      • wklis

        If Rob acts the way he does in council meetings towards his office staff, it may feel like it to them. He just might be a “boss from hell”.

      • Testu

        Probably no one, but some people like to eat, you know, It’s not always about firm moral convictions, sometimes it’s just a job.

    • Join theDebate

      Apparently, Rob Ford currently has a 40% approval rating

  • OgtheDim

    Ditching Provost for Price is a stupid move.

    • Testu

      It’s entirely possible Provost wanted to leave. This is as good a way to do it as he’ll ever get, he doesn’t even have to resign.

      • dsmithhfx

        Provost is forever tainted.

        • Testu

          I’d hope Towhe is moreso.

    • Kurblick

      I imagine Provost decided to go where the real power was. I mean, he really doesn’t have much to do now as far as policy goes.

    • PabloYYZ

      Cllr D. Ford: “You can’t buy loyalty.”

      • PabloYYZ

        Edit…my mistake – the quote is actually: “You can’t teach loyalty.”

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      Stupid moves seems to be a Ford speciality. Ford wouldn’t be where he is now if it weren’t for a series of really dumb moves.

  • Bradford Hamilton

    Whoaaa!! We want Mayor Ford to move down here and get his own show on CNN.

  • Jacob

    Dave’s gonna have to take a massive pay cut. $140,000 doesn’t fit the mayor’s new budget.

  • gbcinques

    Good God, that council chamber outburst with the Fords running around was like something out of a WWF episode. I was waiting for Dougie to pick up a folding chair to whack Denzil over the head.