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Mayor Rob Ford Makes The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, Yet Again

A roundup of all the mayor's latest late-night comedy appearances.

At what point can we officially add “late-night comedy” to Toronto’s list of major exports? Last night, for the fourth time in two weeks, The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart turned his attention to Mayor Rob Ford’s rapidly worsening political situation.

During the segment, which is embedded above (skip to 2:55), Stewart skewers the events of the past two days, which have included the mayor publicly admitting to buying drugs and then, the following day, telling reporters way more than they needed to know about precisely where his tongue has been.

Ford’s latest issues also made The Colbert Report last night, for the second time. That video is embedded below.

And because the last little while has been such a cavalcade of late-night laughs, we’ve gone ahead and embedded clips of all the other late-night segments from the past two weeks that we’re aware of. (Let us know if you can think of any we’ve missed.)

Enjoy. And bear in mind that this is far from over. We hear Saturday Night Live has something in the works.

November 14:

November 13:

November 8:

November 7:

November 6:

November 5:

November 4:


  • VictorianShuter

    Kimmel also gave an update on the Ford saga on Nov. 14 as well.

  • The Man With No Name

    Why not draw attention to homegrown shows commenting on Ford? Don’t 22 Minutes or Mercer rate a mention? They are us after all…

  • Ian Coutts

    Congratulations Toronto, you’re on the news. More importantly you’re trending on Twitter. This is what elected politicians are supposed to do, broaden our public exposure and advertise our best sides. Perhaps next week there’ll be a mass murder to help keep TO in the public eye?