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Mayor Rob Ford Asked Not to Appear in the Santa Claus Parade

A letter from the parade's co-chair says the mayor's presence would be a "distraction."

Rob Ford at the Santa Claus Parade in 2012  Photo by Jason Verwey, from the Torontoist Flickr Pool

Rob Ford at the Santa Claus Parade in 2012. Photo by Jason Verwey, from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.

As Rob Ford works to fight off city councillors who want him to take a leave of absence, another powerful interest has joined the siege on the mayor: Santa Claus.

In a letter to Ford’s chief of staff dated November 12, Ron D. Barbaro, co-chair of Toronto’s annual Santa Claus Parade, asks the mayor not to join this year’s procession, in order to “avoid this distraction and put the focus back on Santa and Mrs. Claus.”

The letter acknowledges that the mayor “has every right” to march in the parade, and it’s phrased as a request, not a demand. Even so, Barbaro notes that the letter represents the “official position” of the parade’s board.

Ford has made some gleeful appearances at the parade in previous years (see the photo, above), but we guess getting entangled in an ever-deepening drug scandal pretty much guarantees you a spot on the naughty list, no matter the circumstances.

The full text of the letter is embedded below.


  • dsmithhfx
    • CaligulaJones

      Don’t say Rob Ford doesn’t bring people together: I’m agreeing with Warren Kinsella…I feel like taking a hot shower right about now.

  • Graeme

    I picture Rob Ford, wearing his Don Bosco football jacket and a Santa hat, sitting in his basement in his underwear, drinking cheap vodka straight from the bottle, eating candy canes, and sobbing forlornly as he watches the parade on TV. I don’t care if it makes me a bad person, that image brings a smile to my face.

  • TacoGurrero

    Nothing is more important than Rob Ford’s political career: not Toronto, not his health, not his family, not the children, not the Santa Claus parade. If he thinks he needs to walk in the Santa Claus parade for political reasons he’ll turn the Santa Claus parade into a circus. Children be damned.

  • DuddyKravitz

    A hooker in the mayors office? Oxy? Bottles in his office? Next up, Harvey keitel as The Bad Mayor.

    • vampchick21

      Fat suit on Billy Bob Thorton. That’s a better casting.

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    It must be difficult being the most despised person in Toronto.

    • dsmithhfx

      He’s addicted to attention as much as anything else.

  • NoBigGovDuh

    But think of the headlines a picture of him throwing snow around would bring!