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Next Stop, Scarborough

The current controversy over subways is nothing new for Scarborough. Area residents and politicians have been debating public transit for more than half a century.


If keeping track of the latest developments in the debate over public transit in Scarborough is making your head spin, we understand. The constant reversals (first light rail, then subways, then light rail again, then different subways) may be dizzying, but they’re nothing new. Arguments over how to provide service to residents east of Victoria Park Avenue have raged for years.

Since the TTC assumed responsibility for public transit in Scarborough during the mid-1950s, area politicians and residents have complained about not receiving the level of transit service they feel entitled to. Some complaints have been justified, while others have been characterized by divisiveness, fear, pandering, and hot air.

Step inside our image gallery for a ride through Scarborough’s often-controversial transit history.

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