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Truck Driver in Fatal TTC Bus Crash Faces Seven Charges

Vincente Bacobe Arbis is charged with criminal negligence causing death.

The Toronto Police Service says 40-year-old Vincente Bacobe Arbis, the alleged driver of a cube truck that collided with a TTC bus on Tuesday, now faces seven charges as a result of the crash, including one count of criminal negligence causing death.

The crash, which happened near Steeles Avenue East and Middlefield Road, killed Manoranjana Kanagasabapathy, a 52-year-old grandmother. She was, according to the Star, on her way to work. 12 other people sustained injuries, including the driver of the bus. His injuries were minor, but he was “traumatized,” according to TTC CEO Andy Byford.

Several news outlets have published interviews with eyewitnesses who say that they believe the driver of the cube truck was on his cell phone at the time of the accident. It’s believed that the bus was stopped, and that the truck veered onto the wrong side of Steeles Avenue and hopped a curb before the collision happened.


  • HotDang

    When writing about criminal charges, journalists all try to throw as many allegeds and allegedlys in as possible. It’s a game they play.

    • dsmithhfx

      It’s a legal thing, with serious financial consequences for getting it wrong.

      • tomwest

        Which is silly – a legitimate defense against libel is to point out that you believed the information to be true (based on reliable sources,etc.)

        • Joe Clark

          No, belief that a statement is true is not in itself a defence.

          Briefly, actual truth is; so is publishing something after attempting to get a comment from the parties involved; and so is opinion. But “I thought it was true at the time” is not actually a defence against defamation.

  • Mike Newman

    When there’s a real penalty for talking on the phone while driving. $155 fine with no demerit points. If it’s as dangerous as drunk driving then it should be treated like drunk driving.