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Newsstand: August 23, 2013

This is the last weekend before Labour Day. Yes, we also cannot believe it. In the news: reports say Sammy Yatim was hit by eight shots, the digital divide will shrink for some TCHC residents, the government is ready to act on teens and tanning, and we've got another estimate on the cost of raising a kid in Canada.

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The Toronto Star reported that eight of the nine shots heard in a video shot the night Sammy Yatim died on a TTC streetcar in late July hit him, news that The Globe and Mail reported as being “distressing” to his family. “(Mr. Yatim’s relatives) are upset and most distressed by this news as none of this information had been previously disclosed to the family and they are unclear about how this information has come to light, or if there is any truth to it,” Yatim’s family said in a statement. The coroner’s office and the Special Investigations Unit, which is now investigating the officer’s conduct in this matter, both refused comment yesterday.

Qualified Toronto Community Housing Residents will have access to low-cost internet through a corporate-funded initiative that launched yesterday. Connected For Success is a joint effort of Rogers, Microsoft, Compugen, and the TCHC, and will provide access to 30 GB of broadband internet for $9.99 a month, as well as subsidized computers for $150. The project is aimed at reducing the digital divide that exists among urban residents, Rogers’ communications president told The Toronto Star. “Twenty per cent of the population of Toronto Community Housing has access to Internet and computers,” Rob Bruce said, “whereas the rest of Toronto would be more like 80 per cent.”

The provincial Liberal government is moving forward with a ban on the use of tanning beds by Ontarians under the age of 18. Health Minister Deb Matthews and House Leader John Milloy issued a statement yesterday saying that Bill 30 would be a priority when the house resumes on September 9, and the ban on teens tanning should be passed into law by the end of next month. The bill is supported by all three major provincial parties.

The Fraser Institute, a conservative think tank, released a report yesterday saying that the annual cost of raising a child in Canada is actually as low as $3000 to $4500, and that “substantial” government benefits “partially or completely offset the cost of raising a child.” Torontonians who pay for daycare in the city read the number, and then laughed and laughed until they cried.


  • glenn_storey

    the fraser institute lies and lies. also, they can chew me.

  • andrew97

    The only way a kid can cost $3000-4500 a year is if you assume one parent stays home, and you value the opportunity cost of staying out of the workforce at zero. Hey Fraser Institute, you know what would happen if everybody did that? It would collapse our economy back to the stone age. Amazing that nobody on the right gets that a national day care strategy is an economic issue.

    • glenn_storey

      that’s because they’re very, very bad at math.

    • vampchick21

      Apparently previous studies had an upper-middle class bias and shut out lower income and immigrant families. Sure, you can raise a child on $3000-4500 a year, if that child does not get involved in any activities, doesn’t play video games, wears nothing but hand me down clothes from older siblings and cousins and eats whatever they sell in the grocery department at Walmart – provided it’s not the fresh stuff. The minute your kid want to take say, a dance class, wants the jeans that all the other kids are wearing, would like to play a video game and wants to bite into an apple, you’re screwed according to Fraser Insitiute.


      “These cost estimates exclude any savings strategies such as home
      gardens, sewing and knitting clothing, couponing and taking advantage of
      sales, own repair and maintenance work in the home, etc.

  • OgtheDim

    Meh…the Frasier Institute is something best left ignored.

    The issue I have is with people who complain about the Frasier study by saying reality is “My kids dance camp last week cost $4000 alone”. (That was the Globe)

    A week at a kids camp costing 2.5 months of a minimum wage salary is way more obscene then any loopy Frasier institute bafflegab.

  • Suicide Boi

    I wonder how Mr. Yatim’s family feels about him hijacking the streetcar in the first place.

    • HotDang

      You’re dumb.

      No one has ever said what he did to get the police there was defensible. He broke several laws and deserved to be arrested.

      He was 15-20 feet from the police officers and in an enclosed space; he wasn’t going to hurt them with his knife from in there. The police officer who shot him had no more reason to shoot him at that point than he would have to shoot a shoplifter or a jaywalker.

      • OgtheDim

        Careful with the hyperbole there, eh.

        That knife thing is a bit more serious then a jaywalker.

        Does not justify the cops actions, as cops talk down people like this all the time.

        But lets not be facetious. Faced with a knife, its not the same as a jawalker.

        • dsmithhfx

          Plus, don’t give ‘em any ideas.

        • HotDang

          Sure it’s more serious, but it’s not so serious that it’s in the realm of shooting being a valid recourse.

  • Punned_It

    The low cost internet for TCHC is the best news in here. Access to the internet is virtually essential for job hunting, education, kid’s projects and it could make a big difference in people’s lives. Of course there will also be other uses too, but still, a big step in the right direction.