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Here’s What It’s Like to Ride the CNE’s Giant Zip Line

A video of the view from the CNE's zip line.

One of the big attractions at this year’s Canadian National Exhibition is an 1,100-foot zip line that runs between BMO Field and the Direct Energy Centre. Each rider signs a waiver full of scary reminders that by doing this thing they’re essentially mocking death, then ascends many flights of stairs to the top of a 126-foot tower of scaffolding, where they’re outfitted with a helmet and a harness, connected to a steel cable, and encouraged to lean back and let gravity carry them to the opposite side of the fairgrounds.

It’s supposed to be a thrilling experience, but then again, it’s also $30—and that’s after the price of admission to the Ex. Torontoist photographer Corbin Smith rode the zip line with a camera strapped to himself, and so now we have the next best thing: a video of what it’s like, which you can watch free of charge. The whole ride took about 35 seconds.

“I wish such a thing existed to get to the Toronto Islands and back,” Smith told us afterward. “That would be the best.”

CORRECTION: August 20, 2013, 4:40 PM This post originally said Corbin Smith’s camera was strapped to his head. In fact, it was attached to his body.


  • scottld

    funny the video made it look boring. in real life it must be better.

    • Brian Young

      I’m sure if we were up there with nothing below us but empty space, hanging in a harness and flying through the air at, say, 35 or 40 mph (average speed is about 25 mph), it would be pretty damn exciting. Maybe not 30 bucks worth of excitement, but still one hell of a ride! So thanks to Torontoist for showing us a good time for free!

  • Chris gallow

    Way over priced like everything at the CNE! We stopped going due to the high prices for low quality entertainment.