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Extra, Extra: Neighbourhood Rankings, Rob Ford Editorials, and Prefab Buildings

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

Neighbourhoods: some of them are not as good as others  Photo by ikonta, from the Tornontoist Flickr Pool

Neighbourhoods: some of them are not as good as others. Photo by ikonta, from the Tornontoist Flickr Pool.

  • Toronto Life (which is owned by Torontoist‘s parent company, St. Joseph Media) has taken it upon itself to rank every neighbourhood in Toronto. The whole exercise is already riling up online commenters, as it was, no doubt, meant to do.
  • Thanks, Calgary Herald editorial board, for your worthless take on the topic of Mayor Rob Ford’s behaviour.
  • Sure, some of Toronto’s condo towers aren’t particularly attractive, but at least they aren’t prefab. At least, not yet. [Via BuzzBuzzHome]

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  • OgtheDim

    Transit #126

    The home of Bessarion Station and Bayview Station.

    And two bus routes going through it.

    Oh, and this little tidbit

    “A team of researchers at U of T’s Martin Prosperity Institute think
    tank—who have an abiding interest in the growth of cities—helped crunch
    the data, pulling from a wealth of sources, including Statistics Canada,
    the city’s exhaustive statistical research, the Toronto Police Service,
    the Centre for Research on Inner City Health and the Fraser Institute.”

  • Torontopoly

    I find it laughable that Toronto Life gave the Annex a 31 for entertainment. What Annex have they been to?

    • HotDang

      Annex sucks, bro.

  • Sue Edworthy

    Dear Calgary Herald – YOU take him. Happy to trade.

    • dsmithhfx

      Calgary had the sense to elect a very different sort of mayor.

    • iSkyscraper

      The Herald has been on a weird pro-Ford bent ever since he was elected. Whenever a Ford scandal popped up, a Herald editorial or columnist would rush to defend him, ignoring facts and substance when convenient and playing the victim card. It’s really odd. The paper endorsed another candidate during the Calgary mayoral campaign in 2010, so maybe being blindly pro-Ford is their way of getting back at Nenshi.

      From their distant perch, they only see what they want to see, but seriously, the “He was democratically elected” line? What, are latte-sipping, shower-taking cyclists about to stage an Egyptian-style coup? No one has ever denied that Ford was elected fair and square; they’ve just pointed out that he has been incompetent, underskilled, inattentive, stubborn, embarrassing, lazy and stupid while on the job. And probably drunk.

  • terrykb

    That neighbourhood ranking is a real eye-opener. I never knew that Riverside and Leslieville (“South Riverdale” to them) was the most crime-infested area of the city – the most dangerous conceivable, in fact, with 0/100 points! Or that the Agincourt and Malvern areas were the best for shopping (take that Queen West!). Obviously not everyone will agree when it comes to lists, but there are some huge and glaringly obvious problems with the methodology here, no wonder they chose not to disclose it, or even define the categories, what the fuck does “Community Engagement” mean anyway.

    • Suicide Boi

      Guildwood (in Scarborough) is just as entertaining as the Annex?

      I suspect the whole thing is an elaborate troll.

      • dsmithhfx

        I’m guessing Toronto Life’s target audience is upwardly-mobile-aspirational (kids, this is not a reference to wireless communications devices), among which Guildwood achieves higher-than-average representation. Hence…

  • Astin44

    There’s clearly some errors in the rankings. Has to be. If not something glaring like mixing up “schools” with “health & environment” or giving inverse numbers (5 instead of 95), then in the methodology.

    What constitutes “Transit”? Just TTC? GO? Car accessibility? Parking? Bike lanes? How is Playter Estates lower ranked than the Islands in that metric? How does University rank a 1 in schools but Kensington-Chinatown is in the 90s? What are the criteria?

    It’s so terribly built and presented that it’s meaningless.

  • Functionalist

    The ranking isn’t going to have any effect on how people perceive the city’s neighbourhoods.