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Duly Quoted: Jaye Robinson and Doug Ford

Some opposing reactions to Mayor Rob Ford's apparent drunkenness at Taste of the Danforth.

After an apparently drunk Mayor Rob Ford was recorded slurring his words on Friday at Taste of the Danforth (and particularly after those recordings wound up on YouTube), there was no doubt that the incident would reopen discussion of Ford’s alleged problems with substance abuse. Here are some quotes that sum up the range of reactions, so far, at City Hall.

First, here’s Councillor Jaye Robinson (Ward 25, Don Valley West), speaking on today’s edition of CBC’s Metro Morning. She said the mayor’s behaviour reflected poorly on the city and that he should have known to conduct himself more professionally. Or, as she put it:

“When you’re in official capacity like that, there’s protocols that are followed. You attend the event to help, really, boost the event. To maybe speak at the event and shake hands with the attendees.”

Robinson is calling on the mayor to take a leave of absence.

Meanwhile, here’s Rob’s brother Councillor Doug Ford (Ward 2, Etobicoke North) speaking on the Fords’ Sunday radio show on Newstalk 1010:

“I’ll tell ya, you know something, folks? I went down there with Rob, I got there about an hour later, and, I dunno, he seemed all right. Maybe he had one or two beers. But that’s the thing…Rob’s the average guy. If some people like it or some people don’t like it, Rob and I are average guys. We go down to a festival, we have a couple beers. You’ve got everyone on you.”

Okay, so Rob Ford doesn’t need to follow protocol because he’s just a regular guy. And regular guys have a few beers every now and then. Okay.

But here’s Doug Ford during an interview with Newstalk 1010′s Jerry Agar back in March, shortly after the Star published its first investigation into the mayor’s troubled relationship with alcohol.

“When I’m out at an event…I’ve never seen Rob drink. At family functions, I’ve never seen Rob drink.”

So, five months ago Rob Ford was a teetotaler, and now he’s a regular guy who likes to have a couple beers. That’s quite a change.


  • leslieville

    It’s interesting that there were not any pictures of him ‘having a couple of beers’, just the messy after-effect of them.

    Also, he was parked significantly east of where Tase of the Danforth was and why did he drink when he drove there alone? Was he planning on taking a taxi home, as well as taking one back the next day to pick up his SUV?

    This is all too confusing and messy to accept any excuse he decides to make up.

    • Moonmoth

      That’s because he shotgunned them in his car before he got out.

      • KRoberts

        Just like a regular guy

        • simonyyz

          Can you blame him – TOTD is a friggin zoo. The lineups!

          • Punned_It

            True enough – I stopped going years ago. But all the more reason to stay reasonably sober. Remember he got a drink thrown at him at the Taste of Italy? He had security with him that time, but it still happened. Who knows what could happen when he’s out there alone and not in great shape.

      • OgtheDim

        He shotgunned meat on a stick in his car?

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    Uhhhhhhhh, no. He’s not the average guy. He’s the Mayor. That’s why he doesn’t get to show up plastered at public events. That’s why people are saying he should go into rehab. Why aren’t you telling your brother that Doug?

  • Rock_dawg

    I love this city, but sometimes I wish I lived elsewhere so I could just be amused by these ass-clowns and their b.s. instead of embarrased by them.

  • johndot

    I doubt Drunk Rob Ford would be any less effectual than Not-Drunk Rob Ford.

  • Moonmoth

    What disgusts me most NOW is not this stupid, stupid man in a position he’s not intellectually equipped to undertake – representing Torontonians badly on the world stage, but his toadies on council (Holyday, Kelly, Minan-Wong, Scheiner, Grimes, DoFo etc) and the TORONTO POLICE who are now his round-the-clock personal babysitting service and enablers. Whole scenario is sickening. Embarrassing. Idiotic. If he was mayor of Oshawa I’d maybe understand. But this ? Never. When will Torontonians wake up and show this unbelievably ridiculous man the door?????

    • OgtheDim

      The shwa knows better.

      Don’t diss the shwa.

      • Moonmoth

        Okay ( I drove through Oshawa yesterday and it struck me as a place Ford would feel comfortable in…..) yeah I hear you. I agree, Oshawa definitely knows better than Toronto – they didn’t elect Rob Ford and Toronto did! My bad. Every place in the whole world knows better than Toronto in that case. We elected this ass clown. He is a reflection of us. He clearly doesn’t get that and if he does, he cares not a whit.

  • Squint

    Couple of beers?? I would need way more then just a couple to be that sloppy drunk.

    • HotDang

      El Internet says it would take someone of Rob Ford’s stature 7 drinks to be over the legal limit, but in the videos he seems to be worse off than that. I suspect he drank somewhere between ten and forty beers.

      • Punned_It

        Ah, a metric 6 pack, as calculated by the other famous brothers Doug and Bob McKenzie. Double it and add 30 = 42 beers.

    • Peter

      But have you ever had a couple beers after smoking a fat rock of crack?

      • Squint


  • OgtheDim

    Mayors are not here for entertainment value.

    Mel got stuff done. Worked with everybody on council. And was not drunk in public. And he also read the freaking manual.

    Has Rob succeeded at any of that yet?

  • dsmithhfx

    It seems the TPS have ample tolerance for drunk driving depending on who’s doing it.

  • Nick

    Good thing we have average guys running our city!

  • vampchick21

    What I want is a mayor who knows how to do the damn job. This one clearly does not, accusations of drinking and drugs aside.

  • Punned_It

    So, binge drinking, and stumbling around in public, not to mention driving in that condition, makes you a “regular guy”? In Britain they call this kind of regular guy a “lager lout”.

    The truly sad thing about this whole mess is Rob’s family, staff and Ford Nation. They are all enablers. As long as he gets away with this stuff, he’ll keep doing it and getting worse, until he really hits bottom.

    At the rate he’s going we may not get the chance to vote him out. He could have a serious medical emergency and be in a hospital, or morgue. If he has a car accident while reading at the wheel, talking on his cell phone, or drunk, he could also injure or kill someone. What will Ford Nation say then – “hey, he’s a regular guy – we all make mistakes”?

  • dsmithhfx

    We’ll see. There has to be a tipping point, and my guess is RF is right on the edge. He’s acting like someone who’s got nothing to lose. Politically a dead man walking. Maybe that is how police possession of the crack video is going to play out before the election.

    • Moonmoth

      Call me a conspiracy theorist – but now the Star has a paywall – does that mean we can expect an imminent release of a certain homophobic slur-filled crack smoking video starring Rob Ford??? For which everyone will pay to see on the Star website?? I hope so, I’d definitely pay to see it. (and so would the 10,000 others who already paid the gawker crackstarter)

  • pretzelz

    Does Rob Ford being drunk really matter?

    If keeping our taxes low is the only thing that a mayor is to be judged on, Rob Ford is doing excellent (at least to his supporters.)

    But don’t worry anti-fordists.

    If we’ve learned anything, its only a matter of time before the next controversy comes up. Will it be Rob Ford and finding a new high school to coach at? Rob Ford going to the Etobicoke Jail to talk to an ‘old friend’ – see G&M on this one. Will it be Rob Ford doesn’t raise a penny from the federal government / private sector, jeopardizing an extended Bloor Subway line? So many other story lines to follow, and don’t forget, there is only 15 more months until the next election… so expect a lot of posturing by other councilors leading up to the election.

  • pretzelz

    At least Mel Lastman could win funding from both the provincial and federal levels of government… and Mel Lastman would show up to all the events he could… big or small… even the gay one. Finally, Mel Lastman also had a show on cable where he’s talk about the city’s services (did it for over 20 years) and it wasn’t so polarized like it on Ford’s radio show.

    To compare Lastman to Ford is an insult to Mel.