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Vandalist: Quality Advice

And an adorable messenger, to boot.

clean underwear

BY: Unknown
LOCATION: Bathurst and Dundas Streets
PHOTO BY: George Welcher
FIELD NOTES: Who knew graffiti could be so full of good sense? It seems like every few weeks we find advice worthy of being featured in Vandalist. This one is much more practical than the other pieces we’ve shown. Like, maybe the parents of a young man who just left the nest are worried he’ll forget this important life tip, so they took it upon themselves to spray it in the alley behind his new apartment. It’s a much cooler and more effective way of giving advice than the constant reminders (nagging, as some might say) we were accustomed to when we first flew the coop. This is such a sweet angle. From now on, we’re going to assume any graffiti advice we see is from someone’s parents.

Once a week, Vandalist features some of the most interesting street art and graffiti from around Toronto. Find something great? Email