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Duly Quoted: Kathleen Wynne

For the first time ever, Ontario's premier will march in the Toronto Pride parade.

“Unfortunately we still need a Pride celebration because homophobia is alive and well, not just here in some places in Ontario, but in many parts of the world where you can still be imprisoned or beaten for being gay, lesbian, or trans.”

—Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on this week’s Pride celebrations. Wynne confirmed over the weekend that she will be marching in Sunday’s Pride parade—the first Ontario premier to do so. Wynne, who didn’t realize she’d be setting a precedent until a reporter pointed it out to her, is the province’s first openly gay premier.


  • KRoberts


  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Our city elected a homophobe and transphobe for mayor, so we’re far from the day when Pride and similar awareness is unnecessary.

    • Jeff

      So with your logic Dalton was a homophobe and transphobe as well.

      • tyrannosaurus_rek

        Is McGuinty on record saying homophobic or transphobic things? Because Ford is.

        • jeff

          Both men have their issues. You clearly have yours.

          • raindogxx

            Pigeon–why you’re not writing comedy is a mystery to me.

  • Scrimbro

    And yet another example of how our premier outclasses our mayor and his idiot brother at every turn. Wonder if he’ll be a live remote from his cottage for next Sunday’s show?

    • Julian

      Cannot improve on this sentiment so,…..ditto.