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Globe Investigates Ford Family History With Drugs, Toronto Makes Jokes

A roundup of reaction to the Globe and Mail's article exploring Doug and Randy Fords' alleged history of dealing hash.

Image courtesy of Marc Lostracco

Image created by former Torontoist editor Marc Lostracco.

It’s been an open secret at City Hall for well over a year that the Globe and Mail had researched, written, and then spiked a major story on the Ford family’s alleged history with drug dealing—a story that focuses primarily on Mayor Rob Ford’s two older brothers, Doug (councillor for Ward 2, Etobicoke) and Randy (who has stayed entirely out of the public eye). This morning, in the wake of last week’s allegations about Rob’s crack-smoking, the Globe finally decided to publish its piece.

Word started leaking out a few days ago that the story might be coming; by Friday night anticipation was at a fever pitch: the Globe started trending on Twitter even before the story came out. When it did many immediately said it fell flat, a decades’-old tale that didn’t have much to do with the mayor himself, and didn’t involve anything extraordinarily bad.

The story is far better understood as portraiture than exposé: it provides some detailed insight into the household Ford grew up in, more than anything else. It is also, of course, fodder for jokes. Doug Ford, meanwhile, has sworn at least one journalist—Sean O’Shea of Global News—this morning, and is also denying the allegations.

A sampling of the reaction to the Globe‘s story:


  • Mr universe

    BREAKING: Doug Ford tells Global News “You’re lower than a bunch of f****** politicians. Makes me sick.”

    Lower than crack smoking politicians?

    Doug, please clarify your statement.

    • walrusaurus

      The Fords’ superpower is their near-total lack of self-awareness.

    • istoronto

      What does that make Doug? Doug the politican that has his own talk radio (media) show. Lowest of the low? Rob is right down there with him.

  • XXX

    in the 1980s? That’s about as relevant today as the Bangles…

    • Brent

      Must… resist… temptation… to make Manic Monday joke…

    • RealityHertz

      You know what they say about past behaviour ..It’s never irrelevant.

      • XXX

        Sure, I’ll take the light. Unlike the socialist thugs that comment around these parts I’m not a self loathing dissembler.

        • dsmithhfx

          Have a nice cup of tea.

          • DGM

            I’m a Socialised Thug
            And I’m here to say
            That tax-funded health care
            Is A-OK (a-huh-huh-huh!)

      • andrew97

        Doug Ford being a small-time dealer 30 years ago is as relevant as Jack Layton visiting a rub-and-tug joint 20 years ago. (They’re both irrelevant, EXCEPT THAT Jack didn’t then go on record defending his brother from rub-and-tug allegations.)

        • dsmithhfx

          Doug made it relevant, and according to the account he was somewhat more than a “small-time dealer”.

  • quidnunc

    Enuf mudslinging, let’s get back to serious politics.
    Ford Nation needs an Agenda. How about a Dedicated Crack Tax to fund subway expansion and bike lanes?
    Who could object? Oh, I forgot about crack users and drug dealers – too much red tape.

    • dsmithhfx

      No new taxes! A crack pipe in every finished basement!

      • quidnunc

        I expect the Brothers Grim to provide a full and fair commentary tmo on Buffoon Radio with the family lawyer as their special guest, or maybe Mr Mammoliti.

        Us underprivileged folk need someone to represent our interests @ city hall.

    • Grapes

      Ford Nation must stop the war on crack

      • dsmithhfx

        If people would just use crack instead of gravy, they would be every bit as responsible, focused and coherent as Rob.

  • mickey__mouseolini

    A&E launches new summer series, based in Toronto.

    Watch and laugh, as a family of clean-shaven buffoons present their unique family values…..forged as they grew up working the ‘family business’.

    Were these Ford dealers selling cars? Heck no.

    Drug Dynasty…..

    Watch for it on A&E.

  • Walter Lis

    Meanwhile, inside the Sun newspaper building, the sound of crickets are the only sounds being heard…

  • VictorianShuter

    Well, the Fords have always been advocates of free enterprise.

  • istoronto

    The Ford’s are so deep into their lies, that its become their truth. Just heard Doug say that Rob is responsible for all of TO’s hotel rooms being full and that he, himself, is responsible for the Star laying off employees. So much for all of the jobs he and Rob have created.

    • quidnunc

      Come Pride the hotels will be fuller and the Fords have created jobs for pollsters judging by how often my dinner gets interrupted.

  • quidnunc

    My partner says, the picture looks like an East End London mob going to a funeral

  • ZachSwan

    I can’t believe you’re giving attention to all these losers who are frothing at the mouth to offer their lame attempts at witty slams against our mayor and his family. Is there not enough of a real story out there? Is there no common decency left in this world? I wouldn’t even wish these sorts of attacks on David Miller. You people are all sick and represent all that is wrong about Social Media. or Anti Social Media as in this case.