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Consensus: Rob Ford’s Remarks Don’t Bring This to a Close

Councillors' initial reaction is that the mayor's remarks today don't put recent crack-smoking allegations to rest.

rob ford crack allegations

Earlier today Rob Ford broke eight days of silence regarding allegations that he’d been captured on video smoking what appears to be crack cocaine, convening a press conference to address the matter. He read from a prepared statement and took no questions, and as soon as he was done councillors from across the political spectrum began commenting. Their consensus: this isn’t over.

A round-up of some initial reactions from councillors and political observers:

“I think the mayor at this point should simply resign.”

Glenn de Baeremaeker (Ward 38, Scarborough Centre)

“I don’t know what to believe.”

Josh Colle (Ward 15, Eglinton-Lawrence)

“I don’t think this is over.”

Jaye Robinson (Ward 25, Don Valley West)

“Obviously this is not done. This is not going to go away today with this statement.”

—Peter Milczyn (Ward 5, Etobicoke-Lakeshore)

“It was very open, it was very transparent… [But] is this over? Of course it isn’t.”

—Gary Crawford (Ward 36, Scarborough Southwest)

“Once I’ve completed writing this I will honestly be able to say that I am not writing this.”

Josh Matlow (Ward 22, St. Paul’s)

“I believe him… [But] I think there’s still more to come on this.”

—Doug Holyday (Ward 3, Etobicoke)

“Since we know that Rob Ford used to smoke crack cocaine, and in fact most certainly did smoke crack cocaine at some point within the last six months, we can only interpret his statement claiming not to currently smoke crack cocaine as an announcement that he has decided to kick the habit.”

John Cook, Gawker editor

“You know what helps keep people from diagramming your sentences? Taking questions and answering them.”

—Ed Keenan, City Hall columnist for the Grid

“Another q for Mayor Rob Ford: What is the story behind the photo of you with a man alleged to be Anthony Smith, later shot outside a club?

Matt Galloway, CBC Metro Morning

“Mayor Ford: I Did Not Have Smoking Relations with That Crack Pipe”

The Atlantic


  • http://www.MysteryHistory.TV/ Julius James III

    School kids are killing themselves over bullying and we ask ourselves why.

    This is the world we live in, forget Fords policies and ideas are actually pretty good, its easier to hate someone based on whatever emotion controls a person in the moment.

    People voted into the municipal council just hate him and unfortunately vote against his ideas continually just to keep hating on the guy. Democracy is a joke in this socialist nightmare called Canada.

    • dsmithhfx

      Seek help.

      • http://www.MysteryHistory.TV/ Julius James III

        Seek help.

        • HotDang

          No, you do it.

    • Lee Zamparo

      “This is the world we live in, forget Fords policies and ideas are
      actually pretty good, its easier to hate someone based on whatever
      emotion controls a person in the moment.”

      I disagree with all of that. His policies and ideas, of what few he puts forward as council motions, are hastily conceived and never fully developed as policy. This is largely due to his almost total aversion to collaborating with other councillors. Not only does this guy have no skills for governing effectively in collaboration, *which is the municipal system of government in Toronto, and has been for the 10 years he has been in council*, but he has zero leadership skills. Perhaps this sounds harsh, but those are the facts, and now we are stuck with a mayor that is not only unable to do his job, but is a major source of embarrassment to the city.

      I agree that the last municipal mayoral election was a terrible joke, but not in the same sense you claim.

      • http://www.MysteryHistory.TV/ Julius James III

        Nice facts.

        Here’s some real ones. Rob Ford won the vote with 47% and his popularity in the polls has remained around a constant 40%.

        He has done exactly what he campaigned on, not accomplishing everything but actually doing a lot.

        If you are concerned about taxes and governments wasteful spending, Rob Ford is the man to vote for.

        Quick Fact Check of Rob Fords accomplishments:

        1)Balanced Torontos budget for the first time in a long time

        2)Made succesful agreements with unions and cutting off over 1,000 city employees who were pretty much being paid thousands to sit around. Savings = Over $100 million annually

        3)Privatized garbage collection saving the city over $12 million a year, this is one district that it was privatized and it passed council 26-16.

        4)Eliminated the idea of a plastic bag ban.

        5)Fired the corrupt TCHC

        6)Hired & Promoted Andy Byford

        7)Made property taxes less than the rate of inflation

        8)More accessible than any other council or city staff, you can call him on his cell right now if you have a problem and he will listen

        9)Eliminated the person vehicle tax saving $60 million a year

        10)Reduced the mayor office budget by $700,000 and councils by nearly a million (funds used by council for partying and limo rides)

        11)Made EMS an essential service

        Hes far from perfect, has made really ridiculous statements and looks like a fat ogre who crawled out from under a bridge.

        But the man is the best at helping tax payers and balancing the budget. I could list more facts but based on the stream of negativity received in the comments thus far I see no point in continuing them.

        He was elected mayor, and the tax payers continue to support him. Torontonians were tired of being taxed to death and he has actual respect for the tax payers, hence he won the last election.

        • Testu

          Quick Fact Check

          1) False, absolutely, unequivocally, false.

          Literally every budged passed by the City of Toronto cannot carry a year-to-year operating deficit.

          Oddly enough Ford actually did offer up an unbalanced budget last year:

          Almost every other thing listed has actually cost the city revenue. This means we have less money to pay for running the city, year to year.

          • http://www.MysteryHistory.TV/ Julius James III

            1) True.

            Previous budgets used past surpluses to balance the budget as where the Ford administration balanced it like a business, without using previous years surplus and cutting and saving instead of spending and taxing. Past mayors have literally been saved at the 11th hour due to a miscalculation in parking fines and inventing new taxes. This madness has to stop and Ford did just that exactly like he said he would. In fact the last budget even created a surplus.

            7 & 9) No kidding it costs the city revenue – revenue that was almost illegally (vehicle taxation is done provincially), but it was revenue that was gained because of previous administration of tax and spend, where as the Ford administration its cut and save and maintain service as much as possible. Someone has to be made accountable for this tax and spend and Ford is trying to actually stop this, Torontonians are fed up with it, suburbs or downtown, we are taxed to an insane degree and get almost nothing but hog wash at city hall. He was voted in for a reason. He is the man to stop the madness that has been going on.

            8) Again, more bullying, bully the mayor because hes accessible to his constituents, try calling one of your councilors, you will be getting voicemail and no call back, I have tried. Thanks for proving my bullying point, cant even give the guy a bit of praise where praise is due.

          • Testu

            This isn’t bullying, this is discussion. You can leave the victim complex out of it.

            I’ll give the man credit where it’s due. I mentioned those three specific items from your list because the first as you had stated it was flagrantly false, the second two have and will continue to hurt the city’s ability to provide the services its citizens (taxpayers) expect. And the third item is not the mayors job, just like coaching football is (was) not the mayor’s job. You can argue how much you prefer that the mayor call you back personally when you have an issue with city services all you want and it still won’t make it an efficient or effective use of his time. He is the leader of the city’s government, answering individual phone calls about pot holes and yard waste pickup does not get the Gardener rebuilt or his subway “plan” implemented.

          • Conservative Astroturf Brigade

            Actually, Ford used reserves to balance the budget, and those are indeed remnants of surpluses past. Perhaps it’s not the unused contingencies you’re referring to, but it’s not much better.

          • John James

            Bullying…? LOL
            That’s all you Ford Nation people can come up with isn’t it?

        • DGM

          More Rob Ford facts:

          1) unilaterally canceled a funded, planned-out and approved light-rail project on the first day of office;

          2) held improvised “Inauguration Day” ceremony including guest speaker Don Cherry, who made a rambling, embarrassing speech about “left-wing kooks”;

          3) proposed expansion of the Sheppard subway line using private funding which never happened (the funding nor the expansion), and buried a report from the Toronto Transit Commission that concluded that expanding the Sheppard line was not economical and did not have ridership potential to justify its expansion;

          4) proclaimed “no service cuts – guaranteed” and then allowed TTC service to be cut, resulting in overcrowded buses and streetcars across Toronto;

          5) repeatedly refused to attend Toronto’s Gay Pride celebrations citing an annual “tradition” of family time at the cottage, raising charges of homophobia in the city’s top office;

          6) fired TTC chief general manager Gary Webster after thirty-five years of service, at a cost of half a million dollars in severance, in a motion describing termination “without just cause,” two weeks after Mr. Webster openly refused to support Ford’s proposal to expand the Sheppard subway line;

          7) diverted TTC buses from a busy bus route at rush hour to pick up players on the football team he coached;

          8) engaged in a six month legal battle to prohibit an audit of his 2010 mayoral campaign finances, which resulted in proving that Ford overspent his legally mandated campaign spending limit;

          9) actively sought the removal of both the city’s integrity commissioner (Janet Leiper) and its ombudsman (Fiona Crean), both of whom ruled that both Rob Ford and his brother Doug breached Toronto’s code of conduct on multiple occasions, including the on-air ridiculing of Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David McKeown, after McKeown recommended the lowering of speed limits to save lives.

          10) violated Toronto’s political code of conduct by using his office letterhead to solicit donations from lobbyists and corporations for his private charitable organization, the Rob Ford Football Foundation, and then compounded the violation by voting on the motion despite being warned that it was against procedure, resulting in a lengthy legal dispute that nearly cost him his job as Mayor;

          11) spent an increasing amount of time away from city hall for personal business including coaching a high school football team, leaving city council without an active manager and allowing council meetings to descend into unproductive chaos (such as the recent meeting to discuss provincial options for funding transit that ended up in a shouting match over putting subway lines in various councilors’ home districts);

          12) championed the construction of a downtown casino despite opposition from over 70% of Toronto residents;

          13) waited a full week to answer charges of smoking crack cocaine and making racist and homophobic statements in a cellphone video viewed by three journalists, despite pleas from city councilors and a media frenzy around the world, only to make a two minute statement that he did not smoke crack and that he had not seen the video, and then left immediately without answering a single question from reporters.

          Ford indeed was elected by a majority of voters in Toronto, but that does not change the fact that he is a terrible mayor who has burned through much of his political clout. Being mayor is more than returning phone calls and refusing any proposal that involves taxes. Toronto needs respect for citizens, not “taxpayers”, and deserves a whole lot better than what Ford has given.

          • http://www.MysteryHistory.TV/ Julius James III

            1)Campaigned on Subways, Light Rail is ridiculous for Canadas weather. LRT is still being built right now, its not a dead project, but it is ridiculous. “Ok I am at the subway part, time to get off the LRT and wait for the Subway” everyday x 365 days of the year…LRT just means upgraded Railcar, which are already terrible and dont work in the winter. How many times a day do you see them trying to unstick them with a 12 foot crowbar.

            2)Personal Attack from you on his inaug day, meaningless, you may not agree with Don Cherry, others do, so what.

            3)They said the same thing when subways were being built 50′s. Campaigned on Subways, people voted him in on this point.

            4)Proclaimed no ‘major service cuts’, tax and spend is ridiculous the more you give the more they take, cant keep getting less for more. Promise kept.

            5)I refuse to attend it as well, am I a homophobe? Have you been to one of these parades? I went to one and it was enough. Might as well call it holiday to walk around with your cock out, its become ridiculous and gross. Be gay all you want, I dont need to see every gay persons anatomy.

            6)Good, he needs people to be on board for subways. LRT run alongside regular traffic like current railcars, waste of space in a growing megametropolis.

            7)Wrong decision by his minions, he asked for help, they went and got it from TTC improperly.

            8)Every candidate in the last mayoral race went over budget, wake up already, he was only attacked because they thought they could catch him on a technicality and throw him out. Blame your council for that one. Their main focus is banning plastic bags and getting rid of Ford. Screams excellence doesnt it.

            9)They attack him every chance, they should resign, they are stalling political processes, hoping to score points for the next election, these people do no care about Toronto citizens.

            10)Technicalities again, ridiculous, man tries to raise funds for inner city youth at risk and you attack him for this, ridiculous. How many others in Council volunteer for anything? Zero!

            11)Has spent more time in Council and voting than the next 23 councillors in line. Even the previous mayor was in there less than 50% of the time, while ford is in there 85% of the time. Your making and believing your own numbers.

            12)Making up numbers again, a Casino project in downtown Toronto is exactly what was needed. You think Casino but really that word means revitalizing the waterfront with much more than just a little slot machine and card table Casino. Missed opportunity, now Ottawas getting a crack at it. 10,000 jobs down the drain because of puritan holier than thou beliefs. Waterfront in Toronto is useless right now, you barely get a sidewalk and a beach that is 200 meters long.

            13)He said the crack smoking was ridiculous on day one than under his lawyers advice he remained silent. Let me guess, Ford hired hitmen to take out the tape owners and burn the iphone? Good one….too many movies for you kids.

            The city of Toronto got what they deservce, someone willing to stop the tax and spend, properly balance the budget and remove yearly invented taxes to balance said budget.

            Again you just want to be negative about the mayor because your conditioned too.

            I dont agree with everything he says, in fact a lot of is just plain stupid, but what HE DOES for citizens and taxpayers is EXCELLENT.

          • tomwest

            “Light Rail is ridiculous for Canadas weather”

            Edmonton and Calgary, which have lower winter temperatures (-16C and -15C vs -7C in January) than Toronto. They have the same amount of now (123cm, 126cm and 133cm per year) as Toronto. Their LRT worls fine. Why do you want to spend extra taxpayer money on subways when LRT provides sufficient capacity?

          • http://www.MysteryHistory.TV/ Julius James III

            Many cities have LRT. The reasons I have read why LRT is not good for Canadian cities is:

            1) That they suffer from cold weather breakdowns
            2) Riders have to wait out in the cold for them
            3) LRTs cant pass one another, Subways can use alternate tracks to get around each other.
            3) Increases Noise Pollution
            4) Increases Accidents with civilians as they are on the same foot path as pedestrians and cars, a single accident will shut that rail down for the rest of that day.
            5)Transfers from different types of stations, LRT to Subway, takes up a lot of time
            6)Disrupts entire neighborhoods by removing lanes normally reserved for vehicles meaning no parking on streets and having extra sets of lights of when to drive or cross, meaning business’s lose out.

            I dont think any of us are LRT engineers or professors but based on what I have seen LRTs are built with short term gains, they are cheaper to build but in the long run are more disruptive to the community they serve.

            I would post the positives of them but we always have google and your time for that. I have decided, not like it means a thing, that Subways are the way to continue as they provide mostly indoor, underground, service more apt for our weather in Canada. They are faster, safer, &segregated from civilian traffic and pedestrians.

        • tomwest

          6) The Commission hired Andy Byford. They ‘promoted’ him by firing his boss without cause (their words, not mine).
          11) EMS was already an essential service under provincial law…

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      More of that “it’s all a leftist, elitist, downtown, pinko, cyclist conspiracy” rubbish. The man’s personal life is a mess and he barely has the skills to be Mayor. They vote against him because Ford is unable to convince them of the rightness of his ideas. His combative, idealogical “my way or the highway” approach to governing won’t work on a council where he needs to get a majority of the votes. He wasn’t elected King. He doesn’t get to dictate to council. Like Mayors before him, he gets one vote and has to convince others to vote with him. He’s been a spectacular failure at this.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      This is a joke, right?

    • OgtheDim

      “Democracy is a joke in this socialist nightmare called Canada.”

      Then leave.

      Seriously, if you REALLY believe its that bad, and I believe you as much as I believe Rob Ford’s bit today, then take off.

      Go somewhere where you feel better.

      The rest of us, including us thinking right wing types, will just get on getting on.

      Bye bye…

      • http://www.MysteryHistory.TV/ Julius James III

        It is a nightmare when the leaders of our province and country can waste billions over and over and over again, and we have zero re-course.

        Left or right wing, if you boondoggle a billion, heads should roll right into jail time.

        Wake up, so many kick backs and corruption going on, where does 47% of my cheque go every year?

        Americans own the beer store. Spain owns the 407. Deb Mathews is still in office after every week there is a new crisis in our Health care from weak cancer drugs to Canada having the second highest rate of infant mortality. What does she have to say.

        “I want to find out who is responsible for this”

        Spoiler Alert: You are Deb Mathews.

        So many politicians in office right now because they have clung to party so long and they are next in line, not because they have any clue how to lead or any qualifications beyond being “next in line”.

        • Steve Fleck

          “It is a nightmare when the leaders of our province and country can waste
          billions over and over and over again, and we have zero re-course”

          Not true. There are regular elections at every level of government from the municipal to the federal level. This is the one time when the power, literally rests in the hands of the citizens. Strange, then that voting rates in all elections continues to go down and down.

          I believe in the last Toronto election just over HALF of the eligible voters decided to vote. That’s shameful.

    • DGM

      “Socialist nightmare”? Seriously?

      • dsmithhfx

        Americans own the Beer Store. What does that tell you?

        • DGM

          It means the beer store is privately owned, which has nothing to do with socialism. What’s your point?

          • dsmithhfx

            Nothing. Just sayin’.

    • Guest

      so you’re suggesting that Ford’s “democratically elected” status should trump every other councillor’s “democratically elected” status? They were all elected just like Ford was. Selective democracy?

  • ghawk99

    This is getting pretty crazy. The “Anonymous” organization now claims they have the video and have a fundraiser going as well for the bargain price of $10,000.

    • http://www.MysteryHistory.TV/ Julius James III

      Here is a screenshot they are claiming is from the video.

      • MaryL

        That’s some guy in a dark t-shirt (not the white shirt mentioned by reporters) and dark glasses (not mentioned by reporters). I’m going with FAKE.

    • estta

      That’s not Anonymous. It’s fake.

  • PabloYYZ

    Not what I would call a convincing denial from the mayor. The most
    entertaining part was Doug was eyeing the empty podium after Rob’s
    departure, then answering questions that the mayor should have been
    answering. Doug just LOVES being the center of attention, doesn’t he.

    • dsmithhfx

      Doug’s expression in the photo is most interesting.

  • OgtheDim

    And today, the Globe came out with its spiked article.

    • XXX

      Convenient given that Crackstarter looks about as real as a f’ing sasquatch. Since the left abandoned all journalistic integrity an eon ago I guess it is all about keeping the attack going at this point. Anything to disenfranchise 380,000 voters… can’t wait for the inevitable “he hired hookers” headlines…

      • OgtheDim

        Yeah, the G*M is a REAL lefite newspaper.

        Who did they endorse for the Federal election again?

        Oh, I notice ur not dealing o with the substance of the article.

  • Mr universe

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if the owners of the video had made some copies before selling the “original” to the Fords? It’s not the 1950s where a blackmailer would supply the negatives and that would be the end of it. Digital copies are identical to the original and making copies is child’s play.

    The owners of the video only want to maximize their earnings and they know Gawker is going to have almost 200k waiting for them in 2 days. 

    The Fords can’t call foul without admitting they already bought the original video.

    Once the crack smoking video has been sold to Gawker and is out in the public, it can’t generate any more income, but who knows… Maybe the owners of the video also video recorded the transaction of them selling the crack smoking video to the Fords.

    Wouldn’t that be interesting. And humiliating. And the end of Ford Nation.

  • david

    Only a person lacking critical thought and knowledge of how city hall operates would consider that the council members are purposely voting against Rob Ford because they simply do not like him is ridiculous.
    They too were elected by the people of Toronto and have the right to vote as they choose representing their various wards who elected them.
    This video allegedly depicting the mayor smoking some illegal substance needs to be examined for authenticity and if it can be proven to be real then Mr. Ford will has to vacate his seat as mayor for the good of Toronto as a whole.

  • hamish

    The Sat. Globe has a large front page start to an investigative story into the Ford family drug associations. They’re not so left wing.

  • Jim Bob

    How about the accusers come up with the video proof? you faggot lefties.

    • dsmithhfx

      Don’t need to. Rob’s behavior is the proof.