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Vandalist: DJ Pennybags

This art has a monopoly on fresh beats.


BY: Alec Monopoly
LOCATION: King and Portland streets
PHOTO BY: Ashton Pal
FIELD NOTES: We know we’re in an affordable housing rut when not even Rich Uncle Pennybags can afford a home on King Street West. He’s had to resort to spinning just to make ends meet, poor fellow. That or he’s having some sort of a midlife crisis. Either way, we love it when visiting street artists leave us gifts. Thanks, Alec Monopoly!

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  • junctionist

    Is it real graffiti when it’s a full storey tall? No one does graffiti with ladders on a busy street.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      Of course they do. They also do it with rollers and cans on poles.