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Paul Magder Won’t Have to Pay Mayor Rob Ford’s Legal Costs

The Divisional Court says Ford will have to foot his own bills.

Paul Magder, the man whose conflict-of-interest lawsuit almost resulted in Rob Ford being booted from office, won’t be on the hook for the mayor’s legal bills. This is thanks to the Ontario Divisional Court, which ruled earlier today that the case had merit, and that it raised “novel legal issues with respect to matters of public interest,” meaning justice would best be served by not forcing Magder to pay.

Ford’s camp was seeking about $116,000 from Magder, who would probably have had to find a creative way to raise the funds. Now, Ford will have to pay his own way—though at least he’ll have the eternal satisfaction of knowing he won the suit on appeal and saved his political skin. (Unless the Supreme Court decides to weigh in, but we likely won’t know about that for a while.)


  • HotDang

    I’m sure that the $100k is less of interest to our incompetent mayor than the chilling effect this tactic will have against other lawsuits.

  • iSkyscraper

    Better not tell Rob, he might vomit again.

  • dsmithhfx

    If only he’d paid back the $3,000… pass me another mickey.

  • willt47

    The law is clear that usually the losing party pays to prevent frivolous suits. I was not a fan of Ford but the suit was clearly a way of circumventing elections. I hope Ford appeals the cost decision. I find it strange that the Press found it correct for Miller to loot the cities contingency fund and misrepresent union settlements but call Ford incompetent..

    Since I do not want a city run by Clayton Ruby I will support Ford in the future.

    Note that Bill Clinton was stuck with millions in debt to fund a similar anti democratic in the States I am not a conservative just a fan of the elective process.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      You’re anti-democratic if you think winning an election should put you out of reach of the laws governing what elected officials are and aren’t allowed to do.

    • Lee Zamparo

      Did you read this article? It clearly states that the panel of judges agreed the case has merit since it raised interesting novel legal issues with respect to the public interest. If four judges (the three judge panel and the original presiding judge) think it has merit, then I’m inclined to agree it has merit.

    • stoobiedood

      The appeal court ruling said that the entire case against Ford was true and correct, but that City Council erred by applying the WRONG PENALTY. If they had docked his pay by $3150 instead of directing him to pay back the donors, the appeal would have failed on ALL grounds instead of succeeding on that sliver of technicality shaved off the edge of the law.

      Now our Nightmayor will be out of pocket well more than $116,000 — his lawyer asked for costs at a heavily discounted $350/hour, not his usual rate which is likely far, far higher. Alan Lenczner is a top-rated lawyer, and Blob Ford is a millionaire. It’s gonna be pro Bozo, not pro bono.

      Richly deserved, Mr. Ford.

    • RoryJ

      will47: The law is not what you say. The Supreme Court of Canada has set down rules for assigning costs in “public interest litigation”. Excepting frivolous suits, “public interest litigation” launched in good faith can be assigned zero costs even if the litigant loses. The Supreme Court in several cases said that assigning costs to losing litigants would limit access to justice and discourage public participation, and that access to justice and public participation are fundamental and critical to our democracy, and ruled that costs should be lower or zero to public interest litigants acting in good faith.
      Elections every four years are one way of stopping council members like Ford. But they are not the only way. What rational person, having a bit of courage,
      and knowing that a poorly informed electorate could easily put far worse actors than Rob Ford in office in the next election, and knowing that controls and remedies in the City of Toronto Act and the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act are readily and immediately available, would sit on his hands for up to four years while people like Ford abuse the power of their offices and put their private interests before the public interest and flaunt the law with apparent impunity. The Municipal Conflict of Interest Act was made so people with courage like Paul Magdar could stop the abuse. Win or lose, Magdar stood to gain no more than any other member of the public. He and his laywer Ruby should be commended. Ford saying he will swallow his own legal fees instead of claiming insurance is just another Ford stunt to make Magdar appear the villain. It won’t work.
      Ford contravened the act. I predict that if the Supreme court hears an appeal it will overturn the divisional court decision and restore the Superior Court decision. Goodbye Rob.
      Yours Truly, RoryJ.

  • iSkyscraper

    “It’s ridiculous. I won it fair and square,” Mayor Ford said after the ruling, adding he’s “got to swallow over 100 grand.”


    Just to be clear, is that one hundred Grand Marniers or some 100 Grand chocolate bars that he has to now swallow? Maybe both?

    • IJustGotToBeMe

      Maybe you should go down and and suck off Sarah Thompson. Sounds more like your style.

      • iSkyscraper

        Hmmn, so Fordies can toss off insults like “pinko” and “communist” and such but can’t take a little joke that, let’s face it, basically wrote itself?