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Vandalist: Programmed to Love

The next phase of technology.

robot love

BY: Unknown
LOCATION: Queen Street East and Rhodes Avenue
PHOTO BY: Michael Mitchener
FIELD NOTES: As technology advances, so does our desire to make emotional connections with our electronics. From Siri to talking fridges to creepy robot sex partners, we’re well on our way to creating robots that can experience a whole range of emotions. Let’s just hope we learned our lesson from Skynet, and that we only create friendly, loveable automatons like R2-D2 or Bender.

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  • Daniela Pirraglia

    I saw a dude putting up what I think are these same stickers in Trinity Bellwoods in the late summer/fall. If it is the same person, he’s really trekking all over the place!


      He must be.

  • HotDang

    I don’t think that Skynet was necessarily supposed to have emotions, or at least not the equivalent of human emotions.