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Newsstand: March 27, 2013

Take one part threatened animal, one part other local food, two parts labour dispute, and mix. In the news: $10,000 in fines for serving a threatened turtle as soup, a Local Food Act for Ontario, Woodbine prepares to strike (it rich?), and elementary school kids get their extracurriculars back.

newsstand eglinton

A Scarborough Seafood restaurant has been served $10,000 in fines for a dish that counted the threatened (but should maybe be listed as endangered) spiny soft-shelled turtle as a key ingredient. Up until a routine inspection found 31 of the the turtles inside Fortune Seafood Restaurant’s freezer, the eatery was making soup from the cute little reptiles. They even went as far as to proudly say so on their menu.

On an entirely different note, played on a different instrument, Ontario’s Local Food Act was re-tabled earlier this week by Premier Kathleen Wynne. The act will create funding for local food initiatives and education programs aimed at promoting food from Ontario. The act has already died once before, when former Premier Dalton McGuinty shuttered the legislature and stepped down, but it should make it this time.

In light of a new GTA casino-to-be, workers at Woodbine slots have voted in favour of a strike action as part of their ongoing labour negotiations with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. The roughly 300 workers, most of who are part time, are looking for more job security as a new casino could start etching away the profits of Woodbine. Come on, slots workers, live a little. Why have job security when you could pull the big lever of life? It’s just got to payoff soon. Can’t you just feel it? Or, do you think that the house might have the odds in their favour?

Get your racing sacks back out of storage and be prepared for a choir of out-of-tune first graders to melt you heart with their rendition of the ABCs or maybe, if you’re lucky, a rarely heard b-side, because extracurriculars are about to come kicking and screaming back in to elementary schools across the province. The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario said last night that the boycott should end as talks with the province appear to be going well.


  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Strike-worthy working conditions? Mostly part-time jobs? At a gambling establishment in Toronto!? Let’s build more! Because jobs.

    • torontothegreat

      So true. To follow up on a previous comment that I made to the fact that many casino workers are unionized, not so much.
      I sent an email to the CAW (who handles most of the unionized casino workers in Ontario) and asked them approximately what the percentage of unionized casino workers in ontario was and they responded with “approximately 21%”

  • dsmithhfx

    In other news, the Windsor casino announces another round of layoffs due, among other things, to new gaming houses in Ohio. See, the casino industry is thriving and you have a great future in it. Trust us!

    • Sean Marshall

      One of the new Ohio gaming houses is in downtown Cleveland, in the former Higbee’s department store attached to the Tower City complex. Here’s the trivia/Toronto connection: Higbee’s was the department store featured in A Christmas Story (partially filmed here), too bad the casino that replaced it didn’t have the famous slide.

      Toronto can aspire to be world class liike Cleveland as we finally build an airport rail link (Cleveland was first in North America, whose rapid transit link stops at Tower City) that will connect with a downtown casino, just like Cleveland’s.

      And I’m sure tourists come from all over to Cleveland’s casino. Why not? You can go from airport gate to slot machine without stepping outside.